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arctic1) arctic challenges are approached from several angles.
2) It is also permanent arctic ocean ice melt .
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arctic air1) And suddenly, the arctic air freezes me.
2) Another jolt of arctic air sent the mercury tumbling overnight.
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arctic char1) Bear Island's freshwater lakes are home to a population of arctic char .
2) It not only supports brown trout but also the fairly rare and secretive arctic char .
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arctic circle1) The location north of the arctic circle attracts tourists for experiencing the midnight sun.
2) G.I. Joe had found a container consisting of a prototype Techno-Viper in the arctic circle .
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arctic climate1) Sea ice is the most visible feature in an arctic climate .
2) As a result , they can strongly affect arctic climate change.
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arctic condition1) Good luck working on that thing in arctic conditions .
2) A basic review of how to dress for harsh arctic conditions .
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arctic environment1) It is a testimony of an unbelievable adaptability to an arctic environment .
2) The theory is based on atlatl hunting strategies utilized in a maritime arctic type environment .
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arctic explorer1) You are an arctic explorer in 1952.
2) The first arctic explorers were men with sled dogs.
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arctic fox1) The only indigenous land mammals are a few arctic foxes .
2) The arctic fox is an opportunistic eater.
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arctic front1) The blocking pattern over Greenland also stalled an arctic front which combined with the cyclone.
2) arctic fronts will have cold and dry air and will usually not have much wind or snow .
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arctic hares1) arctic hares change fur colour with the seasons.
2) arctic hares and lemmings are a primary food source for arctic Foxes and arctic Wolves.
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arctic ice1) There is no land under the arctic ice .
2) Recall that the arctic ice increased almost 60% over 2012.
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arctic island1) The remote arctic island of Jan Mayen has been administered from Nordland since 1995.
2) arctic islands north of Norway, Finland and Russia have all shown evidence of glacier retreat.
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arctic ocean1) It is also permanent arctic ocean ice melt .
2) The arctic ocean is the northern border.
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arctic pole1) The arctic pole coordinates are now 78.3 deg.
2) An Indian Navy team comprising 11 members successfully completed an expedition to the arctic pole .
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arctic region1) Permafrost is integral to soil stability in arctic regions .
2) They range throughout the arctic region surrounding the North Pole.
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arctic subarctic1) An arctic and subarctic breeding bird, visiting Miranda in small groups.
2) Practically all arctic and subarctic shores are ice-bound from late autumn onward.
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arctic temperature1) It is very clear in the US and arctic temperatures .
2) See how well the sum tracks with the arctic temperatures .
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arctic tern1) Offshore, fished arctic terns .
2) We have publicised the plight of arctic terns , seals, badgers and intensively reared animals.
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arctic terns1) arctic terns are considered threatened or species of concern in certain states.
2) arctic terns have been struggling to keep their chicks warm and dry.
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arctic tundra1) There is much wilderness, including extensive arctic tundra .
2) They breed on the arctic tundra and Iceland is the nearest breeding area to us.
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arctic water1) Kelps are primarily associated with temperate and arctic waters worldwide.
2) Specially equipped for cruising in arctic waters .
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arctic weather1) The insulation is truly approved for arctic weather .
2) Forty went down with frostbite and trench fever in the arctic weather .
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arctic wind1) In 2002 arctic wind placed 16 wind turbines on the Gavel.
2) Cold arctic winds and freshwater input gives the water masses an arctic character.
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arctic wolf1) He would insist to his dying day that an arctic wolf had savaged him.
2) There will also be separate viewing areas for bald eagles , waterfowl, arctic wolves and Canadian lynx.
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arctic zone1) This occurs more often in temperate and arctic zones , than warmer tropical climates.
2) A new plant is discovered after permafrost is melted in an arctic zone , which renders him unconscious.
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cold arctic1) When the boundary moved southeast, the very cold arctic air took over.
2) Wow darn cold arctic blast.
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help_outline feedbac1) The Inuvialuit live in the western Canadian Arctic region.
2) The Inuit are native to the Canadian Arctic and Greenland.
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high arctic1) During this time, eastern Thule spread out throughout the high arctic and into the south.
2) July 15, 2014 - Climate change isn't threatening reindeer on the Norwegian high arctic archipelago of Svalbard, researchers report.
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the arctic1) the arctic sea ice is rapidly melting .
2) the arctic tree line well below us.
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