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ad hoc1) Do scientists ever construct ad hoc hypotheses?
2) The three procedures outlined above are ad hoc .
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ad hoc committee1) It consisted of 148 standing committees and 313 ad hoc committees .
2) In addition, ad hoc committees are created as needed.
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ad hoc group1) In most densely populated areas, ad hoc groups formed.
2) This policy may serve as a basis for discussion at ad hoc group meetings.
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ad hoc meeting1) However, the Company or the Government may request ad hoc meetings . 13.
2) The sub-committee generally meets quarterly, typically by phone, but ad hoc meetings can and do occur periodically.
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on an ad hoc basis1) More detailed information can be obtained on an ad hoc basis .
2) CMDP operates more or less on an ad hoc basis .
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