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a shot in the arm1) Talk about a shot in the arm !
2) Medical tourism can get a shot in the arm .
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access arm1) The access arms were mounted on a carriage alongside the disk array.
2) It used the mechanism of the IBM 350 with three access arms and stored 6 million decimal digits.
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actuator arm1) This is why you see the actuator arms moving as two separate groups.
2) The algorithm compensates for the flexibility of the actuator arm , platter vibration, and other disturbances.
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air arm1) The Japanese air arm responded on the 14th.
2) The Republican air arm was restructured again in May 1937.
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an arm and a leg1) Some are affordable and some cost an arm and a leg .
2) Oh it's cost us an arm and a leg !
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an arm of flesh1) From his own experience, he admonishes his friends not to put their trust in an arm of flesh .
2) Magneto then rips the Adamantium from Wolverine's bones to finally kill Wolverine, leaving just a severely charred skeleton and an arm of flesh .
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arm1) The global arms trade remains completely unregulated.
2) His straight left arm is almost vertical.
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arm akimbo1) arms akimbo , she made herself ready for battle.
2) arms akimbo , Olga swayed towards her mother.
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arm band1) Both men and women wore cloth or metal arm bands .
2) His old club will wear black arm bands on Saturday.
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arm bar1) A strong arm barred her from leaving the room.
2) It takes real strategy to master the variety of arm bars .
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arm bone1) You merely move your arm bones using your arm muscles.
2) Our own arm bones correspond roughly to the bird wing bones.
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arm candy1) A hot piece of arm candy , right?
2) Other than being arm candy for men like Hugh Hefner ?
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arm capable1) The arms are capable of coiling vertically.
2) Conventional arms just as capable of killing innocents as chemical weapons .
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arm clasp1) Her legs hooked around mine, her arms clasped my neck.
2) Round they spin, arms clasping each other's waists.
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arm clutch1) He left his car and moved through the yellow grass, his arms clutched across his chest.
2) Setsuna's legs trembled, her arms clutched at Hotaru's breasts and ass, her moans became a scream that echoed briefly through the house.
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arm exercise1) These splints should be taken off twice daily and the arms exercised and rubbed.
2) If you have cellulite on your arms , perform arm exercises as well.
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arm free1) Check the spray arms are free from blockages.
2) He cautiously pulled his arm free .
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arm guard1) Thinking it might make a cool archery arm guard .
2) They keep us there for another two hours under constant arm guard .
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arm hang1) The man's left arm hangs lifeless.
2) Our bruised arms hung up for monuments.
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arm high1) A child, arms high in the air.
2) Swing arms high , low, or in circles.
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arm in arm1) Politics and religion were arm in arm .
2) A couple passed her, arm in arm .
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arm long1) The arms are fairly long , gently tapering and flexible.
2) The arms are relatively long and capable of vertical coiling.
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arm noded1) The arms are slightly noded becoming distinctly so distally.
2) The arms are not particularly noded .
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arm of the river1) the royal city was founded on the delta, formed by the two arms of the river .
2) In a moment we were in mid-stream, caught up in the arms of the river .
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arm open1) Our hearts and arms are always open to you.
2) You will and do, as your arms are wide open .
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arm ready1) The Lady Scotties are blessed with three arms ready to go .
2) Santana explained that the rest was necessary to get his arm ready .
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arm rest1) An arm rest folds down with cup holders .
2) The rear arm rest folds up or down.
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arm slid1) His arms slid around her waist.
2) His arm slid lightly around her.
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arm strong1) And hearts are brave again and arms are strong .
2) My head was clear and my arms were strong .
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arm tighten1) His arms tightened round her almost painfully.
2) His arms tightened around her and he laughed softly.
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arm wrestle1) You're basically arm wrestling a robot.
2) The two then started arm wrestling and playing about.
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arm wrestling1) Basque arm wrestling follows broadly the same rules as anywhere else.
2) However, advanced or pro arm wrestling is very different.
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arms1) The global arms trade remains completely unregulated.
2) The arms alone are 8 feet long each.
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as long as your arm1) C.K. came to us with a diagnosis as long as your arm .
2) There's a list as long as your arm of people fired by Dick.
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babe in arm1) No babes in arms or lapsitting.
2) They can take pleasure in the conversation of babes in arms and men in love.
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bare arm1) She was thin and her bare arms were muscular.
2) His fingers felt warm and strong on her bare arm .
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bear arm1) Only the samurai class was allowed to bear arms .
2) His right to bear arms got infringed real good .
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break arm1) Recently broke upper arm and is healing very nicely.
2) A broken arm is a common injury.
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by the arm1) Anne caught her astonished friend by the arm .
2) the freshman grasped her by the arm .
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chromosome arm1) These clusters could cover an entire chromosome arm .
2) A candidate region of chromosome arm 19q13.4 has been identified.
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comforting arm1) He collapses in Helena's comforting arms .
2) Rejecting his comforting arm , she turned to glare at Sophie.
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control arm1) This was done by including different control arms .
2) Both front and rear control arms are adjustable.
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cost an arm1) Some are affordable and some cost an arm and a leg.
2) The watercooling costs an arm and a leg from these company .
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crank arm1) The crank arms are constructed from 6000 series forged aluminum.
2) Draw the crank arm pivot point anywhere on this ground level.
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cross arm1) They cross arms hiding the sticks from view.
2) Raise your crossed arms above your head.
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dead arm1) The term is also known as dead arm .
2) In October, Pearson suffered from a dead arm .
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dynein arm1) These dynein arms produce force through ATP hydrolysis.
2) All inner dynein arms are two-headed structures, containing two heavy chains.
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finance arm1) CIMB Islamic is the global Islamic banking and finance arm of CIMB Group.
2) Fidelity Security was the finance arm of Straube Piano - dealing in piano paper and other securities.
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flailing arm1) Injuries and damage from flailing arms and legs while playing are also reported.
2) Replays show the faintest of touches from a flailing arm .
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fold her arm1) She folded her arms across her bosom.
2) The woman folded her arms and looked away.
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fold his arm1) Sam folded his arms and looked around.
2) Roger folded his arms and looked away.
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fractured arm1) A broken leg, a fractured arm .
2) The client sustained a fractured arm .
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give my right arm1) I would give my right arm for just thirty seconds.
2) I would give my right arm if you would only say what you mean.
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good arm1) Had horrible insomnia plus pain started in good arm !
2) They tended to need two good arms .
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grab arm1) Then both of his arms were grabbed and held firmly.
2) Susan grabbed Maggie's arm and marched her friend away.
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hold out his arm1) The door closed and Philip held out his arms .
2) He held out his arm to Tabitha.
more hold out his arm sentences
in her arm1) her box felt heavier in her arms .
2) She held a sleeping baby in her arms .
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in his arm1) Those moments in his arms had been revealing.
2) The crash required five stitches in his arm .
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in my arm1) The pain in my arms getting really worse.
2) She slowly fell asleep in my arms .
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in the crook of her arm1) Mortified, she turned her face and hid it in the crook of her arm .
2) His head was lying in the crook of her arm and the flat of his hand was spread over the bulge of her stomach.
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in the crook of his arm1) One of them was cradling a sub-machine-gun in the crook of his arm .
2) He rolled onto his back, and she lay in the crook of his arm .
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left arm1) His straight left arm is almost vertical.
2) The left fork arm should now lift off.
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lever arm1) How many lever arms work together in a golf swing?
2) The long lever arm reduces muscle efficiency to drive the limb forward.
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linked arm1) Laura rejoined Maggie, and they linked arms again.
2) They linked arms again, and retraced their steps.
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long arm1) I have never seen such long arms !
2) His long arm waved the ships on.
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long arm of the law1) It surely isn't her first brush with the long arm of the law !
2) the long arm of the law finally catches up with some of the law breakers.
more long arm of the law sentences
nuclear arm1) This is apparently a veiled reference to nuclear arms .
2) He called nuclear arms extremely inhumane and an absolute vice.
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on her arm1) She introduced photos showing bruises on her arms .
2) Five bite marks were found on her arm .
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on his arm1) He had written negative labels on his arms .
2) Rachel put a hand on his arm .
more on his arm sentences
on my arm1) I keep working on my arm motion .
2) I never use soap on my arms .
more on my arm sentences
on the arm1) Hand on the arm plus emotional confession.
2) Long surgeries are heavy on the arms .
more on the arm sentences
one arm bandit1) The one the one arm bandits .
2) The one arm bandit is equal in fun and reliability as the larger Money Traveler Money Machine.
more one arm bandit sentences
open arm1) She has been welcomed with open arms .
2) Not all books are received with open arms .
more open arm sentences
opponent arm1) The blond woman wins the event, superficially injuring her opponent's arm .
2) A wrestler dives from the ropes and lands on the opponent's arm .
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orion arm1) I read and reviewed Perseus Spur last August ; orion arm is the sequel.
2) There are three major clades and one minor clade in the orion arm of the galaxy.
more orion arm sentences
over arm1) Straight over arm , over here.
2) Brachiation (swinging arm over arm ) comprises 90% of their activity.
more over arm sentences
pay an arm1) Well not unless you want to pay an arm and a leg for them no.
2) But who wants to pay an arm and a leg for jeans that already have holes in them ?
more pay an arm sentences
pitman arm1) pitman arms should show no vertical looseness.
2) If the steering wheel is turned to the extreme left the pitman arm will hit the bellhousing.
more pitman arm sentences
publishing arm1) Apple's music publishing arm predated even the record company.
2) The Hungarian Evangelical Fellowship also has a publishing arm .
more publishing arm sentences
raise an arm1) Meredith found herself involuntarily raising an arm to attract attention.
2) The figure in the boat raised an arm .
more raise an arm sentences
research arm1) The research arm of CERC is headed by Dr. John J. Foxe.
2) But federal data from a nonpartisan government research arm shows that employees in right-to-work states earn less.
more research arm sentences
right arm1) Yet my right arm was still motionless.
2) I cant raise my right arm fully.
more right arm sentences
robot arm1) Therefore the used robot arm is helpful.
2) The robot arms are made by Denmark 's Universal Robots.
more robot arm sentences
robotic arm1) The finished tube is cut and stacked by robotic arms .
2) Some units can be replaced using robotic arms .
more robotic arm sentences
rocker arm1) One primary intake rocker arm corresponds to each secondary intake rocker arm.
2) One primary intake rocker arm corresponds to each secondary intake rocker arm .
more rocker arm sentences
rotor arm1) He removed the rotor arm and kept watch on the car.
2) I've a question for you re the rotor arms .
more rotor arm sentences
round arm1) A round arm delivery often managed to capture a wicket, surprising the batsman.
2) Slightly rounded arms , raised to the side with elbows and wrists slightly below the shoulders.
more round arm sentences
sever arm1) Single strokes severed each arm and leg.
2) The attack left Bethany with a severed left arm .
more sever arm sentences
side arm1) The very nice last driver shows off the side arm functionality .
2) Our war ships and side arms were also superior.
more side arm sentences
small arm1) There were rockets and light machine gun fire plus small arms .
2) All officers are equipped with small arms .
more small arm sentences
spiral arm1) Much younger blue stars trace the spiral arms .
2) It has multiple spiral arms and a bright core.
more spiral arm sentences
steering arm1) Hi Sean, I am looking for a left hand steering arm for a HA.
2) The steering arm of the dolly can be seen in the elevator's underside.
more steering arm sentences
stiff arm1) Doc: Ever see a cop with a stiff arm ?
2) Do not even think about jokingly giving a stiff arm Nazi salute!
more stiff arm sentences
straight arm1) Bent arms become tired far faster than straight arms .
2) Always use straight arms when applying deep pressure or weight.
more straight arm sentences
strong arm1) strong arm robbery is too verbally similar to armed robbery.
2) strong arms reached around her from behind.
more strong arm sentences
supply arm1) The arms were supplied in 8 sheets of 36 stamps each.
2) The Soviet bloc supplied enough arms for several battalions.
more supply arm sentences
swing arm1) All with bent knees and swinging arms .
2) The arm is swung away from the body.
more swing arm sentences
sword arm1) Fencers whose sword arm is disabled can switch hands.
2) Edmund heaved a disappointed sigh and let his sword arm fall.
more sword arm sentences
throw his arm1) He came towards her and threw his arm round her.
2) Zamperini threw his arms around each of them.
more throw his arm sentences
tone arm1) The tone arm got its name before the age of electronics.
2) Get appropriate size shoulders that will complement your toned arms .
more tone arm sentences
torque arm1) The torque arm is now standard on all machines.
2) A torque arm was attached to this brake's stator.
more torque arm sentences
trail arm1) Coleman rear trailing arms and watts links with spherical bearings .
2) It's much less likely to be the trailing arms themselves.
more trail arm sentences
tremolo arm1) The tremolo arm was the floating type with a locking device.
2) It also had an Ac'cent tremolo arm .
more tremolo arm sentences
twist arm1) Now it is twisting arms to get dividends raised.
2) It is not necessarily better to twist minds than to twist arms .
more twist arm sentences
twist his arm1) The driver twisted his arm backwards to open the door.
2) So me Dad twists his arm a bit, like.
more twist his arm sentences
twist my arm1) twisting my arm , twisting my leg!
2) Here's a lot of money. OK, twist my arm .
more twist my arm sentences
under arm1) In Yorktown there were about eight hundred rebels under arms .
2) Place them near under arm and tie string around the child.
more under arm sentences
under her arm1) Several magazines were tucked under her arm .
2) A stuffed animal was tucked under her arm .
more under her arm sentences
under his arm1) He was carrying a folder under his arm .
2) She noticed the bundle under his arm .
more under his arm sentences
under my arm1) I felt a hand introducing itself under my arm .
2) I have extensive hair under my arms .
more under my arm sentences
up in arms1) And already fans are up in arms .
2) That is why environmentalists are still up in arms .
more up in arms sentences
upper arm1) Recently broke upper arm and is healing very nicely.
2) The vaccine usually is given in the upper arm .
more upper arm sentences
upright arm1) His horse, the reins loosely looped over an upright arm of rock, noisily nuzzled into the cropped turf.
2) In ancient Egyptian religion, the Ka is the spirit of a man's soul and is represented by the symbol of two upright arms .
more upright arm sentences
waiting arm1) Wang emerges into the waiting arms of the law and then disappears .
2) Redwood Krest's Xaver ! Xaver arrived from Washington and into my waiting arms .
more waiting arm sentences
wave his arm1) He looked angry and waved his arms .
2) Loeb stood protesting, waving his arms around.
more wave his arm sentences
wiper arm1) Three wiper arms provide nearly complete coverage of the wide windshield.
2) Note the rectangular headlights, position of parked wiper arms .
more wiper arm sentences
with open arms1) She has been welcomed with open arms .
2) Not all books are received with open arms .
more with open arms sentences
wrap arm1) Sabu later made his return with a heavily wrapped arm to make the save.
2) Then wrapping arms and legs about the stakes to act as human grappling hooks, the Chinese began their ugly job of pulling the stakes.
more wrap arm sentences
yard arm1) The sun's well over the yard arm .
2) The sun has now risen the sun is over the yard arm .
more yard arm sentences

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