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Baroque architecture1) It is a notable example of Baroque architecture in Barcelona.
2) In the 1760s, Baroque architecture was succeeded by neoclassical architecture.
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Gothic architecture1) The central theme behind Gothic architecture is light penetration.
2) Gothic architecture was never, however, totally accepted.
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Renaissance architecture1) Amsterdam quickly developed its own Renaissance architecture .
2) The Polish Renaissance architecture has three periods of development.
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Revival architecture1) The courthouse is an example of Renaissance Revival architecture .
2) The capital city of Ottawa is full of Gothic Revival architecture .
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Romanesque architecture1) This Romanesque architecture is reflected by several nearby buildings.
2) In the 12th century the Romanesque architecture prospered.
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Victorian architecture1) Colchester is noted for its Victorian architecture .
2) Huddersfield has an abundance of Victorian architecture .
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admire architecture1) He also admired the architecture of the brothers Charles Sumner and Henry Mather Greene.
2) We rode the subway as a group and took off at several different stations to admire the architecture .
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architecture1) He was asked several questions regarding architecture .
2) Tier 2 architectures are undergoing major development.
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architecture become1) Wooden architecture was popular and rock cut architecture became solidified.
2) Palladian architecture became well established in 18th-century Britain.
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architecture buff1) An architecture buff , he plans to spend time walking around the city.
2) Turning off the sign provoked outrage and protest from the public, historians, and architecture buffs .
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architecture characterize1) The consequences of this perspective on architecture are characterized .
2) Korean traditional architecture is characterized by its harmony with nature.
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architecture consist1) The unified architecture consists of many individual elements.
2) The existing architecture already consists of overlapping networks with myriad memberships and agendas.
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architecture critic1) The building was greeted with glowing praise from architecture critics .
2) architecture critics derided the structures as decorated sheds .
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architecture date1) The parallel architecture dates the works to the reign of Augustus or Tiberius.
2) Its architecture dates back to the Norman era, with additions made most centuries since.
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architecture define1) The architecture defines 5 classes of interruption.
2) How completely should the architecture define the implementation?
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architecture design1) There are four core activities in software architecture design .
2) All space habitats to date have used modular architecture design .
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architecture dominate1) Ottawa's domestic architecture is dominated by single family homes.
2) Simpson also dominated architecture in the north-east of Scotland.
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architecture firm1) architecture firms come in a variety of sizes and types.
2) He was a partner in an architecture firm from 1973 to 1982.
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architecture framework1) These are often terms architecture frameworks or sometimes viewpoint sets .
2) It provides a consistent component architecture framework for creating distributed n-tier middleware.
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architecture include1) Some architectures include other stages such as memory access.
2) Domestic architecture includes Victorian and Federation designs.
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architecture inspire1) Its architecture was inspired by Le Corbusier.
2) But the car has inspired no great architecture and no great art.
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architecture of1) The architecture of apartheid is extremely elusive.
2) The architecture of three villages was theirs.
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architecture parlante1) This idea was taken up strongly in the training of Beaux-Arts architecture, ca 1875-1915: see architecture parlante .
2) His most ambitious work was the uncompleted Royal Saltworks at Arc-et-Senans, an idealistic and visionary town showing many examples of architecture parlante .
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architecture provide1) This architecture provides for lower power usage.
2) The 2200 Series architecture provides many registers.
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architecture reach1) Turkish architecture reached its peak during the Ottoman period.
2) When Sinan died, classical Ottoman architecture had reached its climax.
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architecture reflect1) The original town names and architecture still reflect this .
2) The building types and architecture reflect Italian influence.
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architecture student1) We have an immediate opening for an architecture student summer internship.
2) The American architecture Foundation offers grants and scholarships to architecture students .
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architecture studio1) Due to his interest in architecture, he founded the architecture studio FAKE Design, in 2003.
2) The new City Center Masterplan devised by Tirana based architecture studio Atelier4 was approved in 2007.
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architecture style1) It attempts at creating more accurate references of historical architecture styles .
2) However, additional architecture styles are also represented.
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architecture support1) Software architecture supporting activities are carried out during core software architecture activities.
2) The UPnP architecture supports zero configuration networking.
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classical architecture1) The plaza around is built on the classical architecture .
2) The two styles are often considered one body of classical architecture .
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client server architecture1) But that is an endorsement of client server architecture .
2) But that is an endorsement of 's client server architecture .
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colonial architecture1) It has a mix of modern buildings and traditional colonial architecture .
2) Virginia furniture and architecture are typical of American colonial architecture .
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contemporary architecture1) The contemporary architecture has wide margin in the city.
2) Subsequent influence of the Art Nouveau was reflected in contemporary architecture .
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define architecture1) In small systems the architecture is typically defined directly by developers.
2) Its architecture is defined by a great transparency and open spaces.
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distribute architecture1) There are several ways to share files in a distributed architecture .
2) Peer-to-peer - A distributed architecture without the need for central coordination.
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domestic architecture1) It was an important landmark in domestic architecture .
2) Ottawa's domestic architecture is dominated by single family homes.
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enterprise architecture1) The paper did not mention enterprise architecture .
2) These federal architectural segments collectively constitute the federal enterprise architecture .
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evolve architecture1) This is another direction to evolve the MISC architecture .
2) The architecture council defines and evolves the architecture of the Eclipse platform.
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hardware architecture1) All data files are fully portable between different hardware architectures .
2) The diagram depicts a hardware architecture of an advanced GPS tracker.
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implement architecture1) Apple wanted to implement a new document architecture .
2) Web services can implement a service-oriented architecture .
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influence architecture1) Its style is influenced by Byzantine architecture .
2) The style was influenced by Indian temple architecture .
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information architecture1) It didn't matter how information architecture happened.
2) That's information architecture and information design.
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inspire architecture1) The hotel is a masterpiece built and inspired by Babylonian architecture .
2) Its shape was inspired by the architecture of Podhale.
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landscape architecture1) Ian McHarg was known for introducing environmental concerns in landscape architecture .
2) During high school I planned on majoring in landscape architecture .
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medieval architecture1) It is typical of later medieval architecture .
2) By this date medieval architecture was back in fashion.
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modern architecture1) In particular modern architecture has been influenced by graphics.
2) It encompasses elements of modern architecture and is built without beams.
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modernist architecture1) modernist architecture often viewed the flat roof as a living area.
2) It is known for its well-preserved colonial Italian modernist architecture .
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monumental architecture1) Tiwanaku monumental architecture is characterized by large stones of exceptional workmanship.
2) A palace-themed temples are more elaborate, often monumental architecture .
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naval architecture1) This point is referred to as B in naval architecture .
2) The metacentre is commonly designated as point MT in naval architecture .
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network architecture1) Meeting current market requirements is virtually impossible with traditional network architectures .
2) They in turn created the neural network architecture .
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practice architecture1) Dan has been practicing information architecture and user experience design since 1995.
2) Pearson practiced architecture in Philadelphia until his death.
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preserve architecture1) Only a few examples of Great Moravian architecture are fully preserved or reconstructed.
2) Before legislation to preserve this landmark architecture , many of the old buildings were demolished.
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processor architecture1) Furthermore the tuning of processor architectures is treated.
2) The new instructions are common in digital signal processor architectures .
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reflect architecture1) This structure is hierarchical, reflecting the recovery journal architecture .
2) This Romanesque architecture is reflected by several nearby buildings.
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residential architecture1) Seacroft has many examples of 20th century residential architecture .
2) Smaller scale residential architecture extends for an unknown distance beyond this.
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school of architecture1) The school of architecture was relocated here.
2) In 1919 the school of architecture was established.
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software architecture1) There are four core activities in software architecture design.
2) This activity is fundamental to all three core software architecture activities.
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study architecture1) During the period 1964 - 1967 he studies architecture .
2) In 1917 he briefly studied architecture in Vienna.
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style of architecture1) Asia features many distinctive styles of architecture .
2) The style of architecture used was basically concrete block.
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sustainable architecture1) sustainable architecture is the design of sustainable buildings.
2) This is the new techniques of sustainable architecture .
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temple architecture1) Greek temple architecture had a profound influence on ancient architectural traditions.
2) The empire is remembered today primarily for its temple architecture .
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traditional architecture1) Authentic traditional architecture surrounded by late twentieth century clone housing.
2) traditional architecture uses no nails or iron bars in construction.
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underlie architecture1) As these technologies mature, underlying architectures matter less.
2) However, the underlying architecture remains mostly the same.
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vernacular architecture1) Thus it makes a good example of traditional vernacular architecture .
2) vernacular architecture is also highly regional in it flavours.
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