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a flaw in the argument1) in his book the Crash of 2016, author Thom Hartmann points out a flaw in the argument that high wages to American workers are the problem.
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a line of argument1) That's certainly a line of argument I would agree with.
2) Such a line of argument is pursued especially by the two largest parties.
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accept argument1) Platt does not fully accept this argument .
2) The court did not accept this argument .
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actual argument1) That is what makes the argument an actual argument !
2) Now maybe the actual arguments will get proper attention.
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ad hominem argument1) What does an ad hominem argument sound like?
2) Yesterday I wrote about ad hominem arguments .
more ad hominem argument sentences

address the argument1) the essay must address the arguments of the opposing point of view.
2) Klein attempts to dismiss Mankiw's argument as a meaningless banality rather than address the argument .
more address the argument sentences
advance argument1) ED advanced two main arguments to support its case.
2) Many arguments were advanced against the construction of an underground road.
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age old argument1) Astor echoes several of the aged old arguments concerning the Huertgen Forest.
2) This is the age old argument and it is stupid one and lets call it for what it is.
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agree with the argument1) the tribunal agreed with the arguments of the plaintiffs.
2) I agree with the argument of the Minister today.
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all sides of an argument1) Intelligent people find a common ground in all sides of an argument .
2) In addition, aren?t the most informed opinions all sides of an argument ?
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apply the argument1) the ethical problem can be seen clearly by applying the argument to humans.
2) When given its argument it will apply the argument to the two components of the pair.
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argument1) The government s tax clause argument is similarly flawed.
2) The argument had turned very loud very quickly.
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argument about1) No argument about private schools being better.
2) Your argument about natural therapies is flawed .
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argument against1) There are many arguments against each model individually.
2) The second main argument against teaching heritage languages was money.
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argument apply1) Parallel arguments apply to pure wave states.
2) The same argument applies to all future years.
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argument arise1) Keep this in mind whenever arguments arise .
2) For some obscure reasons an argument arose among the Belgian members.
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argument be based on1) This argument is based on three facts.
2) The argument is based on three basic points.
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argument between1) This caused many arguments between mother and son.
2) A heated argument between two brothers ends badly .
more argument between sentences
argument boil down to1) Your argument boils down to waaaah everyone else is doing it!
2) His argument boils down to energy.
more argument boil down to sentences

argument break out1) An argument broke out in our dwelling area.
2) An argument broke out about its distribution.
more argument break out sentences
argument concerning1) Are old arguments concerning emotion and meaning valid anymore?
2) Hume's main argument concerning miracles is the following.
more argument concerning sentences
argument depend on1) Every step in the argument depends on asking a question.
2) Such arguments depend on pathos rather than facts .
more argument depend on sentences
argument develop1) arguments developed easily and fist fights were narrowly averted.
2) I would be happy to see the argument developed more soundly.
more argument develop sentences
argument ensue1) A lively argument ensued between the two cavalry commanders.
2) Another argument ensues and everyone is at everyone else's throat.
more argument ensue sentences
argument erupt1) Minutes later the inevitable argument erupted .
2) A live broadcast of the session was terminated when arguments erupted after the vote count.
more argument erupt sentences
argument for1) The argument for banning gun sales was dismissed.
2) The pensions literature offers three arguments for alternative base funding policies.
more argument for sentences

argument from design1) The argument from design is fairly similar.
2) The argument from design is also flawed.
more argument from design sentences
argument go1) Another more powerful kind of argument goes as follows.
2) The jury heard closing argument went into deliberations this week.
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argument imply1) Now the same argument implies that we want rule 2.
2) A null argument implies the user's current working or default directory.
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argument in favour of1) There are arguments in favour of handwriting recognition.
2) Not exactly a robust argument in favour of banning animal testing.
more argument in favour of sentences
argument justify1) I'd like to see the argument justifying THAT.
2) Philosophical and aesthetic arguments justifying non-figurative art left Minton unconvinced.
more argument justify sentences
argument over1) From the child's viewpoint arguments over management are largely irrelevant.
2) There was much heated argument over what those specifics should be.
more argument over sentences
argument rage1) Let the argument rage about the ethics of bolting.
2) As the arguments raged , Stuttgart came up with a possible solution.
more argument rage sentences
argument rely on1) Both arguments relied on unresolved issues of case law.
2) Such an argument relies on the capital gains being unanticipated.
more argument rely on sentences
argument rest on1) Malley's arguments rest on both humanitarian and practical reasons.
2) However, the argument rests on a dubious assumption.
more argument rest on sentences
argument revolve around1) Most of the arguments revolved around my life style.
2) Much of the argument revolved around which API offered superior performance.
more argument revolve around sentences
argument run1) His argument runs briefly as follows.
2) They are intractable, they are expensive their argument runs so why bother?
more argument run sentences
argument suggest1) These arguments suggest the courts are wrong.
2) A second argument suggests that power facilitates trade.
more argument suggest sentences
argument support1) This was therefore an early argument supported by apostolic succession.
2) The specific point created an effective argument supporting his larger theme .
more argument support sentences
argument that1) You wholesale argument that banning books is unconstitutional is surely incorrect.
2) This argument that quantitative literacy is contextual has significant educational ramifications.
more argument that sentences
argument with1) This is an important argument with practical consequences.
2) Sometimes having an argument with the horse until submission is achieved.
more argument with sentences
arguments1) Neither physical nor philosophical arguments were given.
2) We had those arguments ten years ago.
more arguments sentences
articulate the argument1) It's nice to have someone articulate the argument so well!
2) Sir Teddy Taylor recently articulated the argument that the anti-Common Marketeers have had to contend with and which has in many respects been found wanting.
more articulate the argument sentences
basic argument1) There are three basic arguments for this.
2) Cannon's basic argument is that television violence should be censored.
more basic argument sentences
big argument1) Surely this is just another big argument .
2) Was there a big argument was there?
more big argument sentences
bitter argument1) The work provoked bitter arguments among the three.
2) There had been very bitter arguments between him and the oligarchy.
more bitter argument sentences
bogus argument1) All that tax money is an absolutely bogus argument .
2) This is such a bogus argument .
more bogus argument sentences
both sides of an argument1) As a student, I was invariably presented with both sides of an argument .
2) Therefore, a speaker must debate both sides of an argument to invent an effective argument.
more both sides of an argument sentences
brook no argument1) Carrie's tone of voice brooked no argument .
2) The tone of his voice brooked no argument .
more brook no argument sentences
cause argument1) They cause arguments that have no purpose.
2) Too much wood can cause arguments and fiery tempers.
more cause argument sentences
central argument1) Her central argument involves a thought experiment.
2) This central argument is found in the book .
more central argument sentences
chinese room argument1) Yes, I agree with Searle's chinese room argument .
2) Arnold, At this point, I am quite sure you are a believer of John Searle's chinese room argument .
more chinese room argument sentences
circular argument1) But this view often hides a circular argument .
2) The majority's circular argument misses the point.
more circular argument sentences
close argument1) Both prosecution and defense reiterated their themes in closing arguments .
2) The Crown makes its closing arguments on Friday .
more close argument sentences
closing argument1) The parties agreed they would file written closing arguments .
2) closing arguments were presented the next day.
more closing argument sentences
cogent argument1) The most cogent argument against it at the moment is the dating.
2) Defence could muster cogent arguments to maintain an unusually high level of expenditure.
more cogent argument sentences
compelling argument1) Two compelling arguments dictate that such exemptions should be abandoned.
2) She said this was a very compelling argument .
more compelling argument sentences
conclusive argument1) However, it is far from a conclusive argument for the world of forms.
2) Allen does not let the fact that he has offered apparently conclusive arguments interfere with his tendering others.
more conclusive argument sentences
consider argument1) Away from the Beltway , Casey said he considered arguments made by constituents on both sides.
2) In 1955, the Supreme Court considered arguments by the schools requesting relief concerning the task of desegregation.
more consider argument sentences
construct the argument1) By carefully constructing the arguments of Arcs 1 and 2, the meditator gains anti-sceptical momentum, pushing his project near to the goal of Knowledge.
2) So, they have to carefully construct the argument so as to try to present it as something new so that courts have an excuse to look the other way.
more construct the argument sentences
convincing argument1) This is perhaps a more convincing argument .
2) Is a convincing argument proof?
more convincing argument sentences
cosmological argument1) The cosmological argument itself is not seriously damaged.
2) How do they change or invalidate the cosmological argument (s)?
more cosmological argument sentences
counter argument1) In informal logic this is called a counter argument .
2) The counter argument is, they are thriving fungus!
more counter argument sentences
credible argument1) They lack credible arguments and instead focus on sensationalized propaganda.
2) This is not a point of any credible argument .
more credible argument sentences
demolish argument1) Those who can defend the truth lay out their demolishing arguments with pinpoint precision.
2) Paul is mainly addressing the offensive weapons we have because he goes on to say that we demolish arguments against the truth.
more demolish argument sentences
deploy argument1) He also deploys arguments from hermeneutics to explain design as a process of interpretation.
2) He frequently presented petitions and deployed arguments and reports drawn directly from these disfranchised towns and people.
more deploy argument sentences
develop the argument1) I develop the argument for promoting democracy in three parts.
2) German historian, Reinhart Koselleck, developed the argument around social and conceptual history.
more develop the argument sentences
dismiss argument1) The court dismissed this argument as untenable.
2) Nor can 'cultural' arguments always be dismissed .
more dismiss argument sentences
economic argument1) This inefficiency is the traditional economic argument against monopoly.
2) The high immigration policy is most often justified through economic arguments .
more economic argument sentences
fallacious argument1) That form occurs in both good arguments and fallacious arguments .
2) To say so is a fallacious argument .
more fallacious argument sentences
for the sake of argument1) Are you willfully avoiding historical fact for the sake of argument ?
2) for the sake of argument , say 1 in 10 7 .
more for the sake of argument sentences
forceful argument1) In this sermon, Edwards presented forceful arguments against ten common pro-slavery positions.
2) We can advise them with forceful arguments to look for a more humane job.
more forceful argument sentences
formal argument1) Generally speaking, they are less formal arguments than natural intuition.
2) The remaining elements are the formal arguments to the subroutine.
more formal argument sentences
formulate the argument1) I am now a bit lost with how to further formulate the argument .
2) In Section 1.4, I present an alternative way of formulating the argument using what I call the method of probabilistic 1.
more formulate the argument sentences
general argument1) Most of the general arguments against college are severely flawed.
2) In recent years, this general argument has been qualified.
more general argument sentences
get into an argument1) He gets into an argument with another passenger .
2) Moreover, you got into an argument .
more get into an argument sentences
get into argument1) Here Boston police got into arguments with people outside observing.
2) People should never get mad enough to get into arguments .
more get into argument sentences
get involved in the argument1) Because I get involved in the argument , I am stimulated to argument.
2) the show was dominated by Josh Koscheck's attempts to annoy Georges St-Pierre, with St-Pierre's paramedic getting involved in the arguments with Koscheck.
more get involved in the argument sentences
good argument1) good argument is intended to persuade another.
2) It is perhaps the best argument against prohibition ever written.
more good argument sentences
had an argument1) We never had an argument , in fact.
2) The second day we had an argument .
more had an argument sentences
has an argument1) Lydia follows them and has an argument with Sarah.
2) Almost every philosopher has an argument .
more has an argument sentences
have an argument1) John and Lloyd were having an argument .
2) having an argument proven wrong doesn't disprove a hypothesis.
more have an argument sentences
have argument1) having arguments or misunderstandings of married couples is normal.
2) I had arguments because I was doing a real thing.
more have argument sentences
hear argument1) Will the judge actually hear this argument ?
2) The judges began hearing oral arguments there in 1884.
more hear argument sentences
heated argument1) A heated argument between two brothers ends badly .
2) We had no more nagging or heated arguments .
more heated argument sentences
illustrate the argument1) the familiar Edgeworth-Bowley trading box can be used to illustrate the argument .
2) the following table illustrates the argument values required to test each path through the method.
more illustrate the argument sentences
knowledge argument1) Frank Jackson formulated his well-known knowledge argument based upon similar considerations.
2) The knowledge argument is exemplified by the story of Mary the colour scientist .
more knowledge argument sentences
legal argument1) It reflects the legal arguments that were made.
2) What followed was three hours of witnesses and legal arguments .
more legal argument sentences
legitimate argument1) There's a legitimate argument for paying physician speakers.
2) But let 's assume that's a legitimate argument .
more legitimate argument sentences
listen to argument1) Alcibiades not merely refuses to listen to argument .
2) At times, most of us are obliged to listen to arguments ; and sometimes to make them.
more listen to argument sentences
little argument1) There is little argument from a script writing perspective .
2) This article appears to settle that little argument .
more little argument sentences
logical argument1) Direct appeals using logical arguments and evidence.
2) Building logical arguments are part of everyday life.
more logical argument sentences
lose the argument1) Has the blood sports lobby lost the argument ?
2) Frankly they lost the argument 226 years ago .
more lose the argument sentences
main argument1) The second main argument against teaching heritage languages was money.
2) The main arguments against it are summarised below.
more main argument sentences
major argument1) This last theory was based on three major arguments .
2) Two major arguments have been put forward .
more major argument sentences
make argument1) Other scholars studying advocacy have made similar arguments .
2) Final arguments were made against the union shop.
more make argument sentences
mathematical argument1) This is a mathematical argument of probabilities.
2) Standard: Develop and evaluate mathematical arguments and proofs.
more mathematical argument sentences
moral argument1) This sort of moral argument is the enemy.
2) The moral argument starts with the simple fact of ethical experience.
more moral argument sentences
offer argument1) I have already offered arguments in favor of that answer.
2) Readers of the poems have offered arguments for both sides.
more offer argument sentences
ontological argument1) The ontological argument has had a long and stormy history.
2) The last part of the argument is an ontological argument .
more ontological argument sentences
opposing argument1) They can instead hit opposing arguments at their core.
2) Everyone has strong views and they often clash with opposing arguments .
more opposing argument sentences
optional argument1) At present no optional arguments are used.
2) This function is having required and optional arguments .
more optional argument sentences
oral argument1) The court has yet to schedule oral arguments .
2) oral argument is limited to 15 minutes for each party.
more oral argument sentences
persuasive argument1) A persuasive argument for genetic testing for specific conditions is given.
2) But this is a very different and less persuasive argument .
more persuasive argument sentences
petty argument1) Maturity means not getting entangled in unimportant things and petty arguments .
2) It is not here so we can have our petty arguments .
more petty argument sentences
philosophical argument1) Neither physical nor philosophical arguments were given.
2) His memorable lines are limited to motivational speeches and philosophical arguments .
more philosophical argument sentences
plausible argument1) There are a number of plausible arguments .
2) This seems a plausible argument for asserting that principle.
more plausible argument sentences
pointless argument1) Don't get drawn into pointless arguments .
2) This is really kind of a pointless argument , folks.
more pointless argument sentences
political argument1) This is not another trivial political argument .
2) Minds are not changed in political arguments .
more political argument sentences
powerful argument1) Verse 32 is a powerful argument that gives assurance beyond description.
2) At first sight, this is a powerful argument .
more powerful argument sentences
present an argument1) Without actually presenting an argument behind it.
2) You are welcome to present an argument .
more present an argument sentences
present argument1) Opinions rarely change without new arguments being presented .
2) That is why I present such arguments .
more present argument sentences
provoke argument1) Although there is logic behind this statement, it often provokes argument .
2) Simply entering and offering a stimulus could provoke argument , disagreement and even tears.
more provoke argument sentences
put forward argument1) I would find it very hard to follow gut feel if I could not put forward arguments on two sides of a sheet of paper as to why it was the right decision.
more put forward argument sentences
rational argument1) The faithful went on believing despite all rational argument .
2) There is no rational argument in this usage.
more rational argument sentences
reasonable argument1) The truth is that both courts make reasonable arguments .
2) A more reasonable argument is that safety is always a relative measure.
more reasonable argument sentences
reasoned argument1) Well reasoned arguments that show the true story.
2) Of course , few believe that thinly reasoned argument anymore.
more reasoned argument sentences
rebut argument1) The rebutting argument against trading Stanton is how unpredictable trading for prospects can be .
2) Research needs to be reviewed and skeptical arguments rebutted before it can be accepted .
more rebut argument sentences
refute argument1) This argument is refuted numerous times on my webpage.
2) Some refute particular arguments used in favour of these errors.
more refute argument sentences
refute the argument1) Hema refuted the argument that ASI Augustine tried to suppress facts.
2) Hamilton anticipates and refutes the argument that a unitary executive is too similar to the British monarchy.
more refute the argument sentences
reinforce the argument1) Our silence will only reinforce the arguments of misguided consultants and those of our opponents.
2) Chairman, I think this classically reinforces the argument for having regional government does it not?
more reinforce the argument sentences
reiterate the argument1) reiterate the arguments in your press release calmly but firmly.
2) It was at this point that Tolkien reiterated the argument already made familiar to Lewis by Barfield.
more reiterate the argument sentences
reject argument1) The courts have uniformly rejected such arguments .
2) On appeal the agency argument was rejected .
more reject argument sentences
repeat argument1) That argument is not commonly repeated today.
2) He has repeated the argument before us.
more repeat argument sentences
ridiculous argument1) That is the most ridiculous argument around .
2) But here is one example of the ridiculous argument brought forth.
more ridiculous argument sentences
settle argument1) That should settle any argument and hopefully avoid legal action.
2) This article appears to settle that little argument .
more settle argument sentences
side of the argument1) This statement can defend both sides of the argument .
2) the point and counterpoint simply show both sides of the argument .
more side of the argument sentences
silly argument1) Yep I've seen the same silly argument .
2) So, lies, distortions, and silly arguments .
more silly argument sentences
slippery slope argument1) This is the famous slippery slope argument .
2) A slippery slope argument is not always a fallacy.
more slippery slope argument sentences
sound argument1) A sound argument therefore arrives at a true conclusion.
2) This logical pervasion is required to fashion sound arguments .
more sound argument sentences
specious argument1) All are specious arguments , excuses for personal behavior.
2) This is a specious argument of the highest order.
more specious argument sentences
spurious argument1) You are struggling to put forward spurious arguments !
2) It's a spurious argument on Alex 's behalf.
more spurious argument sentences
start argument1) They are repetitive and start arguments that they themselves never participate in .
2) It just looks like you want to start arguments for the fun of it.
more start argument sentences
strengthen argument1) Such discoveries strengthened arguments for a comprehensive health service.
2) The coveted contract helps strengthen arguments proposing Tuxedo as a de facto standard.
more strengthen argument sentences
strong argument1) This is a strong argument for regular cleaning.
2) This is a very strong argument against such a cluster effect.
more strong argument sentences
stupid argument1) stupid arguments about stupid issues to sell stupid books.
2) It's a stupid argument , really.
more stupid argument sentences
substantive argument1) There were more substantive arguments as well.
2) The substantive argument against the extension is hard to refute with logic.
more substantive argument sentences
summarize the argument1) We can summarize the arguments above more briefly as follows.
2) Ben Bernanke summarized the arguments in a March 2012 speech.
more summarize the argument sentences
support argument1) The principle of equality supports another argument .
2) He describes and discusses differences and supporting arguments .
more support argument sentences
teleological argument1) The teleological argument (argument from design).
2) He is thought be the leading expert on the teleological argument .
more teleological argument sentences
theoretical argument1) The theoretical arguments receive empirical support from private systems elsewhere.
2) This is a political and a theoretical argument .
more theoretical argument sentences
transcendental argument1) Austin carefully dismantles this argument, and in the process other transcendental arguments .
2) In practice this school utilizes what have come to be known as transcendental arguments .
more transcendental argument sentences
undercut argument1) In part, this was because the Supreme Court issued rulings that undercut arguments for it, notably in Reid v. Covert .
more undercut argument sentences
use argument1) It gets really interesting when you start using arguments .
2) Some people use argument skills to browbeat others.
more use argument sentences
valid argument1) There are valid arguments on both sides.
2) Steve made valid arguments in this post .
more valid argument sentences
violent argument1) But violent arguments like the one described above are upsetting.
2) I rarely remember a book about which I have had such violent arguments .
more violent argument sentences
weak argument1) The latter being a very weak argument indeed.
2) A clear style cannot hide weak arguments .
more weak argument sentences
weaken the argument1) Second, the text in no way weakened the argument I was making.
2) Sorry if history confuses you , but it does not weaken the argument .
more weaken the argument sentences
well reasoned argument1) well reasoned arguments that show the true story.
2) I don't need a label, I need a well reasoned argument based on facts and unbiased observation.
more well reasoned argument sentences
win argument1) You are persuasive and usually win arguments .
2) But those old labels do not win arguments any more.
more win argument sentences
win the argument1) We are winning the argument on that.
2) What is more significant is that he won the argument outright.
more win the argument sentences

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