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adjournment1) The adjournment ordered was until 2 July 1991.
2) The burglary trial was on its 4th such adjournment .
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adjournment debate1) Private members' motions and adjournment debates have very little effect.
2) There have even been short extracts from late-night adjournment debates .
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adjournment motion1) The PDP started shouting slogans demanding the adjournment motion .
2) INLD legislators gathered near the speaker 's podium and shouted slogans against the adjournment motion .
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seek an adjournment1) He sought an adjournment which was granted.
2) At the 11th hour, the parties sought an adjournment and a settlement was reached.
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short adjournment1) Then Seán Ó hUadhaigh sought a short adjournment to consult his client.
2) After a short adjournment , Fearnley Whittingstall advised the court that his client wished to give evidence.
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