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Ark of the Covenant1) the Ark of the Covenant was a test wherever it went.
2) Where is the Ark of the Covenant ?
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Noah ark1) Take the case of Noah's ark .
2) It parallels the story of Noah's ark .
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ark1) The ark has been brought into the holy city.
2) Shortly afterwards an ark floated by.
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ark of the testimony1) Ex 26:34 And thou shalt put the mercy seat upon the ark of the testimony in the most holy place.
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build ark1) Noah got heaps from his neighbours for building the ark .
2) Several of these gigantic arks were secretly built in China.
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go out with the ark1) I know, they went out with the ark , didn't they?
2) Oh really, desktop publishing went out with the ark - Humpty NCR Dumpty has spoken and DTP now means Distributed Transaction Processing.
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out of the ark1) Two Torah scrolls are taken out of the ark .
2) And you've no idea how silly you look-like Mrs. Noah out of the ark , only tubby.
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