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architectural1) architectural beauty may indeed help build such social capital.
2) The building has won prestigious architectural awards.
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architectural achievement1) Historical civilizations often are known primarily through their architectural achievements .
2) Historical civilizations are often identified with their surviving architectural achievements .
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architectural acoustics1) Welcome to the field of architectural acoustics !
2) Named for Wallace Clement Sabine, a pioneer in architectural acoustics .
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architectural beauty1) architectural beauty may indeed help build such social capital.
2) The buildings that house the art museum are eclectic architectural beauties .
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architectural conservation1) architectural conservation - repair and restoration of buildings, especially historic structures.
2) However, the officials promoting the architectural conservation have the last word.
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architectural critic1) architectural critics called the detailing clunky .
2) The mixed public reaction contrasts sharply with the response from architectural critics .
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architectural decoration1) The outside part of the building has rich architectural decoration .
2) The garden buildings are very elaborate, with much architectural decoration .
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architectural design1) The concept of lean architectural design is often misunderstood.
2) This course introduces architectural design of complex software systems.
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architectural designer1) Matthew is an architectural designer and urbanist.
2) Alison Hirsch is a landscape architectural designer as well as urban historian and theorist.
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architectural detail1) Additional architectural detail and foliage were added.
2) Principal exterior architectural details are on the front elevation.
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architectural drawing1) This is used quite a bit in architectural drawings .
2) Other varieties were architectural drawings and those preparatory for prints .
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architectural drawings1) This is used quite a bit in architectural drawings .
2) Other varieties were architectural drawings and those preparatory for prints .
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architectural element1) A stairway is a very significant architectural element .
2) It features architectural elements typical of each city.
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architectural elements1) It features architectural elements typical of each city.
2) Several architectural elements have been represented with engraved signs.
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architectural engineering1) Later he majored there in architectural engineering .
2) He attended Penn State University, where he studied architectural engineering .
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architectural equivalent1) The Arcades form part of the surviving west walls and are a unique feature in England; their closest architectural equivalent are in Rouen, France.
2) Bill claims now that it was the architectural equivalent of Dotheboys Hall, draughty, cold, its desks and other equipment scarcely changed from the Victorian era.
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architectural fashion1) Silsbee was a talented architect who designed in the latest architectural fashion .
2) They are up-to-date with the latest architectural fashions , not just from France, but from Italy too.
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architectural feature1) Several architectural features have suggested astronomical elements.
2) Subjects included figure compositions or landscapes with architectural features introduced.
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architectural firm1) Several architectural firms reported decreased employee compensation.
2) On graduating, she immediately established her own architectural firm .
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architectural gem1) Elegant post modern newly renovated architectural gem .
2) Some of the locks on the canal are architectural gems .
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architectural heritage1) It is noted for its architectural heritage .
2) The beautiful buildings reflect 700 years of British architectural heritage .
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architectural historian1) This move was widely applauded by architectural historians .
2) Sharpe achieved national recognition as an architectural historian .
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architectural history1) Some are described in architectural history books.
2) I discovered the world of architectural history .
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architectural innovation1) The main ceremonial area has a number of architectural innovations that indicate societal changes.
2) As a result, they are Singapore's earliest known architectural innovations and exports.
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architectural integrity1) Transit village development must also preserve the architectural integrity of historically significant buildings.
2) She has not double-glazed the house in order to preserve its architectural integrity .
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architectural interest1) It attracted great architectural interest during its lifetime .
2) Old samurai residences throughout the prefecture are points of architectural interest .
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architectural landmark1) These interesting buildings often became prominent architectural landmarks in cosmopolitan Singapore.
2) Aurora's downtown is full of architectural landmarks and historic places.
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architectural legacy1) Many publications have covered his architectural legacy and sculptural work.
2) The city's architectural legacy is rich in Art Deco style.
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architectural marvel1) What an architectural marvel San Carlo is!
2) But beyond being architectural marvels , fountains have had a more prosaic purpose.
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architectural masterpiece1) The house soon become his architectural masterpiece .
2) The crescent in particular is an architectural masterpiece .
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architectural merit1) He believed that the tax destroyed the architectural merit of the houses.
2) The Old Hall has retained the architectural merits of 1920s Hong Kong.
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architectural monument1) It has been designated as an architectural monument .
2) Dozens of architectural monuments were destroyed and numerous artistic treasures taken.
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architectural ornament1) Often an architectural ornament was built on top.
2) architectural ornaments and their symbolic connotation had more variety and richness.
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architectural plan1) architectural plans are not local authority or state secrets.
2) No architectural plans or drawings for the 1873 structure exist.
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architectural practice1) Their overuse also leads to poor architectural practices .
2) What architectural practices need is relevant, reliable and accessible information.
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architectural salvage1) architectural salvage and reclaimed materials are used when appropriate.
2) The butcher block island and rolling coffee table were purchased from architectural salvage .
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architectural shape1) The architectural shape of the harp creates a unique and brilliant sound.
2) This newer building is of a Modernist design with coloured glass and geometric architectural shapes .
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architectural significance1) These are of great historical, archaeological and architectural significance .
2) The attractions of Rockford are often of architectural significance .
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architectural structure1) Some architectural structures built in the period still remain today.
2) The station and parking tower are the main architectural structures .
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architectural style1) This architectural style was never widely adopted.
2) Others may discuss design and architectural styles .
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architectural treasure1) Pelotas is very rich in architectural treasures and monuments.
2) Visitors to Wellington can discover a legacy of historical buildings and architectural treasures .
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architectural wonder1) Marvel at the architectural wonders as you stroll around this beautiful city.
2) The temple is unique in its architecture and hence, an architectural wonder .
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architectural work1) Nelson's office also produced important architectural works and exhibition designs.
2) It is used mainly for construction and architectural work .
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help_outline feedbac1) The Museum building itself is an architectural splendour .
2) Kings College is an architectural splendour .
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