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a little apprehensive1) At 50 years old I am a little apprehensive .
2) I felt tense, a little apprehensive .
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apprehensive1) The whole reform party was sad and apprehensive .
2) The word has always made me apprehensive .
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apprehensive about1) I was very apprehensive about my bike session today.
2) Feel apprehensive about offering ideas to others.
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apprehensive face1) We glanced at each other, and I pulled a long, apprehensive face .
2) Beasley's apprehensive face appeared.
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apprehensive glance1) She threw her sister an apprehensive glance but was reassured to see she was smiling.
2) They went jostling and elbowing along, casting apprehensive glances behind them and only breathing freely when they got outside.
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apprehensive look1) Yanto cast another apprehensive look towards the tower.
2) The others were very quiet, with excited, apprehensive looks on their faces.
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apprehensive of1) The world is apprehensive of the escalating crisis.
2) He is apprehensive of the consequences of assassination.
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apprehensive that1) They were apprehensive that the cardinal's ordinances would encroach upon the civil jurisdiction.
2) The whispering conspirators return, apprehensive that their whispers from the opening scene were overheard.
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be apprehensive1) All are apprehensive concerning the imminent uprising.
2) I was very apprehensive about my bike session today.
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become apprehensive1) As opening night approached, Gilbert became increasingly apprehensive .
2) Upon hearing this, Wang became apprehensive .
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bit apprehensive1) Initially, he was a bit apprehensive .
2) I'm quite excited about it and a wee bit apprehensive .
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deeply apprehensive1) This is the language of a deeply apprehensive regime.
2) His inability to answer her queries turned a suspicious woman into a deeply apprehensive one.
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extremely apprehensive1) Her publishers were extremely apprehensive about the release as well as its commercial potential.
2) I was extremely apprehensive about this, I had not been on a hyper-coaster before.
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feel apprehensive1) feel apprehensive about offering ideas to others.
2) Carolyn went down to tea slowly, feeling apprehensive .
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get apprehensive1) Are you getting apprehensive about riding as the years tick by?
2) When the weekend arrived I was getting apprehensive about what to expect.
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grow apprehensive1) Helen answered and sounded so anxious that Sophie grew apprehensive .
2) Sultan Bahadur Shah had grown apprehensive of the power of Humayun.
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little apprehensive1) At 50 years old I am a little apprehensive .
2) I felt tense, a little apprehensive .
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look apprehensive1) He had good reason to look apprehensive , Dexter thought.
2) The second boy looked apprehensive Even apologetic, Jenkins said.
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remain apprehensive1) Throughout most of her career, Joan Baez remained apprehensive about involving herself in party politics.
2) There are some doctors who remain apprehensive about health care reform and fear a potential loss in income.
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seem apprehensive1) For a moment, he seemed apprehensive to Dexter.
2) However, Victor seems apprehensive about the deal, believing Stefano turned down her deal.
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slightly apprehensive1) Isaac Day, however, was slightly apprehensive .
2) Even Mr Bean looked slightly apprehensive .
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very apprehensive1) I was very apprehensive about my bike session today.
2) I was very apprehensive about learning this new skill.
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