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arduous1) The magical training I already knew was very arduous .
2) It seems he is always being picked for arduous duty.
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arduous climb1) Then began the arduous climb to Sinai.
2) The snowshoes proved to be awkward but effective on the arduous climb .
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arduous condition1) They are rigorously trained to improve their physical strengths to endure tough and arduous weather conditions .
2) Many countries pay special allowances for staff working in hazardous or arduous conditions (3).
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arduous conditions1) Many countries pay special allowances for staff working in hazardous or arduous conditions (3).
2) It was a very durable heavy-duty bus which ran in arduous conditions for longer periods than ever envisaged by its designers.
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arduous dangerous1) Sailing was arduous and dangerous , as can be imagined.
2) Many nuns suffered severely from their long, arduous and often dangerous escape to India.
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arduous duty1) It seems he is always being picked for arduous duty .
2) This has been an arduous duty for you.
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arduous journey1) The arduous journey made Sullivan ill for several months afterward.
2) However , it has been an arduous journey .
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arduous labor1) In addition to his arduous labors on the farm Mr. McCrie has found time for public service, too.
2) In rural villages, children often do arduous labor , and many children are forced to work in diamond mines.
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arduous path1) Satellite phones have followed an arduous path since their much-hyped launch more than a decade ago.
2) To east of Matangavana is the Rsyamukha hill, which has an arduous path up.
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arduous process1) Then began the arduous process of casting.
2) Even gaining access to legal representation is an arduous process .
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arduous task1) It is a long and arduous task .
2) Reaching the explosion site was an extremely arduous task .
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arduous training1) I do know that I draw all my creativity for fight directing from those years of arduous training .
2) It is not a matter of being excited, it is a matter of long arduous training and study.
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arduous trek1) Via land you're faced with an arduous trek .
2) We reached the camp after an arduous 12-day trek .
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arduous trip1) In his final years he makes the arduous trip to Israel.
2) Beau had already decided not to make the arduous bus trip back to Gary Indiana.
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arduous voyage1) Hunter and some of his men returned to England aboard the chartered vessel Waakzaamheid after a long and arduous voyage .
2) They faced, in that notoriously stormy winter, a long and arduous voyage , and via Sweden and Norway, the most roundabout invasion route ever adopted.
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arduous work1) This was a summer of arduous work .
2) Achieving needed milestones is arduous work now.
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long arduous1) However the journey towards acceptance has been long and arduous .
2) It is a long and arduous task.
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slow arduous1) Asheville's recovery from the Depression was slow and arduous .
2) Manual welding is slow , arduous and labour-intensive.
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too arduous1) Twenty years ago the treasurer's job was simple and none too arduous .
2) No task was too arduous or too hazardous for it to perform successfully.
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very arduous1) The magical training I already knew was very arduous .
2) The supt of pub. instruction was paid 4,000 for not very arduous services.
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