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" area "Collocations - Expressions
European Economic Area1) This recognition extends to the European Economic Area nations and Switzerland.
2) Your personal data may be processed in countries outside the European Economic Area .
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VIP area1) This area is rather large and is a VIP area .
2) There was an upstairs that was a VIP area .
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accumulation area1) Automatic Halon System - located in the temporary accumulation area - fire suppression system.
2) A calving glacier requires more accumulation area than a land terminating glacier to offset this higher loss from calving.
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affect area1) Particularly affected areas include rural areas lacking medical facilities.
2) The preserved counties and principal areas affected are given below.
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affected area1) Particularly affected areas include rural areas lacking medical facilities.
2) The affected area should be left alone.
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area1) Position 1 areas are characterized membrane stabilizing premiums.
2) In certain areas actual faults are visible.
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area accessible1) Its few sheltered areas are accessible only for short periods.
2) This area was not accessible by truck.
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area adjacent1) The area immediately adjacent to the south facade is circulation space.
2) A picnic area is adjacent to the visitor center.
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area agency1) The area agency shall establish an advisory council.
2) The area agency shall list designated focal points in the area plan.
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area around1) The area around fish camp is particularly diverse regarding animal life.
2) The areas around the circles are pounded.
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area attraction1) The list of the area's attractions is lengthy.
2) We definitely took advantage of the many Myrtle Beach area attractions .
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area bombing1) area bombing risked killing too many prisoners.
2) Instead, he favoured area bombing against industrial cities.
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area clean1) The pool areas were clean and fun!
2) The pool area is clean and has nice lawn furniture.
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area close1) Identify problem areas close to you escape routes.
2) Check the spawning area closest to the balcony.
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area code1) The area code is usually written between brackets.
2) area code is 435 except as noted.
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area concern1) And the area concerned is the financial one.
2) areas concerned must be marked out and appropriate warning signs displayed.
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area enclosed1) The total area enclosed is 33 , allowing the hole.
2) Note the areas enclosed by the dotted lines.
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area encompasses1) The area encompasses nearly 3 e6acre, including Mt.
2) This area encompasses both tropical and semiarid environments.
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area for1) A temporary memory storage area for information.
2) Priority areas for further research are outlined below.
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area hospital1) Another 106 injured were treated at area hospitals .
2) We are affiliated with several area hospitals .
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area hotel1) Many other area hotels and motels offer free or reduced-priced tickets.
2) A mystery amount of people sought for haven in the area hotels supplying house.
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area inaccessible1) For example, facilities are frequently in areas inaccessible to young individuals.
2) The area was largely inaccessible except by helicopter, boat or on foot.
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area know1) This area is originally known for subtropical birds.
2) The wetland area is known for bird watching.
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area large1) The first floor apparatus area was large enough for four trucks.
2) area large enough to display rope at full length 3.
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area manager1) The responding area managers are to verify compliance.
2) July conference - the area manager's conference.
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area map1) For geographical orientation click on the area map left!
2) Download the free sample European area map .
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area network1) This may involve temporary ad hoc wireless local area networks .
2) The marine protected area network is still in its infancy.
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area of1) This area of skin care has lagged behind.
2) Important areas of human experience are almost completely neglected.
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area of activity1) What does this mean for particular areas of activity ?
2) It is characterized by two primary areas of activity .
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area of concentration1) UAT offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in 20 areas of concentration .
2) Minor - An area of concentration with fewer credits than a major.
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area of concern1) There are four primary areas of concern .
2) Another area of concern revolves around job prospects.
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area of difficulty1) There are two main areas of difficulty .
2) The preceding chapters have outlined many of the likely areas of difficulty .
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area of disagreement1) Error handling is another area of disagreement .
2) There were two main areas of disagreement .
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area of expertise1) Child participation is another area of expertise .
2) The answer lay outside his areas of expertise .
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area of influence1) The business world became separated by areas of influence .
2) There are seven areas of influence that essential oils have on the body.
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area of inquiry1) This is actually an interesting area of inquiry .
2) This will be our next area of inquiry .
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area of interest1) Translation studies is another area of interest .
2) Three main areas of interest rapidly developed.
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area of life1) Medicine is a key area of life sciences.
2) The same principle is true in every area of life .
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area of research1) Another area of research is optical power limiting .
2) His principal area of research is medieval literature.
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area of study1) Major areas of study are typically cross disciplinary.
2) Skills gained are transferable to many areas of study .
more area of study sentences
area of training1) The Samuel Foundation has focused on the area of training .
2) Another example might be in the area of training and education.
more area of training sentences
area office1) Agriculture department area offices will be opened specially.
2) To the local area office of Oxfam.
more area office sentences
area outside1) There are usually large parking areas outside of the center of cities.
2) Need to know how areas outside of your catchment are performing?
more area outside sentences
area population1) The entire service area population is 1.3 million.
2) In many areas populations can be both sedentary and migratory.
more area population sentences
area postrema1) Specialized ependymal cells are found within the area postrema .
2) The area postrema acts to directly monitor the chemical status of the organism.
more area postrema sentences
area remote1) Site status unknown; the area is quite remote .
2) The area was remote from urban infrastructure and lacked good transportation facilities.
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area resident1) One hundred twenty area residents hold commercial fishing permits.
2) Free public bus service is available to area residents .
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area restaurant1) The traveler also visited area restaurants and stores .
2) Romeos rotate their meetings, utilizing various area restaurants .
more area restaurant sentences
area rich1) The broader area is rich in woodlands.
2) This area is particularly rich in endemic species.
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area rug1) Also mind electrical cords and area rugs .
2) Light deprivation under area rugs , large low furniture.
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area spans1) Its surface area spans approximately 2 x 107 km2.
2) This area spans about 100 miles.
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area subject1) The whole area is subject to international territorial claims.
2) Employees entering this sterile area are subject to inspection.
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area suitable1) This area is particularly suitable for families.
2) This entire area is suitable for leisure activities and hiking.
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area under the curve1) the area under the curve is the action.
2) Absolute bioavailability is a ratio of areas under the curves .
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areas1) Position 1 areas are characterized membrane stabilizing premiums.
2) In certain areas actual faults are visible.
more areas sentences
assisted area1) Regional programme grants are used to encourage investment in assisted areas .
2) A large part of Cornwall is covered by assisted areas .
more assisted area sentences
association area1) areas 21 and 22 are the auditory association areas .
2) Globally, the association areas are organized as distributed networks.
more association area sentences
auditory area1) Thus, expert musicians have larger auditory areas .
2) In auditory areas , the primary map is tonotopic.
more auditory area sentences
blank area1) The beam skipped blank areas of the screen.
2) Thus large blank areas must be left for further use.
more blank area sentences
breakfast area1) breakfast area was also spacious and clean.
2) There breakfast area was so clean and well stocked.
more breakfast area sentences
broad area1) Within those broad areas there are subsets.
2) Within those two broad areas are multiple variations.
more broad area sentences
broadcast area1) This improvement gave much better reception across the entire broadcast area .
2) This seriously reduced YTV's monopoly commercial broadcast area .
more broadcast area sentences
built up area1) This is a built up area int it?
2) Grey shading represents built up areas and green shading indicates native vegetation.
more built up area sentences
camping area1) There are numerous hiking trails and camping areas .
2) It comprises a main camping area and residential accommodation.
more camping area sentences
cargo area1) A fire warning in the forward cargo area .
2) Ripley then notices a cargo area window port.
more cargo area sentences
catchment area1) The total catchment area is approximately 4000 km2.
2) The forest is an important water catchment area .
more catchment area sentences
certain area1) In certain areas actual faults are visible.
2) certain areas were excluded re aquifer related flow parameters.
more certain area sentences
coastal area1) The coastal area is hot and humid.
2) The coastal areas or anywhere else somewhat shallow.
more coastal area sentences
combat area1) Support roles actually put female soldiers in combat areas .
2) After returning in combat area , I saw no more enemies.
more combat area sentences
complex area1) The taxation of employment benefits is a complex area .
2) This is an important and complex area .
more complex area sentences
conservation area1) The conservation area offers five camping zones.
2) Some local authorities have designated very few conservation areas .
more conservation area sentences
content area1) The average effect was remarkably consistent across the three content areas .
2) The systematic procedures worked for all content areas .
more content area sentences
controlled area1) The truck had been taken to guerrilla controlled areas .
2) The contamination within a controlled area is normally regularly monitored.
more controlled area sentences
cortical area1) These extrastriate cortical areas are located anterior to the occipital lobe.
2) The connections of cortical areas may give some clues about homology.
more cortical area sentences
cover area1) Some contract manufacturing areas are already covered .
2) There are smaller regional providers covering rural areas .
more cover area sentences
danger area1) Here are three danger areas : 1.
2) They were transported from the danger area in automobiles.
more danger area sentences
depressed area1) The stock market was a depressed area again yesterday.
2) Is a given city an economically depressed area ?
more depressed area sentences
deprived area1) Teenage pregnancy is higher in more economically deprived areas .
2) The scheme is designed to renew deprived areas .
more deprived area sentences
designate area1) There are three designated student parking areas .
2) Some local authorities have designated very few conservation areas .
more designate area sentences
designated area1) Smoking is allowed outdoors at designated areas .
2) Smoking is permitted outside in designated areas .
more designated area sentences
development area1) This is considered the corridor development area .
2) Small new development areas mark the village's outskirts.
more development area sentences
difficult area1) There are more difficult areas where plants are concerned.
2) But this is without doubt a difficult area .
more difficult area sentences
dining area1) The kitchen is fully equipped with dining area .
2) The three dining areas are modern and welcoming.
more dining area sentences
disaster area1) These signal lights serviced 17 different intersections within the disaster area .
2) These teams are deployed to disaster areas .
more disaster area sentences
dollar area1) Most of the expenditure was outside the dollar area , and did not give rise to immediate dollar payments.
2) One version of the P6 that was exported was the NADA (North American dollar area ) model, equipped to a higher standard than UK cars.
more dollar area sentences
downtown area1) The downtown area is sealed off by police barricades.
2) The tornado narrowly missed the downtown area .
more downtown area sentences
drainage area1) Its total drainage area is 14225 km2.
2) It grows especially well in river valleys and along drainage areas .
more drainage area sentences
effective area1) effective area is increased and knock down effect is added.
2) Therefore the above relationship between gain and effective area still holds.
more effective area sentences
enclosed area1) Manufacturers caution against hydrogen build-up in enclosed areas .
2) A Park where mountain animals roam within a large enclosed area .
more enclosed area sentences
enter area1) It exploits two separate glitches to enter late areas early.
2) Enemy aliens were not allowed to enter restricted areas .
more enter area sentences
environmentally sensitive area1) Lack of development guidelines for environmentally sensitive areas .
2) There is an emphasis on removing development from environmentally sensitive areas .
more environmentally sensitive area sentences
equal area1) The play area is divided length-wise into four equal areas .
2) Together, they divide your image into 9 equal areas .
more equal area sentences
exclusion area1) The barrier contains an on-average 60 m wide exclusion area .
2) These policies however do allow delivery and service vehicles as well as residents cars into exclusion areas .
more exclusion area sentences
exhibition area1) exhibition area is expected to reach 40,000 sq .
2) Public and private organizations sponsored stalls in the main exhibition area .
more exhibition area sentences
explore area1) We had explored the area very thoroughly.
2) Other ways to explore a practice area .
more explore area sentences
explore the area1) We had explored the area very thoroughly.
2) the perfect place to explore the area .
more explore the area sentences
farming area1) This district is a typical farming area .
2) This is usually in rural farming areas .
more farming area sentences
floor area1) The floor area is open for general admission.
2) The spare wheel was housed under the rear load floor area .
more floor area sentences
forested area1) These are generally the countries with greater forested areas .
2) A city located in a forested area .
more forested area sentences
free trade area1) A first free trade area agreement was signed in 1975.
2) free trade areas will expand and ally.
more free trade area sentences
frontal area1) Presumably, the adults have mature frontal areas .
2) Two main frontal areas have been implicated in the dream process.
more frontal area sentences
geographic area1) The frequency of p53 mutations varies among different geographic areas .
2) geographic divisions are created to satisfy different geographic areas .
more geographic area sentences
geographical area1) In procuring green power across a diverse geographical area .
2) They span a very large geographical area though.
more geographical area sentences
goal area1) However , the goal areas will not be monitored.
2) Notable scoring opportunities can occur when attacking players jump into the goal area .
more goal area sentences
grassy area1) The park has a fairly large grassy area .
2) Under bright sunlight, they hide in grassy areas .
more grassy area sentences
gray area1) There is very little gray area here .
2) The gray area in between seems pretty interesting.
more gray area sentences
grey area1) There are often grey areas between political and economic kidnapping.
2) This is where a grey area emerges .
more grey area sentences
growth area1) An active growth area is the developmental study of psychological processes.
2) This is the next high growth area that Chennai is witnessing.
more growth area sentences
help_outline feedbac1) A common area where problems may occur is data associations.
2) Each floor has multiple common areas and kitchens.
more help_outline feedbac sentences
high crime area1) Some security doors used in high crime areas have screens.
2) Managing crime in high crime areas .
more high crime area sentences
huge area1) This is a huge area to scout.
2) They occupy huge areas whenever a new city is developed .
more huge area sentences
identify area1) identifying areas where savings can be made is extremely useful.
2) The remedy was more practice in identified areas of weakness.
more identify area sentences
immediate area1) There are walks all around the immediate area .
2) The vicinity means the immediate area around the property.
more immediate area sentences
in the area1) There are several riding stables in the area .
2) Many live in the area where forest meets farmland.
more in the area sentences
industrial area1) Some small sites within existing industrial areas are still available.
2) Some industrial areas were too dilapidated while others needed no support.
more industrial area sentences
informal area1) Complementary colors can look nice informal areas such as your dining room.
2) Spreading like viruses on all its edges are orange splotches representing the illegal or informal areas .
more informal area sentences
inhabit area1) They inhabit areas near fresh water streams and lakes.
2) The five largest ones in area are inhabited .
more inhabit area sentences
inner city area1) Already hospitals in inner city areas are experiencing staffing difficulties.
2) We do not take certain inner city areas .
more inner city area sentences
isolated area1) These isolated areas become populated pockets of wildlife.
2) They breed offshore in warm, isolated areas .
more isolated area sentences
key area1) Next key area is the task manager.
2) These are key areas for policy reform.
more key area sentences
land area1) The land area is 77 square miles.
2) The hectare is used to express land area .
more land area sentences
landing area1) Extended flight beyond the nearest approved landing area is not recommended.
2) There is generally a landing area designated for parachute landings.
more landing area sentences
language area1) This language area extends into neighbouring South Africa.
2) These correspond to the language areas in Belgium.
more language area sentences
large area1) They are particularly common around large metropolitan areas .
2) These require large area flat field illumination.
more large area sentences
launch area1) Operations from launch areas further inland also enhance survivability.
2) A boardwalk connects the parking area to the boat launch area .
more launch area sentences
leave area1) The teams may leave the bench areas .
2) After the industrial area is left behind things improve remarkably.
more leave area sentences
live in area1) Or are living in areas where Republicans already dominate anyway.
2) Not everyone wants to live in areas full of nightlife.
more live in area sentences
loading area1) At the loading area , guests board the troop transport.
2) The loading area is split into two zones instead of 1.
more loading area sentences
local area1) This may involve temporary ad hoc wireless local area networks.
2) local areas and local drifts were locally higher.
more local area sentences
lounge area1) lounge areas are provided for relaxation or quiet study.
2) The lounge area is huge as is the kitchen.
more lounge area sentences
low lying area1) Massive lakes formed in the low lying areas between local mountains.
2) Never camp in a low lying area .
more low lying area sentences
main area1) This part has covered three main areas .
2) The dental benefits typically break down into three main areas .
more main area sentences
metro area1) The metro area suffered moderate hurricane wind damage.
2) Comcast is the metro areas major cable television service provider.
more metro area sentences
metropolitan area1) The metropolitan area is experiencing continued growth.
2) The metropolitan area counts 1 million inhabitants.
more metropolitan area sentences
motor area1) These medial areas are termed the cingulate motor areas .
2) Do primary sensory and motor areas contribute at all?
more motor area sentences
mountain area1) Snow is frequent especially on mountain areas .
2) The scenery throughout the rugged mountain areas is dramatic.
more mountain area sentences
mountainous area1) There are many tea factories around mountainous areas .
2) In tropical mountainous areas several types of forests occur.
more mountainous area sentences
move into area1) Smaller industries moved into areas around the railway tracks.
2) Would firms move into areas with high radon concentrations?
more move into area sentences
move to area1) Did the people move to areas with lower taxes?
2) Protesters move to areas around ─░stiklal Street and clash with police.
more move to area sentences
natural area1) The natural areas contain significant resources for preservation.
2) Next steps include natural area assessments and site master planning.
more natural area sentences
no go area1) It's a no go no go area .
2) Nobody dey weave hair again like dats a no go area .
more no go area sentences
no smoking area1) Real coffee from espresso and more no smoking areas !
2) The Pool Barn (incorporating the swimming pool and games room) is designated a no smoking area .
more no smoking area sentences
occupy area1) The triangular frog occupies the center area .
2) Paddy occupies the largest area among annual crops.
more occupy area sentences
outdoor area1) We loved the swimming pool and outdoor areas .
2) The outdoor area is perfect for a nice warm night.
more outdoor area sentences
outlying area1) The outlying area was divided into small farms.
2) The elder sons obtain the outlying areas .
more outlying area sentences
outside the area1) Shopping outside the area meant going to Ottawa.
2) the vast majority of residents now work outside the area .
more outside the area sentences
parking area1) There are three designated student parking areas .
2) A car parking area holds 700 parking spaces.
more parking area sentences
patrol area1) Other guards are assigned a patrol area where they conduct security checks.
2) She arrived in her patrol area on 25 August.
more patrol area sentences
patrol the area1) At least 2 vehicles patrol the area every night.
2) Qing soldiers patrol the area once a year.
more patrol the area sentences
penalty area1) There is one defender in the penalty area .
2) In front of the goal is the penalty area .
more penalty area sentences
picnic area1) There are trails and picnic areas available.
2) The road goes through a picnic area .
more picnic area sentences
play area1) Create a playing area measuring 20 yards square.
2) Create a playing area measuring 50x30 yards.
more play area sentences
playing area1) Create a playing area measuring 20 yards square.
2) Create a playing area measuring 50x30 yards.
more playing area sentences
populate area1) The fertile rural areas are densely populated .
2) More heavily populated areas were often subdivided on multiple occasions.
more populate area sentences
populated area1) Other already populated areas were greatly expanded.
2) The vast majority of rockets were launched indiscriminately towards populated areas .
more populated area sentences
problem area1) All likely problem areas had been covered.
2) Special theories around particular empirical problem areas .
more problem area sentences
protect area1) The pavilion walls protect the ice skating area .
2) The state has 31 environmentally protected areas in 21 different municipalities.
more protect area sentences
protected area1) They are becoming increasingly rare outside protected areas .
2) The ordinance creates a protected area along designated roadways.
more protected area sentences
reception area1) The patient reception area was extremely unpleasant.
2) Even the reception area has separate seating areas.
more reception area sentences
remote area1) In remote areas many roads are single track.
2) Services are extended rural and remote areas .
more remote area sentences
residential area1) New residential areas are still under development.
2) The main campus has three residential areas .
more residential area sentences
resort area1) The resort area accommodates approximately 8 million visitors per year.
2) Our resort areas are typical, but away from mass tourism.
more resort area sentences
rest area1) A statewide safety rest area system plan should be maintained.
2) Turnpike rest areas consist of mostly fast food restaurants.
more rest area sentences
rural area1) This rural area has seen better economic times.
2) The fertile rural areas are densely populated.
more rural area sentences
sales area1) sales areas are predominantly suburban or rural.
2) The Centre is split into five sales areas .
more sales area sentences
scattered over the area1) So, its 135 buildings are scattered over the area of 600 hectares.
more scattered over the area sentences
search area1) Patrol roads within the theoretical search area .
2) The width of the priority search area is 93 km.
more search area sentences
seating area1) The seating area is still under excavation.
2) The seating area was very soon crowded.
more seating area sentences
secluded area1) Corridors are used to link up protected or secluded areas .
2) It is often associated with sporting events but can occur in more secluded areas .
more secluded area sentences
sensory area1) The information from the senses enter the brain in the primary sensory areas .
2) So we can use one sense to stimulate a reaction in another sensory area .
more sensory area sentences
serve area1) It included areas served by 13 volunteer fire departments.
2) The area is served by many rivers.
more serve area sentences
service area1) The original service areas were spaced 45 mi apart.
2) This characteristic should increase the service area .
more service area sentences
silent area1) I would suggest wearing headphones or encouraging your co-working space to have silent areas .
2) Auscultation may reveal increased lung sounds, crackles, wheezes, and silent areas .
more silent area sentences
ski area1) There are four main downhill ski areas .
2) It is unknown when the ski area closed.
more ski area sentences
slum area1) Crime levels in slum areas are very high.
2) slum areas are characterized by substandard housing structures.
more slum area sentences
small area1) There is a small parking area here.
2) The bombardment was concentrated on small areas .
more small area sentences
smoking area1) There is a sheltered designated smoking area outside.
2) Outdoor smoking areas are available on the property.
more smoking area sentences
specific area1) Shows how working many areas helps each specific area .
2) The bibliography is divided into specific topic areas .
more specific area sentences
spread over the area1) More sand is spread over the area .
2) This same type of copper was spread over the area of the Bell Beaker East-Group.
more spread over the area sentences
staging area1) This is a prime staging area for kayak departures.
2) Avoid container congestion in ports and staging areas .
more staging area sentences
sterling area1) These currencies and others tied to sterling constituted the sterling area .
2) If our gold reserves disappear, the sterling area disintegrates.
more sterling area sentences
storage area1) Employee jackets held in dry storage area .
2) A temporary memory storage area for information.
more storage area sentences
subject area1) Some subject areas may be relatively stable.
2) Access concentrates on five main subject areas .
more subject area sentences
suburban area1) Other airports are located near densely populated urban or suburban areas .
2) Lancaster's suburban area hosts several amateur sports teams.
more suburban area sentences
surface area1) Its surface area spans approximately 2 x 107 km2.
2) Their total surface area is 10 acres.
more surface area sentences
surround area1) The surrounding area is under private ownership.
2) The surrounding area appears depleted of fodder.
more surround area sentences
surrounding area1) The surrounding area is under private ownership.
2) The surrounding area appears depleted of fodder.
more surrounding area sentences
survey area1) An attempt should be made to span the entire survey area .
2) Size of survey area : ~1,500 km2.
more survey area sentences
target area1) The target area is only 2 meters wide.
2) Detailed mortar ranges to each target area were plotted.
more target area sentences
total area1) The total area is 133 square miles.
2) Their total area is almost 70 square kilometers.
more total area sentences
tour area1) I quickly inquire about their draw now that they're touring areas they've never hit before.
2) Congratulations, the Oregon coast is one of the most magnificent bike touring areas in the world.
more tour area sentences
unpopulated area1) Telegraph lines to unpopulated areas were largely abandoned.
2) Restrictions include flying only during daylight hours and over unpopulated areas .
more unpopulated area sentences
urban area1) In urban areas public security headquarters included population control sections.
2) And why should rural areas subsidize urban areas ?
more urban area sentences
urbanized area1) Transport within urbanized areas presents unique problems.
2) Some 20% were judged as having hit an urbanized area .
more urbanized area sentences
vast area1) Fires especially sweep through the vast areas where fallout killed vegetation.
2) Natural resources were scattered over vast areas .
more vast area sentences
visit area1) This is essential when visiting remote areas .
2) The group will also visit culturally significant areas .
more visit area sentences
visit the area1) A permit is required to visit the area .
2) the birds that visit the area are rather astounding.
more visit the area sentences
visual area1) Why are there so many visual areas ?
2) It is the simplest, earliest cortical visual area .
more visual area sentences
waiting area1) Providing a secure waiting area during court proceedings.
2) A family waiting area is also available.
more waiting area sentences
wide area1) Such products were traded across a wide area .
2) The wide area covered by the enquiries was amazing.
more wide area sentences
wide area network1) Likewise the concepts of local and wide area networks .
2) In fact the internet is just a very big wider area network .
more wide area network sentences
wilderness area1) No powered vehicles are allowed in wilderness areas .
2) There are also hiking trails throughout the wilderness area .
more wilderness area sentences
wooded area1) Various trails are scattered throughout the wooded area .
2) The garden is mainly grass with a small wooded area .
more wooded area sentences
work area1) Most traditional tools leak fine dust all around working areas .
2) The working areas are managed through own operation and partnership cooperation.
more work area sentences

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