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English adjective1) There is not an equivalent to the English predicate adjective .
2) The Japanese word keiyōshi is used to denote an English adjective .
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adjective1) These dyes are called adjective dyes .
2) Czech female surnames are almost always feminine adjectives .
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attributive adjective1) attributive adjectives normally follow the noun they modify.
2) attributive adjectives precede the noun they qualify.
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certain adjective1) Generally, articles develop over time usually by specialization of certain adjectives .
2) certain adjectives are classed as ungradable.
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compound adjective1) He makes rich use of decorative language and florid compound adjectives .
2) In a compound adjective when one element has two words or a hyphenated word.
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corresponding adjective1) The corresponding German adjective is schadenfroh .
2) All ordinals are inflected like the corresponding adjectives .
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demonstrative adjective1) demonstrative adverbs are similar to demonstrative adjectives and pronouns.
2) Deictic adverbs are often used in a noun phrase as demonstrative adjectives .
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feminine adjective1) Czech female surnames are almost always feminine adjectives .
2) Most of the time neuter gender adjectives are written just like feminine adjectives .
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noun adjective1) After feminine singular nouns , adjectives receive the soft mutation.
2) Unlike nouns , adjectives did not have inherent genders.
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possessive adjective1) The reason is that possessive adjectives are system morphemes.
2) Notice one fact: Finnish has no possessive adjectives .
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predicate adjective1) Kannada lacks true predicate adjectives .
2) adjectives that come after linking verbs are predicate adjectives , and nouns that come after linking verbs are predicate nouns.
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predicative adjective1) Both attributive and predicative adjectives agree with the noun.
2) Attributive adjectives agree in state with the noun they qualify, but predicative adjectives never take the initial vowel.
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verbal adjective1) In the Indo-European languages, verbal adjectives are generally called participles.
2) The participle is a verbal adjective and has many functions in Ancient Greek.
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