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arid1) The vast interior may have become extremely arid .
2) The arid climate limits conventional water resources and temperatures are increasing.
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arid area1) A stone mulch can significantly increase crop yields in arid areas .
2) Some are found in arid areas of South America.
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arid climate1) The arid climate limits conventional water resources and temperatures are increasing.
2) The arid climate has preserved much of the ancient buildings.
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arid condition1) Alaska remained mostly ice free due to arid climate conditions .
2) The desert climate is characterised by hot and very arid conditions .
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arid country1) In arid countries , plants are precious.
2) arid countries should rely more on water conservation and recycling.
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arid desert1) The climate is mostly arid subtropical desert , with little rainfall.
2) Even now the irrigated patches are surrounded by arid desert .
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arid environment1) Plants face severe challenges in arid environments .
2) The agave is well adapted to its arid environment .
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arid grassland1) It is also found in arid grasslands and woodlands.
2) Most of the municipality is arid grassland , with forests at the highest elevations.
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arid habitat1) In more arid habitats some trees are very likely to be much older.
2) The greatest diversity occurs in South Africa, usually in arid habitats .
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arid land1) It should help us bring water to arid lands .
2) Irrigation of arid lands is especially problematic.
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arid landscape1) Grasslands are dry, arid landscapes , characterized by low precipitation levels.
2) A beautiful place that breaks up the arid landscape of the island.
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arid part1) Mountain springs provide sufficient water in this arid part of Mexico.
2) The Platte River flowing through an arid part of the mid-west has been widely overused.
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arid plain1) The allotments were too small to support farming on the arid plains .
2) The landscape is characterised by vast arid plains with outcroppings of haphazard rock piles.
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arid region1) Suddenly , the arid desert region was considered valuable.
2) In the arid regions , dams are mostly used for irrigation.
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arid semiarid1) Droughts are common in arid and semiarid lands.
2) The natric horizon is most commonly found in arid and semiarid regions.
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arid summer1) It is characterized by long arid summers and long dry winters, with short but distinct spring and autumn seasons.
2) It helps maintain the water levels in the body, keeping it cool and hydrated during the hot and arid summer days.
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arid zone1) Improvement of water supply in the arid zone .
2) The Goravan State Nature Reservation is situated within the arid climate zone .
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become arid1) The vast interior may have become extremely arid .
2) Our most fertile agricultural lands will become arid .
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extremely arid1) The vast interior may have become extremely arid .
2) Mecca features an extremely arid climate.
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very arid1) The climate is very arid and semi hot with an average temperature of between .
2) The River Nile is the lifeline of an otherwise very arid Egypt.
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