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Internet archive1) Copies 1 & 2 at Internet archive .
2) Accessed 4 November 2013 at Internet archive .
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Web archive1) MHT Web archive contains several flow charts along with the original code.
2) Hurricane Katrina and Rita Web archive .
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access archive1) The immediate benefits of an open access archive are several.
2) You can't access archive to skip sections with out reading almost the whole web comic.
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archive1) Much early archive film is silent film.
2) archive footage is becoming more widely available.
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archive collection1) The archive collection consists of some 500 items including photographs and documents.
2) The museum and archive collection are available to view by appointment only.
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archive copy1) Do you know for sure corrections caught up with the library clip or archive copy ?
2) Those offspring will tend to inherit archive copies of the self-same altered gene from their parents.
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archive document1) The other ones were cast as an archive document .
2) The attack killed forty people and injured fifty others, according to official archive documents .
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archive file1) All replaces appear in your archive files .
2) The archive file must often be unpacked before next using.
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archive film1) Much early archive film is silent film.
2) My personal favourites were the archive films .
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archive footage1) The documentary features original archive footage and photographs .
2) Its permanent exhibition mixes memorabilia, archive footage and video interviews.
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archive format1) Zip is a compressed file archive format .
2) If compressed, the compression is in ZIP archive format .
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archive material1) The museum also has serious archive material .
2) The series makes heavy use of archive material .
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archive of images1) A large data archive of images will be kept in a former Cold War bunker.
2) Sigune Hamann says: 'Wave' is a subjective archive of images , both staged and found.
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archive page1) For items from previous years please view our archive releases page .
2) Or, check out the episode archive page !
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archive record1) Unsurprisingly, there is no archive record of the event.
2) The Belarusian side made a proposal to organize an exhibition devoted to ITS activities and archive records .
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archive recording1) We collect and archive language recordings now while the speakers are still alive .
2) Among other things, see the archive recordings related to social justice movements and critical race theory.
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archive service1) This was in addition to the existing archive services at Sheffield and Doncaster.
2) Erm, the report is extremely valuable, the work of the archive service is extremely valuable.
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archive site1) I got this info on Nat archive site .
2) It was originally developed to maintain the Sunsite Linux archive site .
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archive system1) Demonstrations of image archive systems are being arranged.
2) In addition to the TNA archive described by Ruotsalainen and Manning, other combinations of EHR systems and archive systems are possible.
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archives1) The local historical archives are located here.
2) Only the less used archives are dynamically served.
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archives contain1) Its archives contain several discussions about royalty rates.
2) These archives contained only current articles posted after the archives began.
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archives hold1) Parish registers are usually held by local authority archives .
2) Its archives hold interesting stories of the drink's history.
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archives include1) Its archives include collections on Haskell and aspects of Native American history.
2) The archives includes drafts of all of Mr. McEwan's later novels.
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archives reveal1) Soviet archives later revealed that Beria had ordered them all executed before the trials even began .
2) German archives have revealed that their army leadership evaluated the risks of annexing Switzerland during WWII.
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archives show1) Dallas Opera archives show they were done there anyway!
2) A look at the show 's archives shows why CAIR would be a fan.
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contain archives1) The library also contains the university archives .
2) It contains archives and many other links for useful information.
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county archive1) No full copies in British Library, nor with county archive or Library services in Staffordshire.
2) Further, the records for births and baptisms from 1812 to 1836 are available in the Warwickshire county archive .
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create archive1) These inquiries created a unique archive of materials about the campaign.
2) When done click OK to create the archive . 3.
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create archives1) WinZip 11.2 could create LHA archives without an external utility.
2) E.g. for Zip archives created under Linux, that's likely UTF-8.
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data archive1) UK data archive , 2007-2008.
2) The ESRC data archive has existed for 26 years.
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destroy archives1) Fires have destroyed entire archives of films.
2) The community's archives were partially destroyed in the bombing.
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digital archive1) Previous work with creating digital archive projects.
2) Burke & Wills Web - online digital archive .
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electronic archive1) There are also 150 public computers throughout the building for electronic archive research.
2) This electronic archive is intended as a noncommercial scholarly resource and preservation strategy.
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email archive1) Losing a chunk of my email archive was pretty traumatic.
2) email archive : Lawyers receive important emails again and again at their office.
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establish archive1) Its goal is to establish an archive of photo and video materials.
2) We will also be establishing an archive at themonkeycage.
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extensive archive1) It also maintains a fairly extensive archive of past movies and video releases.
2) Because of its longevity, this blog also has an extensive archive collection.
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family archive1) I have a few oldies in the family archive .
2) Powditch and associated families' archive ).
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film archive1) Courtesy of the film archive stills collection.
2) Recently Pacific film archive eliminated their experimental Tuesday night program.
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have archive1) It also had an archive for the past seven days.
2) Minden has a community archive and two significant museums.
more have archive sentences
historical archive1) Therefore its cumulative issues constitute a precious historical archive .
2) The ground floor is a reading hall and an historical archive .
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hold archive1) This is unpublished with the archive held by Nottinghamshire County Council.
2) It also holds the archive of steam train recordings by Peter Handford.
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hold archives1) The NAHC holds archives of many companies and public bodies.
2) This can be varied depending on the archives held by the relevant country.
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house archives1) The Museum also houses archives and exhibits.
2) It now serves as faculty housing and houses the school archives .
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keep archive1) I decided in the end to keep the old archive alive.
2) Do you keep an archive of your old writings?
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keep archives1) I called the librarian charged with keeping University archives .
2) Many museums keep archives in order to prove the provenance of their pieces.
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local archive1) They probably already made a local archive , anyway.
2) For example, it could involve young people researching a local archive or doing practical casework on a nature reserve.
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maintain archive1) maintain a large archive of Design concept files.
2) maintain a large archive of product and packaging files.
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maintain archives1) It also maintains hierarchical archives of files that users can access.
2) The New Jersey Historical Society maintains archives and promotes research.
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massive archive1) The transfer of the massive archive eventually took over 12 years, from 1972 to 1984.
2) There would be a massive archive somewhere if we had ever lived under the Stasi or the Gestapo.
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national archive1) Planning of a new national archive is well underway.
2) The original books are only available in the national archive .
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news archive1) The Swiss news archive can be found at www.
2) Older news items can be found in the news archive .
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newspaper archive1) The British newspaper archive website opened in April 2014.
2) Digitised copies are available on the British newspaper archive website.
more newspaper archive sentences
online archive1) His online archive is available at www.
2) This story has been corrected in this online archive .
more online archive sentences
open archive1) Review comments are in an open archive for at least five years.
2) Sydney Film Festival opens archive Sydney Film Festival 1954 to Now: A Living archive has thousands of pages including 37 essays.
more open archive sentences
open archives1) Additional Minamata Disease archives were opened in 2001.
2) In 2007, her archives were opened to the public at Emory University.
more open archives sentences
personal archive1) Balenciaga 's vast personal archive has never gone public before.
2) Pisemsky's personal archive was destroyed by fire.
more personal archive sentences
photo archive1) Dig into your photo archive and post your best photos.
2) Supercow is featured on various pictures in the Engineering photo archive .
more photo archive sentences
photographic archive1) It also houses a vast photographic archive for the Hedmark region.
2) The site includes several related websites, as well as an excellent photographic archive .
more photographic archive sentences
private archive1) Much of Hannett's studio effects units and synths are now in a private archive .
2) Enclosed in its clay envelope, this tablet was stored in a private archive of more than 1,000 texts.
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provide archive1) Editorial calendars also provide an archive of posts.
2) Google Videos was geared towards providing a large archive of freely searchable videos.
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public archive1) The English Heritage archive is the public archive of English Heritage.
2) The National archives Law allows unlimited access to informational documents in the public archive .
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rich archive1) Kassis himself owns a rich archive of at least 15.000 rare books and 85.000 magazines, documents and private manuscripts.
2) The Newsom Report provides a rich archive of information on the ways in which, by the early 1960s, the secondary modems had developed.
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search archive1) New category added to the search archive drop down Bangladesh .
2) Around the same time DEC's Alta Vista also had a close to real-time USENET search archive .
more search archive sentences
search archives1) You can also search the archives here .
2) You can search the archives on this site.
more search archives sentences
searchable archive1) Hundreds of science summaries are also available in a searchable archive .
2) A searchable archive of research materials, posters, leaflets, pamphlets, etc. could be created.
more searchable archive sentences
sound archive1) The sound Archive's online catalogue is updated daily.
2) Vintage recordings are acquired for the Finnish National sound archive retroactively.
more sound archive sentences
state archive1) The Medieval Bosnian state archive was also located there.
2) Main state archive Hannover: Sign.
more state archive sentences
use archives1) Everybody who uses the archives is responsible for their care.
2) Further cross-cultural testing will follow using existing archives of machine readable transcripts.
more use archives sentences
vast archive1) Many performers have multiple roles, and therefore multiple costumers, demanding a vast archive of costume pieces.
2) Sony intends to leverage its vast archive of music and movies, network services and technology to compete.
more vast archive sentences
visit archives1) You would need to visit the archives or pay for research.
2) In April he made arrangements to visit the Rosary archives .
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