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apt1) Their textual references are apt and specific.
2) Maybe another good experience is more apt .
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apt analogy1) Yet, cancer is an apt analogy .
2) I really think that's an apt analogy .
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apt choice1) The tobacco company is a particularly apt choice for the Whitney's Board of Trustees.
2) Another version being the Balaji team felt that Shahid is the apt choice for the Milan Talkies .
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apt comment1) Zakrevska made an apt comment to the effect that the cell phones will not become scarce in the prisons.
2) I thought that was an apt comment Allan Savory made: the Forest Service won't let you use more than 50 percent of the plant, but it's OK to burn and take a hundred.
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apt comparison1) Still , there are some apt comparisons .
2) If nothing else, it makes for an apt comparison .
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apt description1) I think that is an apt description .
2) Understated upscale modern is an apt description .
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apt for1) Such body structure is highly apt for tree living .
2) His legendary pen was apt for any enterprise.
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apt metaphor1) I suppose an apt metaphor for a pool.
2) Maybe it's an apt metaphor after all.
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apt name1) Aviation Nation is an apt name for this event.
2) Daikon mochi sounds like an apt name for those turnip cakes!
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apt student1) But once at university I was an apt student .
2) Howard was a master of it and it seems you 're an apt student .
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apt title1) Shifting sands might have been a more apt title !
2) An apt title for a book filled with despair and hope.
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apt to be1) Using uranium salts is apt to be more expensive.
2) His disciplinary record was apt to be suspect.
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apt to do1) A girl who snacks at midnight as I am apt to do ?
2) Nevertheless, mothers are still more apt to do it than anybody else.
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as apt1) Homily describes her as apt to put on airs because of her association with the Harpsichord family.
2) However, Antiochus III was not as apt when dealing with infantry, be it Greek or Roman.
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be apt1) Maybe another good experience is more apt .
2) Such body structure is highly apt for tree living .
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especially apt1) Thinking outside the gift box for teachers may be especially apt .
2) Children are especially apt at noticing when one of their peers violates their established gender role.
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more apt1) Maybe another good experience is more apt .
2) Perhaps a get away car is more apt .
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particularly apt1) It is particularly apt for Wigan fans .
2) The moniker looked particularly apt on Saturday night .
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quite apt1) Seems quite apt , a clueless politician.
2) The red curtains are quite apt .
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seem apt1) The celebrations of those favoring those colors seem apt .
2) Einstein's definition of insanity seems apt here.
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so apt1) Which is why that Eighteenth Brumaire quote is so apt .
2) Moreover he was perversely drawn to a man so apt to be hated.
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too apt1) No, it had been too apt , too opportune.
2) For David Moyes, the symbolism was all too apt .
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very apt1) Which was published in the very apt .
2) So Linux is already very apt for work.
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