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Facebook ad1) Facebook ads are an incredibly affordable opportunity.
2) I rarely decide to use Facebook ads .
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TV ad1) Will billboards work better than TV ads ?
2) The same image was used in a TV ad .
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ad1) The second is writing little tiny ads .
2) The ad simply puts forth historical truth.
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ad agency1) His clients included ad agencies and film houses.
2) Maybe this ad agency missed the memo.
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ad air1) When the group's ads aired , its leaders became instant celebrities.
2) This ad airs in Flash FM and Espantoso.
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ad block1) Other functionalities include cookie removal, and banner ad blocking .
2) ad blocking is becoming more popular , O'Connor contended.
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ad free1) Video streaming is ads free for everybody.
2) free and premium versions are both 100 % ads free .
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ad infinitum1) One fruit bearing another bearing yet another, ad infinitum .
2) This process may be continued ad infinitum .
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ad lib1) One memorable exchange of dialogue was partially ad-libbed .
2) Any changes in dialogue or ad-libbed lines were similarly written down.
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ad nauseam1) Using the same strategy ad nauseam gets old very quickly .
2) This has been analyzed ad nauseam in the professional literature.
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ad online1) However you can get vast contact profits ads online .
2) Did you know you pay to watch ads online ?
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ad target1) Many ads target kids ages 8 to 12.
2) Many compelling ads target both children and parents.
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ad tout1) Some ads touted free routine maintenance : what did that mean?
2) Then, based on an ad touting the Samsung features, I switched.
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ad valorem duty1) One might expect the ad valorem duties to have risen with increasing prices.
2) In contrast, an ad valorem duty depends on the value of a good.
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ad valorem tariff1) Many governments still charge ad valorem tariffs as a way to regulate imports and raise revenues for their coffers.
2) Indeed, through the eight rounds of GATT negotiations, the average ad valorem tariff on industrial goods has fallen from over 40% to below 4%.
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ad valorem tax1) It is not an ad valorem tax but a specific duty.
2) A general ad valorem tax of 2.5 percent is assessed on imports.
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ads1) The second is writing little tiny ads .
2) Stories are welcome where ads are resisted .
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air ad1) Their leaders convinced network decision makers not to air the ads .
2) A series of two ads usually aired within the same commercial break.
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annoy ad1) You hate job sites with annoying ads .
2) What if the ads really annoyed people ?
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answer ad1) Do not answer ads you see online.
2) So I set about to answer ads in music papers.
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banner ad1) banner ad directly under header above content.
2) banner ads are available for all pages.
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classified ad1) Click here post free classified ads here!
2) Manila bulletin jobs advertisement classified ads job finder classified.
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classified ads1) Click here post free classified ads here!
2) Manila bulletin jobs advertisement classified ads job finder classified.
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consensus ad idem1) There must be consensus ad idem between the contracting parties.
2) consensus ad idem - agreement on an idea.
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personal ad0) The newspaper contained personal ads for gays and lesbians.
1) NSA personal ads are low-reward for men .
2) Use personal ads and dating sites with EXTREME caution.
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place ad1) She had simply placed fake ads to boost her own salary.
2) This agency placed ads produced by its clients in various newspapers.
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post ad1) Click here post free classified ads here!
2) post the same ads every14-21 days.
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run ad1) Should magazines run ads easily mistaken for editorial content?
2) Some campus papers later apologized for running the ads .
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target ad1) Their ads are targeted at the luxury gift market.
2) That's what the ads targeted to doctors claimed.
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teaser ad1) After ... What can Samsung 's new teaser ad mean?
2) LIFE Magazine teaser ad appears.
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television ad1) television ad regarding this issue were hotly contested.
2) My first television ads were broadcast this afternoon.
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want ad1) Can you please clarify your position on help wanted ads ?
2) Now you want ads again before the phone is available !
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