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" argue "Collocations - Expressions
It could be argued that1) It could be argued that these criteria are too rigid.
2) It could be argued that the price is worth paying.
more It could be argued that sentences
advocate argue1) advocates argue some chemicals still secret.
2) A small cadre of die-hard advocates argues that experiments now produce consistent results.
more advocate argue sentences
always argue1) They were always arguing with each other.
2) We always argue about who should drive.
more always argue sentences
argue1) Its proponents argue zero risk is pointless.
2) Douglas further argues why ethical practices are needed.
more argue sentences
argue about1) The jury are arguing about the evidence.
2) We always argue about who should drive.
more argue about sentences

argue against1) My intention was to argue against dualism.
2) What evidence argues against such a hypothesis?
more argue against sentences
argue appeal1) I have argued appeals before state and federal courts .
2) Mark Fleming argued the appeal in September 2009.
more argue appeal sentences
argue back1) I do my best to argue back .
2) I wish you children did not argue back so much.
more argue back sentences
argue bitterly1) Is Vanessa aware that they 're arguing bitterly over her?
2) Tories and Patriots argued bitterly .
more argue bitterly sentences
argue case1) At least three books have argued the case .
2) He briefed and argued cases before state and federal appellate courts.
more argue case sentences
argue cogently1) Why argue cogently if my interlocutor is more devoted to self or ideology than to truth?
2) In the past, Kingfisher has argued cogently that tipping the bargaining balance towards the electrical retailer and away from the manufacturers would benefit consumers.
more argue cogently sentences
argue compellingly1) Rather, Johnson argues compellingly , metaphor is the basis of understanding, and enables us to structure experience.
more argue compellingly sentences

argue constantly1) Everyone knew that the couple argued constantly .
2) Does it seem like your parents argue constantly ?
more argue constantly sentences
argue convincingly1) He must argue convincingly for that during the debate.
2) Salop argues convincingly that both these types of clauses help sustain collusion.
more argue convincingly sentences
argue correctly1) If you're going to fight, you have to know how to argue correctly .
2) In the long term, he argues correctly , this is in the shareholders' interest too.
more argue correctly sentences
argue effectively1) Wittgenstein argues effectively that such a private language is impossible.
2) Anyone can learn how to argue effectively .
more argue effectively sentences
argue eloquently1) Lawyers argue eloquently on their clients' behalf for favorable verdicts.
2) Michael Pollan argued eloquently against this notion in his January 2007 New York Times Magazine story .
more argue eloquently sentences
argue endlessly1) Fans could argue endlessly over their best album.
2) It avoids arguing endlessly over an issue that is inherently irresolvable.
more argue endlessly sentences
argue fiercely1) Here was a community in which people argued fiercely about theology, even sang ballads about predestination.
2) Matt and Luisa then argue fiercely ; she calls him a poseur, while he calls her childish.
more argue fiercely sentences

argue for1) He argued for counter cyclical demand management.
2) This argues for extending the bombing campaign.
more argue for sentences
argue forcefully1) His suffering on the cross forcefully argues that love and suffering are not incompatible.
2) Munday and Migo argued forcefully that their people had been extremely badly treated.
more argue forcefully sentences
argue furiously1) Bloody Knife argued furiously with the officer to no avail.
2) The two couples and their young counterparts argue furiously about how foolish they were when they were young.
more argue furiously sentences
argue heatedly1) They still discuss everything, and argue heatedly over decisions, such as whether a scene works.
2) In Black Mesa East , Alyx argues heatedly with Dr. Judith Mossman.
more argue heatedly sentences
argue in favor of1) It argued in favor of improved local government.
2) The institute argued in favor of dismissal.
more argue in favor of sentences
argue in favour1) No, King was arguing in favour of watching animals fight.
2) One speaker argued in favour of categorising trainees.
more argue in favour sentences
argue into1) Was any man ever reasoned or argued into Heaven?
2) No body of men will be argued into slavery.
more argue into sentences

argue loudly1) There are men in the apartment arguing loudly with her dad.
2) Cornelia and her daughter Deborah argue loudly .
more argue loudly sentences
argue merit1) Supporters argue the educational merits of inclusion from two perspectives.
2) I'm going to try and argue the merits here David.
more argue merit sentences
argue more1) If anything they argued more than my divorced parents.
2) Still , Lopez would argue more can be done.
more argue more sentences
argue motion1) Lawyers deliver statements, present witnesses, and argue motions .
2) I doubt you've ever argued a motion in court.
more argue motion sentences
argue none1) You might argue none of this really matters.
2) We will argue that none of the objections is good.
more argue none sentences
argue opposite1) Axel and I must argue the opposite .
2) In fact, I would argue the opposite .
more argue opposite sentences
argue out1) arguing implies you can be argued out of it .
2) The thorny question of divorce was discussed and argued out in the frankest tones.
more argue out sentences
argue over1) They are arguing over whose woman is better.
2) The two argue over whose treat lunch is .
more argue over sentences
argue passionately1) These differences are deeply felt and passionately argued .
2) I argued passionately for a top higher band.
more argue passionately sentences
argue persuasively1) He argues persuasively that Jinnah was a charismatic leader.
2) And Temkin has persuasively argued that the relevant principles do vary from comparison to comparison.
more argue persuasively sentences
argue plausibly1) Rev. 31 (1938), 205-36) argued plausibly that it was about experiments in induced lethargy (as after all the title of Clearchus' dialogue about sleep suggests).
more argue plausibly sentences
argue point1) Many economists today argue a similar point .
2) There are many to argue the first point .
more argue point sentences
argue politics1) Even politics were argued with the perspective of national origins.
2) The Consul leaves early after arguing politics with Hugh.
more argue politics sentences
argue powerfully1) But the last half argues powerfully that the Law is not ended.
2) Here we have additional evidence which argues powerfully for a pre tribulation Rapture.
more argue powerfully sentences
argue strenuously1) Deng's decision was a hard one- and one that was strenuously argued over within the party.
2) I want to strenuously argue for the value of music that doesn't necessarily cause tears or chills.
more argue strenuously sentences
argue strongly1) All that argues strongly for proper convergence conditions.
2) The research evidence does not argue strongly for older entry ages.
more argue strongly sentences
argue successfully1) The key to arguing successfully is to maintain the level of respect.
2) One student produced shared lecture notes and argued successfully that they were the source.
more argue successfully sentences
argue the case1) At least three books have argued the case .
2) Justice Sung is set free to argue the case .
more argue the case sentences
argue the merits of1) Some of them argued the merits of various French cars.
2) Industry developers argue the merits of AC and DC transmission systems.
more argue the merits of sentences
argue the point1) Some said it was instantaneous, while others argued the point .
2) Only an idiot would argue the point .
more argue the point sentences
argue the toss1) He had better things to do than argue the toss .
2) Well , you weren't gonna argue the toss !
more argue the toss sentences
argue theory1) Singer is not simply arguing academic theories .
2) The plaintiff argued theories of conspiracy and fraudulent concealment.
more argue theory sentences
argue toss1) He had better things to do than argue the toss .
2) Well , you weren't gonna argue the toss !
more argue toss sentences
argue unsuccessfully1) He argued unsuccessfully in the provincial convention for a prohibition against Catholics holding office.
2) Hewett reacted angrily, and argued unsuccessfully against the decision with the Somerset committee.
more argue unsuccessfully sentences
argue vehemently1) Ramanuja argues vehemently against understanding Brahman as one without attributes.
2) Richard D Lamm vehemently argues against making healthcare a right.
more argue vehemently sentences
argue vigorously1) I was involved from the beginning when we were doing the feasibility research, arguing vigorously in favour of the resite.
2) Introduction: A friend sent me a video clip from an Oprah television show in which Oprah argued vigorously that there are many different paths to truth and heaven.
more argue vigorously sentences
argue vociferously1) Some people claim otherwise and argue vociferously for complete scepticism.
2) A huddle of teenagers in pajamas was arguing vociferously a little way along the path.
more argue vociferously sentences
argue with1) The facts are hard to argue with .
2) The dude was arguing with an empty seat.
more argue with sentences
argued1) The paper has argued four propositions concerning competition policy.
2) This book is carefully written and argued .
more argued sentences
argueing1) The forums are great no argueing there .
2) It 's like argueing about who's doing the least damage.
more argueing sentences
argues1) Douglas further argues why ethical practices are needed.
2) What evidence argues against such a hypothesis?
more argues sentences
article argue1) The article argues that the smog strengthens Chinese military defense.
2) This article argues that this picture should change.
more article argue sentences
attempt to argue1) Allie attempted to argue against such descriptions.
2) Others have attempted to argue the rational nature of religious belief.
more attempt to argue sentences
attorney argue1) Her attorney argued that the evidence was obtained illegally.
2) Defense attorneys argued that Petric was influenced by video game addiction.
more attorney argue sentences
author argue1) The author argues that they are inseparable.
2) The authors argue that society holds largely negative views of youth.
more author argue sentences
be difficult to argue1) It is is difficult to argue with this logic.
2) It 's difficult to argue with that assessment.
more be difficult to argue sentences
be possible to argue1) Yet it would be possible to argue exactly the opposite case.
2) It was possible to argue for an infinite extension of social motherhood.
more be possible to argue sentences
be prepared to argue1) We need to be prepared to argue our case.
2) Now, I 'm prepared to argue this point.
more be prepared to argue sentences
cogently argue1) Why argue cogently if my interlocutor is more devoted to self or ideology than to truth?
2) The case for reaching a modus vivendi with Germany was indeed cogently argued by a faction within the Foreign Ministry.
more cogently argue sentences
convincingly argue1) He must argue convincingly for that during the debate.
2) It convincingly argues that industrial activity is increasingly spread through global value chains .
more convincingly argue sentences
counsel argue1) In particular , defense counsel argued to the jury that .
2) His defense counsel argued that advertising may expose his family to the dangers.
more counsel argue sentences
critic argue1) Some critics argue that excessive parking requirements exacerbate car dependency.
2) critics argued that such chases put pedestrians at risk.
more critic argue sentences
essay argue1) For instance, let's say you are writing an essay arguing that dance is a sport.
2) This essay argues that the distinctive nature of the portfolio choices facing SWFs negates this fairness argument.
more essay argue sentences
expert argue1) Other experts argue that this solution is questionable.
2) But experts argue this can obscure the true frequency of side effects.
more expert argue sentences
famously argue1) Viggo Kristiansen has famously argued that new evidence would acquit him.
2) Steve Jobs famously argued that, at it's best, technology is a tool to empower individuals.
more famously argue sentences
go on to argue1) He goes on to argue that forced evacuation was made possible with mass massacres .
2) He goes on to argue that the reality is different from the rhetoric.
more go on to argue sentences
paper argue1) This paper argues that there are two causes.
2) This paper argues that the law failed Ashley.
more paper argue sentences
plaintiff argue1) The plaintiff argued theories of conspiracy and fraudulent concealment.
2) The plaintiffs argue that the cleanup was incomplete.
more plaintiff argue sentences
plausibly argue1) Sure, you can plausibly argue that a simulation of a person isn't conscious and thus not *intelligent*.
2) And it can be plausibly argued that these concepts form a basis class (or something close to it), so that we have a basis translation relation.
more plausibly argue sentences
prosecutor argue1) But prosecutors argued that their story was not corroborated.
2) prosecutors argued he was offering a place to hide weapons.
more prosecutor argue sentences
report argue1) The report argues that policy needs to be oriented towards reducing uncertainty .
2) The ArchCity Defenders report argues that this resentment is justified.
more report argue sentences
sceptic argue1) However, sceptics argued that the orbits of the comets involved were still too uncertain to produce meaningful results.
2) While proponents of these theories hold that they use scientific techniques and methods, sceptics argue that they don't.
more sceptic argue sentences
scientist argue1) Some scientists argue that high population density cause dead zones.
2) Many prominent scientists argued that the system was futile.
more scientist argue sentences
side argue1) In many conflicts both sides argue that the other side was initiator.
2) Each side argued that its preferred course of action was the safest alternative.
more side argue sentences
some argue1) Although redlining is illegal some argue that it continues to exist in other forms.
2) Hence did some argue for a toleration of Servetus and other Heretics.
more some argue sentences
successfully argue1) The plaintiffs successfully argued for a massive delay until mid-March.
2) He has successfully argued before the Supreme Court of Florida.
more successfully argue sentences
try to argue1) Common sense tried to argue against them.
2) She tries to argue down everyone she meets.
more try to argue sentences
unsuccessfully argue1) He argued unsuccessfully in the provincial convention for a prohibition against Catholics holding office.
2) Hewett reacted angrily, and argued unsuccessfully against the decision with the Somerset committee.
more unsuccessfully argue sentences
vigorously argue1) Exxon vigorously argued against the award of any punitive damages whatsoever.
2) The Lubavitcher Rebbe vigorously argues that yichud is forbidden in the adoptive situation.
more vigorously argue sentences
wish to argue1) She had no wish to argue with Leif.
2) wish to argue about the term Scotch-Irish?
more wish to argue sentences
writer argue1) Finally, pluralist writers argue that there are political costs.
2) Today, some European philosophers and writers argue that religions are unnecessary.
more writer argue sentences

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