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April Fools Day1) April Fools ' Day is observed throughout the Western world.
2) April Fools ' Day snowfall hit Southern New England.
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April fool1) Netflix did a great April fools joke.
2) This is no science fiction or April fools joke.
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April showers1) Here's hoping April showers won't happen.
2) Or was it April showers that brought May flowers?
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April wedding1) An April wedding is planned.
2) Alex kisses Jo at April's wedding wanting to start a family with her.
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at the end of April1) the 2014 outdoor season commenced at the end of April .
2) He stopped receiving messages at the end of April 1926.
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in April1) in April 2013 state invested €47 million more.
2) in April 2014 outline planning permission was granted.
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last April1) My grandson started boy scouts last April .
2) The pair ended their romance last April .
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next april1) next april is my school reunion time.
2) Would that time investment pay off next april ?
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on April1) This project was completed on April 2004.
2) The big switch came on April 24th.
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