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adequately1) Are staff adequately protected against possible attack?
2) The ice rink issue was never adequately resolved.
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adequately account1) One problem is that you cannot adequately account for value.
2) Analyses suggest that ocean current fluctuations can adequately account for recent glacial oscillations.
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adequately address1) They also did not adequately address social issues.
2) In the past, complex environmental problems were not adequately addressed .
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adequately assess1) Some interventions have not yet been adequately assessed .
2) adequately assessing neuropsychological complications is an important step in treatment planning.
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adequately compensate1) Why not adequately compensate the family members of those killed?
2) Many building owners were not adequately compensated for their property.
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adequately convey1) Effective queries are composed of enough text to adequately convey the intended concepts.
2) The ad is likely to adequately convey the limited nature of support for the claim.
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adequately cover1) I am worried that I am not adequately covered in this instance.
2) Have I adequately covered the content?
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adequately describe1) Her writing is hard to describe adequately .
2) The title should adequately describe the report.
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adequately explain1) This difference has never been adequately explained .
2) Only then is the moral experience adequately explained .
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adequately fund1) Pennsylvania's pension systems had historically been adequately funded .
2) My job is to ensure my institution is adequately funded .
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adequately insured1) All travellers should be adequately insured against all eventualities and circumstances.
2) It is a condition of booking that you are adequately insured on your holiday.
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adequately prepare1) The school system did not adequately prepare me.
2) Their bark is quite nutritious, if adequately prepared .
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adequately prepared for1) Unfortunately, many are not adequately prepared for the challenge.
2) Eighty-three percent of survey respondents felt they were adequately prepared for graduate or professional school.
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adequately protect1) Are staff adequately protected against possible attack?
2) Finally, defendants add that the present law adequately protects pedestrians.
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adequately represent0) Female sexuality is often not adequately represented in texts and documents.
1) Conclusion: The SARIMA model more adequately represents the data set.
2) They adequately represent the entire gamut.
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adequately train1) The crew had not been trained adequately in carrying out an evacuation.
2) Oftentimes, these staff members are not adequately trained in such matters.
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deal adequately1) No workable scheme has been found to adequately deal with this.
2) Differential drills should deal adequately with related structures within the new language.
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inadequately1) Those are the big questions still inadequately answered .
2) High levels of pathogens may result from inadequately treated sewage discharges.
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respond adequately1) Some pets don't respond adequately to steroids.
2) But are we responding adequately in any situation?
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