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archival1) The film includes much previously unseen archival footage.
2) Greater access is granted for archival records.
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archival collection1) A significant archival collection has also been established.
2) Its principal archival collection comprises records relating to some 140,000 charities.
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archival copy1) archival backup copies of client submitted data is not retained.
2) An archival copy is available on Peace Corps Online .
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archival document1) The Army researchers reviewed 1 million pages of U.S. archival documents .
2) The archival documents on this site are provided in Adobe PDF format.
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archival evidence1) Effectiveness of scientific cooperation URIAR with foreign archival evidence and publishing institute.
2) He also publishes new archival evidence .
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archival film1) Please visit our website for more historic archival film titles .
2) We will use archival film and still photos.
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archival footage1) The film includes much previously unseen archival footage .
2) Her frustration and anger only grew while reviewing archival footage .
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archival holding1) The project will draw on sources in the form of local history publications and archival holdings in Novgorod and Vologda.
2) Many of the names that appear on its pages appear over and over again throughout various collections in the archival holdings .
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archival material1) A limited amount of archival material is available online.
2) Is all the archival material available online?
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archival paper1) Your print will arrive professionally printed on matte archival paper .
2) It is outputted on the finest archival paper .
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archival photo1) The combination of far-out facts, archival photos and comical illustrations keeps science interesting for youngsters.
2) It also maintains an extensive collection of archival photos , artifacts, corporate documents and news articles on Republic.
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archival photograph1) The film also shows archival photographs and film of Snyder's life.
2) archival photographs show them weaving , farming or playing bowls in the sunshine.
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archival purpose1) Anyway, I will keep the original post available for archival purposes .
2) I'll reserve my picture with Qrio for future archival purposes !
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archival record1) Greater access is granted for archival records .
2) The identified behaviors resulted from interview data and archival records .
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archival recording1) archival recordings of live performances have also appeared.
2) Machines that survive are used to transfer archival recordings to modern digital video formats.
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archival research1) Based on extensive archival research and interviews.
2) I wrote an honors thesis from archival research .
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archival source1) The dialogue was derived entirely verbatim from various archival sources .
2) He also dug deeply into archival sources .
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archival storage1) Don't use rewriteable (RW) drives for archival storage .
2) Through its sub-units, it performs digital imaging and archival storage of digital files.
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archival work1) Pogus releases current and archival works of experimental and electronic composers.
2) This is also reflected in the low esteem in which records and archival work is held in government departments.
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