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adherence1) Beside cooking online usa order viagra rules adherence for.
2) The program increased medication adherence by 3 percent.
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adherence to1) An independent judiciary monitors adherence to the law.
2) My apparent late adherence to the game?
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adherence to the diet1) A high adherence to the diet was associated with an 83% relative reduction in the risk of developing diabetes.
2) Additionally a 13% reduction in incidence of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases is to be expected provided strict adherence to the diet is observed.
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adherence to the law1) An independent judiciary monitors adherence to the law .
2) It requires transparency and adherence to the law .
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adherence to the rules1) adherence to the rules for eating and drinking safely is however, always recommended.
2) the syntactic level focuses on a structure of messages and adherence to the rules governing that structure.
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blind adherence1) Clinicians should not become victims of blind adherence to any one particular method.
2) blind adherence to poorly thought through targets contributed no doubt to institutional failure in Stafford .
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close adherence1) As a matter of fact, Confucius insisted on close adherence to Tao.
2) And his close adherence to the words of Matthew would indicate that his revisions are corrections.
2) close adherence to the teachings of Scripture is essential to the faith because Scripture is the Word of God.
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continued adherence1) Existing processes and personnel ensure continued adherence to this standard.
2) continued adherence to the ethical considerations may prove challenging when supervising attorneys half-way around the world.
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ensure adherence1) Existing processes and personnel ensure continued adherence to this standard.
2) It ensures adherence to principles that both liberate and protect.
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faithful adherence1) Meiser's adaptations and original stories won praise from Conan Doyle's family for their faithful adherence to the original characterization.
1) The church guides have not furnished her children with the documents necessary to an intelligent and faithful adherence to the Covenants and Testimony of their fathers.
2) Although his painting philosophy revolves around the faithful adherence to observed values, shapes and color temperatures, he never becomes rigid about the fundamentals.
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firm adherence1) Singh was also admired for his spirituality and firm adherence to Sikh religious values.
2) This is evidence of the firm's adherence to which of the following prescribed standards?
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good adherence1) better adherence was most strongly associated with older age.
2) better adherence sometimes comes down to financial incentive for the patient.
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improve adherence1) MedMinder technology is proven to simplify medication management and improve medication adherence .
2) They also improved adherence to guidelines.
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include adherence1) His commitment included adherence to every aspect of the Marian Counter-Reformation.
2) Honor: First and foremost honor includes adherence to the Honor Code of The Citadel.
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increase adherence1) The program increased medication adherence by 3 percent.
2) Previous topics include increasing adherence to tuberculosis drug regimens and affordable small-scale energy storage.
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long adherence1) When used in combination with psychosocial interventions they may improve long-term adherence to treatment.
2) We then examine the usefulness of these theories in developing interventions to promote long-term adherence .
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maintain adherence1) Other Jews insisted on maintaining strict adherence to Jewish law and custom.
2) Holmes maintains strict adherence to scientific methods and focuses on logic and the powers of observation and deduction.
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medication adherence1) The program increased medication adherence by 3 percent.
2) Different determinants of medication adherence have been described.
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monitor adherence1) An independent judiciary monitors adherence to the law.
2) Operators and authorities may employ on street bus inspectors to monitor adherence in real time.
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patient adherence1) patient adherence is the greatest predictor of success.
2) Breakthrough bleeding decreases over time , which might help encourage patient adherence .
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poor adherence1) This frequently results in inadequate comprehension of disease management and poor treatment adherence .
2) Another risk of drug use is missing ARV doses and poor adherence .
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promote adherence1) Accelerate the adoption of new health information technologies that promote medication adherence .
2) Little empirical evidence was located on the effectiveness of these theories in promoting adherence .
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religious adherence1) Rates of religious adherence are steadily decreasing.
2) Canada does not provide extremely detailed records of religious adherence .
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require adherence1) Trade with the EU largely requires adherence to EU laws and regulations.
1) The church does not require adherence to a particular interpretation of the Christian tradition.
2) The BSA does not require adherence to any particular religious beliefs or ethos beyond this.
2) Freemasonry does not require adherence to any particular religion, only a belief in God.
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rigid adherence1) Any rigid adherence to boundaries falsifies the situation.
2) Sealed bidding is characterized by a rigid adherence to formal procedures.
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slavish adherence1) slavish adherence to meter produces doggerel.
2) The French and English workshops had rigid apprenticeship systems and that slavish adherence to method produced incredible results.
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strict adherence1) Once agreed to, strict adherence is an absolute requirement.
2) strict adherence to the specifications is required.
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strong adherence1) I maintain that good SEO is a bi-product of strong accessibility adherence .
2) They reflect his strong adherence to the continuity and tradition of the law.
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treatment adherence1) Ensuring treatment adherence presents a considerable challenge to health initiatives.
2) This frequently results in inadequate comprehension of disease management and poor treatment adherence .
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