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ardent1) But it was very general among ardent men.
2) And ardent environmentalists should keep a sense of proportion.
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ardent admirer1) Only his most ardent admirers regarded it as truly scientific work.
2) Am I also an ardent admirer of the Secret Service?
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ardent advocate1) I am also an ardent advocate of interfaith cooperation.
2) He was an ardent advocate of Hindu-Muslim unity.
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ardent believer1) You have been an ardent believer in Climate Change as a man-made crisis.
2) Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender) is an ardent believer in the science of psychoanalysis.
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ardent critic1) Hauerwas is also known as an ardent critic of liberal democracy.
2) Brown is among the Senate's most ardent critics of the banking sector.
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ardent defender1) Among the book's most ardent defenders were several Latino youths.
2) Origen was an ardent defender of pre-existence and reincarnation.
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ardent desire1) An ardent desire to know the truth; 2.
2) The establishment of such in America was my most ardent desire .
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ardent devotee1) He was an ardent devotee of Shiva.
2) Prahlad grew up and became an ardent devotee of Vishnu.
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ardent disciple1) Both men were ardent disciples of Nandi.
2) The author of the 121st psalm has few more ardent disciples than me.
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ardent fan1) It is where the clubs most ardent fans stand.
2) I'm an ardent fan of the great outdoors.
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ardent feminist1) Such an understanding made these women into ardent feminists .
2) I like Chopin even though she is an ardent feminist .
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ardent follower1) ardent followers fast, some even without any fluid intake.
2) Especially King Prataparudra became His great admirer and ardent follower .
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ardent love1) In the 16th century, Saint Ignatius of Loyola promulgated an ardent love to the Virgin Mary.
2) Purify thy soul by many acts of sorrow for having offended Him, magnify and praise Him with a most ardent love .
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ardent lover1) Being an ardent dog lover I was floored by what I read .
2) Not because I hate underwear -I'm an ardent lover of underwear.
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ardent nationalist1) Nehru became an ardent nationalist during his youth.
2) Wilmer had little sympathy for the North and was an ardent Southern nationalist .
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ardent opponent1) Ponta is an ardent Băsescu's opponent .
2) Burton was one of the most ardent opponents of President Bill Clinton.
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ardent proponent1) He remained domiciled there, becoming an ardent proponent of a Scottish parliament.
2) Sufferers, seekers, avoiders of pollution, ardent proponents of detoxification amongst the hedonists.
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ardent spirits1) Answer-some black paint for the coffin, and-a jug of ardent spirits !
2) The savages were very friendly except when under the influence of ardent spirits , which they often purchased of traders.
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ardent supporter1) Tocqueville was an ardent supporter of liberty.
2) Smith is also an ardent Liverpool F.C supporter .
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ardently1) He is obviously ardently committed to spreading the word.
2) Sudan ardently supports Iran's nuclear program.
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ardently desire1) That Ben Braithwaite had most ardently desired her was beyond question.
2) I wonder what it was beside friendship that he so ardently desired ?
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ardently oppose1) He was ardently opposed to the gold standard and debt-based money.
2) Chairman Royce, however, was formerly ardently opposed to OPIC.
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