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additional appropriation1) March 1893, Commission got $15,000 additional appropriation .
2) No additional appropriation will be made for this purpose.
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annual appropriation1) WAP funding is derived from annual appropriations from Congress.
2) The Congress could do this through annual appropriations and authorization bills.
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appropriation1) Type of appropriation is fiscal 2014 defense working capital funds.
2) Type of appropriation is foreign military sales funding.
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appropriation account1) appropriation accounts (Autumn following previous year end).
2) In the appropriation accounts of the Government, the distinction is almost non-existent.
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appropriation act1) Both were ordered in a naval appropriation act on 4 March 1911.
2) The Congress updates this authorization through annual funds appropriation acts , and other legislation.
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appropriation bill1) The fiscal year 2001 agriculture appropriations bill included two significant changes.
2) UCA is also tracking several appropriation bills in the legislature.
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appropriation committee1) The budget and appropriations committees of each house also play a role.
2) A seat on the appropriations committee helps him bring home plenty of earmarks.
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appropriation legislation1) The legislation that sets government spending is called appropriations legislation .
2) These are normally covered in authorization and appropriation legislation .
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appropriation of funds1) It may well take a congressional appropriation of funds to get this kind of study funded.
2) The elimination of this appropriation of funds was said to have saved $100 million per year.
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appropriation process1) The YEDP curriculum includes seminars on the congressional legislative, budget and appropriations processes .
2) Lamentably, it was not reauthorized in the fiscal year 2012 appropriation process .
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appropriation subcommittee1) After Lewis became chairman of the defense appropriations subcommittee in 1999, earmarks in defense bills exploded.
2) One year later, a Congressional appropriations subcommittee voted to send $10 million to aid the Assyrians in Iraq.
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budget appropriation1) A one-year statute that contains the state's budget appropriations .
2) A whole range of strategies tend to be adopted by those seeking budget appropriations .
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congressional appropriation1) Increase congressional appropriations for school-based prevention activities.
2) Clifford wanted to deploy the system, and supported congressional appropriations for it.
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cultural appropriation1) Part of this criticism involves the notion of cultural appropriation .
2) cultural appropriation is not cultural appreciation; it's theft.
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direct appropriation1) But others requested and received direct , annual appropriations from the commission.
2) A direct appropriation of savings because it can not cure its systemic problems.
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dishonest appropriation1) This has the advantage that the cases referred to will be brought within the single concept of dishonest appropriation .
2) The fact that they controlled the company which consented to the transfer was irrelevant in the light of their dishonest appropriation .
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federal appropriation1) AECL is funded through a combination of federal government appropriations and commercial revenue.
2) They sometimes receive federal budgetary appropriations , but some also have independent sources of revenue.
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general appropriation1) Only 21 percent comes from general fund appropriations from government at any level.
2) This in turns reduces the need for supplemental general fund appropriations for K-12 schools by that amount.
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government appropriation1) Vouchers entail government appropriations of public funds .
2) AECL is funded through a combination of federal government appropriations and commercial revenue.
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legislative appropriation1) All compensation and reimbursement shall be paid from the legislative appropriation .
2) Five were principles of a republic, as in legislative appropriation .
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state appropriation1) A state appropriation paid for the work.
2) A one-year statute that contains the state's budget appropriations .
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supplemental appropriation1) Obama continued the use of supplemental appropriations .
2) Funds for disaster relief have sometimes come from supplemental appropriations , such as after Hurricane Katrina.
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