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Peano arithmetic1) Peano arithmetic is equiconsistent with several weak systems of set theory.
2) This is the language of Peano arithmetic .
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Presburger arithmetic1) Let be a model of Presburger arithmetic .
2) However, some problems provably require more time, for example Presburger arithmetic .
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arbitrary arithmetic1) An animated implementation that uses arbitrary-precision arithmetic .
2) Dart: the built-in int datatype implements arbitrary-precision arithmetic .
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arithmetic1) This shift operation is what is called arithmetic shift.
2) More complex arithmetic is possible using the stack.
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arithmetic code1) The above explanations of arithmetic coding contain some simplification.
2) arithmetic coding typically makes files about 5-7% smaller.
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arithmetic mean1) Life expectancy is by definition an arithmetic mean .
2) The arithmetic mean is very biased toward the larger numbers in the series.
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arithmetic progression1) The Green-Tao theorem shows that there are arbitrarily long arithmetic progressions consisting of primes.
2) In 1841 he generalized his arithmetic progressions theorem from integers to the ring of Gaussian integers __FORMULA__.
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arithmetical1) His professional interests include arithmetical algebraic geometry and mathematics education.
2) Many arithmetical functions are defined using the canonical representation.
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basic arithmetic1) It offers five memories, basic arithmetic functions, powers and factorials.
2) It 's the most basic arithmetic that any CPU can support!
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binary arithmetic1) It computed logically using binary arithmetic .
2) Adders execute integer addition in electronic digital computers, usually using binary arithmetic .
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decimal arithmetic1) Few modern large or medium.sized computers have such word-oriented decimal arithmetic .
2) Later, in 2005 it also added IEEE-compatible decimal floating-point arithmetic .
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do arithmetic1) He did quick mental arithmetic and named a large sum.
2) George did mental arithmetic on his fingers.
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elementary arithmetic1) This form is infrequent except in elementary arithmetic .
2) This argument flies in the face of elementary arithmetic .
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fixed arithmetic1) It employed ordinary base-10 fixed-point arithmetic .
2) CIC structures only support fixed-point arithmetic .
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floating arithmetic1) In fact, most scientific computation uses floating-point arithmetic .
2) There are two different IEEE standards for floating-point arithmetic .
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good at arithmetic1) I am very good at arithmetic .
2) For example, he found that eating butter in the morning made him better at arithmetic tests in the afternoon.
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integer arithmetic1) Some processors have specific hardware support for large multi-byte integer arithmetic .
2) For most processors, integer arithmetic is faster than floating point arithmetic.
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interval arithmetic1) This makes time interval arithmetic much easier.
2) interval arithmetic is still used to determine rounding errors.
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mental arithmetic1) He did quick mental arithmetic and named a large sum.
2) No mental arithmetic is needed to read the frequency scale!
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modular arithmetic1) These proofs require some background in modular arithmetic .
2) This makes use of modular arithmetic for provisions especially attractive.
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perform arithmetic1) Data must be in registers to perform arithmetic .
2) arithmetic is performed according to an order of operations.
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pointer arithmetic1) Focus on getting pointer arithmetic and data structures correct.
2) All calculations done using pointer arithmetic for high-speed operation.
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simple arithmetic1) The simplest arithmetic operation in binary is addition.
2) This is partly a consequence of simple arithmetic .
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teach arithmetic1) Secular education such as arithmetic was taught as well as English.
2) The existing methods of teaching arithmetic in the American elementary schools are exceedingly varied.
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use arithmetic1) All calculations done using pointer arithmetic for high-speed operation.
2) Interval arithmetic is still used to determine rounding errors.
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