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Olympic arena1) Michele: The Olympic arenas is just always something special.
2) Nurmi's influence stretched further than running on the Olympic arena .
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academic arena1) Industrial archaeology has gradually gained acceptance in the academic arena .
2) The set was well received in the academic arena .
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arena1) The arena hosted mixed martial arts events.
2) Another closely watched arena is diabetes treatment.
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arena concert1) It's like an arena concert packed into a club .
2) Bocelli last toured in Australia in 2008, performing sell-out arena concerts to an audience of over 65,000.
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arena event1) The spin-off of such arena events are the bull games at village festivals.
2) On September 17, 1961 the Ice Capades hosted the arena's first event .
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arena floor1) The arena floor was laid out and flattened.
2) We walked back down to the arena floor .
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arena football1) The short length of seasons in arena football makes imperfect seasons quite possible.
2) The scoreboard, as is typical in arena football , got quite a workout.
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arena for1) War is not an arena for fairness .
2) Try your hand in multiple marketing arenas for increased success .
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arena game1) Forge is a team based arena game with MMORPG style gameplay.
2) The arena game this week was basketball courtesy of Sprite.
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arena of politics1) In 1830 both schools descended into the arena of politics .
2) In the process he sometimes explicitly entered the arena of politics .
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arena show1) Falcon will appear in the arena stage show .
2) The tour wrapped on March 22 with a sold out arena show in Helsinki.
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arena stage1) Falcon will appear in the arena stage show.
2) He has directed almost two dozen productions at arena stage .
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arena theater1) This is considered the origins of the Studio arena theater (see: Studio arena Theater).
2) This is considered the origins of the Studio arena theater (see: Studio arena theater ).
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arena theatre1) Regina features Saskatchewan's only permanent arena theatre , the Globe Theatre.
2) The arena theatre is used primarily for theatre performances and acting classes and seats 196.
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arena tour1) A live recording of the 2012 arena tour was announced.
2) This UK arena tour has sold out .
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arena wall1) Wild Thing then lifted Hypno-Disc onto the arena wall before time finally ran out.
2) Tornado rammed Berserk 2 into the arena wall repeatedly, until it was immobilised.
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basketball arena1) The basketball arena is shaped as a big white square.
2) The program has appeared in many different spots throughout each basketball arena .
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battle arena1) I do not like the battle arena .
2) The turbo track and three bonus battle arenas will now be unlocked.
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build arena1) The recently built arena at Harbor Yard serves as the city's sports and hospitality center.
2) The Queen Isabela Park is a culture and arts open air amphitheatre which is the biggest LGU- built arena in the country.
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commercial arena1) The acquisition follows other similar moves by SFA into the commercial arena .
2) Outside the commercial arena , there have been two experimental non-halogenated flame retardants that deserve attention.
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competitive arena1) This does not mean that the competitive arena has become less global.
2) The internet has become a highly competitive arena for firms trying to attract new clients.
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cultural arena1) These spaces acted as the 'commons' of the people; a political, social and cultural arena .
2) People are often willing to sue, in the cultural arena especially, only if there is something to be gained.
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digital arena1) Nothing at all definitely goes outside the pressure or boredom of daily life similar to a digital arena of enjoy!
2) As we enter into 2012, HRE is looking to build on its already strong presence in the digital arena with some exciting new features and capabilities.
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domestic arena1) In the domestic arena gradually the Boeing 737-200 became the work-horse.
2) Particularly India is market of promise for long-term growth from global and domestic arena .
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downtown arena1) Burkle would lead an effort to build a downtown arena in Sacramento .
2) Sacramento city officials announced Saturday they have a term sheet for a $ 447 million downtown arena .
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economic arena1) For all the demands of the environmental impacts process , in the economic arena they sailed through without real debate.
2) In the economic arena , the administration should step up its efforts to conclude the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement this year.
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enclose arena1) The arena was now enclosed on all four sides.
2) enclosed arenas are inaccessible when using Sports view.
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enter arena1) With repeal , powerful commercial forces entered the press arena .
2) The audience cheered when McCain entered the arena .
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fill arena1) Musical space exploded to fill arenas and stadiums for blockbuster concerts.
2) He fills arenas with paying customers.
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financial arena1) Identify issues in the international financial arena . 6.
2) Our capabilities in the financial arena are paramount to successful completion of any project.
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global arena1) Modern business has become one big global arena .
2) International security is national security or state security in the global arena .
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hockey arena1) A new facade for the hockey arena would include retail.
2) It seats 1284 in the hockey arena .
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home arena1) Staples Center has been the home arena of both teams since 1999.
2) Huff Hall is the current home arena seating approximately 4,500.
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ice arena1) The venue was the 26th indoor ice hockey arena in Norway.
2) Barnett recognized this growing popularity, along with an absence of ice arenas .
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in the arena1) He is condemned to death in the arena .
2) A Spider-Man show was performed in the arena .
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indoor arena1) In most cases the games are played in large indoor arenas .
2) Both teams use the indoor Aphrodite arena .
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international arena1) Identify issues in the international financial arena . 6.
2) Students discuss important and current issues in the international arena .
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into the arena1) My horse has problems going into the arena .
2) the accused person stepped out into the arena .
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kemper arena1) However Kansas City's main sports venue kemper arena was nearly 30 years old.
2) The NHL Kansas City Scouts played in kemper arena from 1974 until 1976.
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leave the arena1) However, he left the arena before the last match.
2) Bradman received another large round of applause as he left the arena .
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legal arena1) The legal arena realized how unpredictable juries could be.
2) That might get into the legal arena , no?
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legislative arena1) OPC's participation in the legislative arena is a vital part of our representation of residential utility customers.
2) legislative Advocacy We get results . Critical issues affecting today's physicians are being decided in the legislative arena .
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move into the arena1) After three years, he moved into the arena of forensic firearm investigation.
2) This has resulted in not only strangers and professionals moving into the arena of dying and death, but it has also led to commercialisation and big business.
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multipurpose arena1) The project is billed as a multipurpose events arena .
2) The show was held Saturday night at Family Arena, an indoor hockey rink and multipurpose arena .
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online arena1) There are also available comprehensive do-it-yourself guide in the online arena .
2) That's why most big & successful F2P games are MMOs and online arena shooters.
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open arena1) The arena was opened on 15 July 1995.
2) The arena was opened by Taoiseach Enda Kenny.
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outdoor arena1) Large amounts of water may be necessary to keep outdoor arena surface dust under control.
2) On outdoor arenas , direct sunlight dries the top footing layer on a daily basis.
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outside the arena1) the 92 bus route stops directly outside the arena .
2) the finish line was just outside the arena di Verona.
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policy arena1) The draw of the public policy arena attracted him.
2) Professor Telhami has also been active in the foreign policy arena .
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political arena1) Armenia's eternal antagonist abandoned the political arena .
2) The main area of weakness lies in the political arena .
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public arena1) They often take shape as developing legislation in the public arena .
2) Many public companies in 2012 will continue to exit the public arena .
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rodeo arena1) We share the same dreams in and out of the rodeo arena .
2) Some are rodeo arenas that are used only for bull riding and other rodeo events.
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seat arena1) It will feature a 5,000 seat arena and a training pitch.
2) The new 18,641 seat arena is to be called Rogers Place.
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showjumping arena1) His only criticism was the proximity of the showjumping arena to the start and finish of the cross-country course.
2) The Euro leg of the Zoo TV tour promised to be spectacular and, on the evidence of events at Dublin's RDS showjumping arena on Saturday night, it was.
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social arena1) Break out from the social arena .
2) The 1991 constitution opened special political and social arenas for indigenous and other minority groups.
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sport arena1) The sport arena is open to all students.
2) The sports arena is known as High Park .
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sporting arena1) The UK has proved successful in the international sporting arena in rowing.
2) Rajamangala National Stadium is the biggest sporting arena in Thailand.
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sports arena1) The sports arena is known as High Park .
2) Our onsite sports arena has tennis , basketball and futsal courts.
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training arena1) FIG. 1 a, Perspective view of training arena .
2) Races can be very useful training arenas as alternatives to solo long runs.
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wider arena1) In 2011, CSE Discipline has stepped into wider arena by introducing M.Sc.
2) Cassian's works brought the wisdom of the Desert Fathers into a wider arena .
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within the arena1) Freedom to perform within the arena format.
2) within the arena the center fire lies broken in red embers.
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world arena1) Also Latvian cyclists are famous in the world arena , lately in BMX.
2) The bout took place in O2 world arena , Berlin, Germany.
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