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" approach "Collocations - Expressions
abandon the approach1) the crew abandoned the approach due to technical difficulties.
2) About an hour later, she abandoned the approach ; then sighted a five-ship convoy on the port quarter.
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adopt approach1) Municipalities also may adopt approaches of converting waste to energy through methods such as generating electricity from landfill gas.
2) But across the country, communities are adopting approaches to help put these boys and young men on the path to success.
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advocate approach1) Planners and advocates approaching the problem from all directions.
2) We will consider the criminal justice approach, victim advocate approach and the victim services approach.
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aggressive approach1) The defense has taken a more aggressive approach .
2) Scheme 1 is an aggressive approach when close observation is possible.
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alternate approach1) An alternate approach to the semantics of first-order logic proceeds via abstract algebra.
2) Second, it introduces them to an alternate approach to problem-solving.
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alternative approach1) An alternative approach is to mimic biologically inert interfaces.
2) But he is considering possible alternative approaches .
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analytical approach1) An analytical approach ot the information audit.
2) What kind of analytical approach do the healing professionals take?
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angle of approach1) The angles of approach to the main foyer area are scrupulously calculated.
2) Gabriel, Dangerfield and Finlayson discussed the best angle of approach .
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apply approach1) There are two widely applied approaches , viz.
2) The applied approaches are based on a client's specific conditions and needs.
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approach1) These remain important subjects requiring refined approaches .
2) This approach does indeed encourage more effective planning.
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approach a subject1) He was approaching a subject on which I was extremely sensitive.
2) Do you approach a subject differently in that medium than if you were writing for newsprint?
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approach a task1) This postgraduate diploma will give you new ways of thinking about and approaching a task or situation.
2) The expression is also used to reference someone approaching a task or problem from the wrong direction or continuing in the wrong direction.
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approach a topic1) Sometimes it is better to get your hands dirty at once rather than approach a topic with lofty generalizations.
2) AC: I've figured out that, much to my frustration, I can't just approach a topic head on, and write a poem about something.
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approach acceptable1) The direct approach is preferred, although either approach is acceptable .
2) This approach is also acceptable for Canadian income tax purposes.
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approach adulthood1) As the dragon approaches adulthood , its color gradually brightens until the individual scales are scarcely visible.
2) As these young diabetics approach adulthood their care must transition from pediatric specialists to adult healthcare providers .
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approach an intersection1) What should a driver do when approaching an intersection in which traffic lights are not working?
2) When approaching an intersection , drivers should assume a motorcyclist may slow down without that visual warning.
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approach angle1) The intradiscal pathway continues along the 450 approach angle .
2) Stall speed at normal approach angle and conditions was 100 - 109 mph.
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approach applicable1) Are such approaches applicable to our business?
2) The no fault approach is not universally applicable .
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approach appropriate1) A case study approach is appropriate for three reasons.
2) I think that kind of approach is not appropriate .
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approach autumn1) The summer is winding down and we are rapidly approaching autumn .
2) Although the weather remains warm, there are signs of the approaching autumn , [...]
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approach cautiously1) The man approached cautiously , weighing the sword.
2) It is well hidden and approached cautiously by narrow tracks.
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approach chart1) This format avoids unnecessary duplication and proliferation of instrument approach charts .
2) The appropriate instrument approach chart will indicate the identifier used at a particular airport.
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approach clearance1) ATC will not issue a straightin approach clearance .
2) Continue on the vector heading until intercepting the next published ground track applicable to the approach clearance .
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approach completion1) By January 1878 the fort was approaching completion .
2) Work is approaching completion on the bridge at Hope station.
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approach consistent1) This approach is consistent with auditing standards.
2) The approach is therefore not consistent with prior law .
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approach control1) Normally the appropriate frequency is an approach control frequency.
2) Later the automatic approach control system was switched on.
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approach course1) The pilot may find crossing altitudes published along the final approach course .
2) Therefore, pilots may be requested to report established on the final approach course .
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approach different1) This is why our approach is different .
2) My attitudes and approach are entirely different .
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approach directly1) Prey is approached directly or from behind.
2) This approach directly visualizes the sequence of DNA molecules using electron microscopy.
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approach effective1) It is not known which approach is more effective .
2) Cognitive-behavioral treatment approaches are quite effective with anxiety disorders.
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approach evident1) But the shared pragmatic approach is clearly evident .
2) Numerous examples of such an approach are already evident .
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approach fast1) Near as dammit gone is approaching fast .
2) Before you know it, opening night is approaching fast .
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approach fix1) Departing final approach fix (name) or on final approach segment inbound.
2) RF leg segments may be used after PFAF (precise final approach fix ).
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approach for1) Natural approaches for improving gut function are widely available.
2) Provinces are taking various approaches for implementing premises identification.
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approach formally1) Informants often have connections with persons a detective would not be able to approach formally .
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approach from1) Arctic challenges are approached from several angles.
2) That is why main ridge is better approached from the north.
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approach gingerly1) An interview with John Jasperse should be approached gingerly .
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approach infinity1) XC approaches zero as ω approaches infinity .
2) In particular, __FORMULA__ approaches zero when __FORMULA__ approaches infinity .
more approach infinity sentences
approach lane1) There was also be dedicated approach lanes for those with a priority access NFL placard on their vehicles.
2) If direction arrows are painted on the approach lanes and on the lanes in the roundabout always obey them.
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approach lights1) When the approach lights or Rwy 23 is visible land normally.
2) The aircraft collided with the airport's approach lights and caught fire.
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approach march1) In the approach march , the column suffered some casualties from enemy fire.
2) On the approach march , the roll was called every hour to prevent desertion.
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approach matter1) It is also an ideal opportunity to meet with members of other district societies to learn how they approach matters .
more approach matter sentences
approach of evening1) The air was growing cooler with the approach of evening .
2) Outside, the sun still shone, though with the approach of evening the light had lost some of its force and the room grew dimmer.
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approach of war1) During 1939 the approach of war seemed inexorable.
2) With the approach of war a military version of Envoy was developed, to be called the Airspeed Oxford.
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approach path1) These areas are situated directly beneath the approach path of runway 26.
2) This is in a position clearly visible on the approach path .
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approach problem1) Secondly, lawyers and economists approach problems from different perspectives.
2) Inspectors must develop a protocol for approaching problem areas.
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approach procedure1) They list missed approach procedures and commonly used radio frequencies.
2) An overhead maneuver is not an instrument approach procedure .
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approach retirement1) As we approach retirement , our risk tolerance decreases.
2) Can individuals who have retired or are approaching retirement age apply?
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approach road1) This latter approach road is extended by several county roads.
2) The tree lined approach road to the village is impressive.
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approach segment1) The charted temperature limits are evaluated for the final approach segment only.
2) Notes are not charted when VOR is required outside the final approach segment .
more approach segment sentences
approach shot1) A lot of it is the approach shot .
2) She continued to hit fairways and set herself up with great approach shots .
more approach shot sentences
approach similar1) We investigated whether their approach was similar or different to ours.
2) This approach was similar to that of major endowment funds.
more approach similar sentences
approach simple1) The approach is simple but surprisingly powerful.
2) You see our approach is quite simple .
more approach simple sentences
approach span1) An wrought iron bridge with six timber approach spans .
2) The original approach span on the Virginia side was 152 ft long.
more approach span sentences
approach stage1) This is accomplished by joining multiple polymer melts in either the manifold or approach stage .
2) This robbery failed because of the noise of an approaching stage or because of a hatchet in the driver's hand.
more approach stage sentences
approach suitable1) This approach is suitable for transient simulations.
2) In-house specialist: This approach is suitable in larger public organisations.
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approach summer1) There was a smell of approaching summer in the air.
2) ASIJ's program approaches summer learning through a wide variety of courses.
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approach task1) People approach tasks and responsibilities in different ways.
2) No physical contact was made with the approaching task force.
more approach task sentences
approach tentatively1) Students approach tentatively , hands held out, but Chevy is off limits to much cuddling.
2) As he approached tentatively , wanting to seem friendly but not to alarm her, she had turned on him a long and curious glance from remarkable, slanted, violet-blue eyes.
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approach the shore1) When waves approach the shore they suffer a number of changes.
2) As the cable approaches the shore the danger from anchors is increased.
more approach the shore sentences
approach the witness1) Counsel also may approach the witnesses with the permission of the Court. 3.
2) Counsel do not need to seek leave to approach the witness to show an exhibit. 10.
more approach the witness sentences
approach to1) A team approach to research is favoured.
2) A multidisciplinary approach to pest management is essential.
more approach to sentences
approach unique1) I know this approach is not unique .
2) Your approach is unique , special, and it gets noticed.
more approach unique sentences
approach useful1) This approach is useful when hiding HTML progress controls.
2) I'm glad you find this approach potentially useful .
more approach useful sentences
approach valid1) This approach is also valid for the fwf_tune parameter.
2) Further, the non-parametric approach is always valid , given only minimal assumptions.
more approach valid sentences
approach viaduct1) The approach viaducts are of a segmental bridge design.
2) At the north end of the tunnel you come out onto the Falkirk Wheel's upper approach viaduct .
more approach viaduct sentences
approach winter1) To film arctic foxes facing up to the rigours of approaching winter .
2) The bad weather and approaching winter made Napoleon's troops very reluctant to continue the campaign.
more approach winter sentences
approached1) As children approached 11 attitudes shifted toward girls.
2) How is music and dance being approached ?
more approached sentences
approaches1) These remain important subjects requiring refined approaches .
2) The cost approaches £100 millions annually.
more approaches sentences
approaching1) The falling snow was approaching blizzard conditions.
2) She has incurred student loans approaching six figures.
more approaching sentences
at the approach1) A bowler should never cross the foul line at the approach .
2) They fly at the approach of strangers.
more at the approach sentences
balanced approach1) A balanced approach is necessary for adequate health policies.
2) The district court took a balanced approach .
more balanced approach sentences
basic approach1) The basic approach used is as follows.
2) These minimally invasive gastrointestinal procedures are divided into two basic approaches .
more basic approach sentences
bottom up approach1) The alternative is a bottom up approach .
2) The bottom up approach should lead the organisational change rather than the other way round.
more bottom up approach sentences
cautious approach1) Their cautious approach was supported by many international mine rescue experts.
2) His view was that a more cautious approach was necessary.
more cautious approach sentences
change the approach1) This paper fundamentally changed the approach to modeling climate.
2) change the approach , and you will create different results.
more change the approach sentences
close approach1) They were able to image it though during their close approaches .
2) We 'll get another close approach in 2018.
more close approach sentences
common sense approach1) A common sense approach should be used by the installation commander.
2) Thank you for sharing this common sense approach .
more common sense approach sentences
comprehensive approach1) Current behavior analysis programs offer this type of comprehensive treatment approach .
2) The comprehensive approach has gone on since 21 March.
more comprehensive approach sentences
conservative approach1) Current scholarship takes a more conservative approach .
2) A conservative approach may be the best option.
more conservative approach sentences
conventional approach1) Other researchers take a more conventional approach .
2) The conventional approach works within the perceived structures of the organization.
more conventional approach sentences
cost approach1) The cost approaches £100 millions annually.
2) The cost approach was once called the summation approach.
more cost approach sentences
cost benefit approach1) The version of the cost benefit approach we explain here is necessarily simple.
2) In general, neuroethics revolves around a cost benefit approach to find techniques and technologies that are most beneficial to patients.
more cost benefit approach sentences
creative approach1) All tasks require creative approach in doing them.
2) Weve tested different creative approaches same result.
more creative approach sentences
describe approach1) It also describes approaches to investigating outbreaks and cleaning infected systems.
2) The number of beetle species described approaches 400,000, and about several millions await their description.
more describe approach sentences
develop approach1) It continued to operate, to develop approaches for national emergencies.
2) develops approaches for implementing new technologies within the agency.
more develop approach sentences
different approach1) Other governments were taking a different approach .
2) There are many different approaches to meditation.
more different approach sentences
direct approach1) Some doctors are taking a direct approach .
2) The direct approach is preferred, although either approach is acceptable.
more direct approach sentences
disciplined approach1) He takes a very disciplined approach to writing.
2) He favored a very disciplined approach to composition.
more disciplined approach sentences
eclectic approach1) Our eclectic approach favours communication and discourse.
2) Her eclectic approach to typography has became highly influential .
more eclectic approach sentences
employ the approach1) employing the approach , some locked-in patients could answer 'yes' and 'no' questions just by dilating their eyes.
2) To employ the approach with the optimal safety and efficacy profile in a subsequent phase I clinical trial in patients with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme.
more employ the approach sentences
evaluate approach1) I have evaluated approaches to enhance compliance with treatment.
2) Researchers are currently evaluating approaches to improve ways to treat mastocytosis. [ citation needed ]
more evaluate approach sentences
extend the approach1) Some studies extended the approach to specific subjects, such as metaphor and similarity.
2) In going on to the ijk vectors , I am extending the approach to 3 ds.
more extend the approach sentences
favor the approach1) the Minnesota Synod favored the approach of organizing state synods, but only if they would be independent of the larger Ohio and Missouri Synods.
more favor the approach sentences
favour approach1) He seems to favour approaches that more closely validate your checkin.
2) Other opposition has been from liberal groups which favour approaches which maximise individual rights.
more favour approach sentences
final approach1) The fifth and final approach is social movements.
2) Prior to turning onto the final approach leg.
more final approach sentences
flexible approach1) Will vendors step up with more flexible approaches ?
2) These cry out for more flexible a more flexible approach .
more flexible approach sentences
follow approach1) The following approach tackles this process differently.
2) The following approach is adopted in Star-Hspice.
more follow approach sentences
formal approach1) This has fueled the need for a formal approach .
2) But he stressed that no formal approach had been made.
more formal approach sentences
fresh approach1) Of course fresh approaches to teaching them are necessary.
2) I think a fresh approach is important.
more fresh approach sentences
general approach1) The general approach is using a common queue .
2) I'll explain my general approach below.
more general approach sentences
ground controlled approach1) The program principally of routine transition training, night flying, instrument flights, and ground controlled approaches .
2) He went to Paris to attend a course to become a GCA ( ground controlled approach ) instructor.
more ground controlled approach sentences
hands off approach1) When our governement took a hands off approach the workers got screwed.
2) We see the same effects on the hands off approach of the FDA & the FTC.
more hands off approach sentences
hands on approach1) His hands on approach and positive manner gave me hope and optimism.
2) After implementing a very hands on approach it does become this easy.
more hands on approach sentences
have approach1) Some years he has approached 200 hours.
2) Other studies have approached mate choice based on odor preference.
more have approach sentences
holistic approach1) A holistic approach operates vertically and horizontally.
2) Organic farming is sometimes considered a holistic approach .
more holistic approach sentences
implement the approach1) All we need is to implement the approach of mutual guarantee, thus becoming synchronized with Nature.
2) It will also offer funding to the applicants for start-up and implementation costs associated with developing and implementing the approaches defined in this FOA.
more implement the approach sentences
income approach1) The investment market weighs the income approach most heavily.
2) How would you calculate GDP by expenditure and income approach ?
more income approach sentences
indirect approach1) More subtle and indirect approaches become necessary.
2) The indirect approach may be quite subtle or very obvious.
more indirect approach sentences
informal approach1) Most of these formal and informal approaches are great.
2) In this article, an informal approach is discussed.
more informal approach sentences
innovative approach1) There is room for more innovative approaches .
2) A truly innovative approach to traffic management.
more innovative approach sentences
integrated approach1) In either case whole brained integrated approaches become more difficult.
2) Others combine several approaches in an integrated approach .
more integrated approach sentences
interdisciplinary approach1) The book's unique interdisciplinary approach has been widely acclaimed.
2) Planning is performed by qualified individuals using an interdisciplinary approach .
more interdisciplinary approach sentences
laissez faire approach1) Android has always taken a laissez faire approach to multitasking .
2) laissez faire approach to population control leads to the Tragedy of the Commons.
more laissez faire approach sentences
landing approach1) The airship's landing approach proceeded in two sharp turns.
2) It has more space for mass launches as well as multiple landing approaches .
more landing approach sentences
low key approach1) The friendly retail environment is enhanced by free product sampling and the low key approach of sales associates.
2) Incidentally, does anyone remember Jeff Hagen's excellent series of articles in ULTRARUNNING titled The low key approach to Ultra Training ?
more low key approach sentences
make an approach1) Yeah well, the girls theirselves made an approach .
2) Sheffield Wednesday have reportedly denied making an approach for Mickey Evans.
more make an approach sentences
methodological approach1) The research also uses other methodological approaches including participant observation.
2) The project employs a variety of methodological approaches .
more methodological approach sentences
modify the approach1) He consequently modified the approach to unreliable narration.
2) As a consequence there is no practical experience and no feedback to modify the approach in the design of subsequent estates.
more modify the approach sentences
multidisciplinary approach1) A multidisciplinary approach to pest management is essential.
2) Living donor transplantation is a multidisciplinary approach .
more multidisciplinary approach sentences
new approach1) new management approaches are based upon holistic sustainable principles.
2) new management approaches and political structures swept through local government.
more new approach sentences
no nonsense approach1) This simple, no nonsense approach is typical of almost everything that Larry does.
2) Dr Kullmann was an excellent lecturer, providing a clear, no nonsense approach to java.
more no nonsense approach sentences
novel approach1) The most novel approach related to sickness benefit.
2) Fuel and rubber shortages are overcome with novel approaches .
more novel approach sentences
one size fits all approach1) IT University knows that education is not a one size fits all approach .
2) Like many other metrics, a one size fits all approach does not work.
more one size fits all approach sentences
outline the approach1) Papers were published and presentations held, that outlined the approach in the months preceding the release.
2) This article outlines the approach to precisely testing general relativity advocated by Dicke and pursued from 1959 onwards.
more outline the approach sentences
piecemeal approach1) An integrated system to avoid the weakness of piecemeal approaches .
2) The health law contains provisions aimed at curbing this piecemeal approach to coverage.
more piecemeal approach sentences
pioneer approach1) Hufbauer's pioneering approach deserves a wide readership.
2) The Xerox Corporation's development of systematic benchmarking is a logical extension of its pioneering approach .
more pioneer approach sentences
positive approach1) A positive approach through seeing solutions rather than problems is employed.
2) They emphasize positive approaches to coping with chronic pain.
more positive approach sentences
practical approach1) These practical approaches put the philosophy into actual practice.
2) However, many officers took a far more practical approach .
more practical approach sentences
pragmatic approach1) But the shared pragmatic approach is clearly evident.
2) This rather pragmatic approach towards Partnership spending allocations received unfavourable comment.
more pragmatic approach sentences
prefer the approach1) Mr Justice Simon Brown said he greatly preferred the approach adopted by Professor Jackson's tribunal.
2) the doctrine of FNC gained little footing in the civil law world, which prefers the approach of lis alibi pendens (see Articles 21-23 Brussels Convention).
more prefer the approach sentences
proactive approach1) Our proactive approach helps avoid such risks.
2) A proactive approach is another characteristic employers seek.
more proactive approach sentences
problem solving approach1) The course takes a problem solving approach to legal writing.
2) Since all characters represent problem solving approaches , different approaches conflict.
more problem solving approach sentences
pursue the approach1) the recent success of deep brain stimulation techniques targeting the midbrain has encouraged research to pursue the approach of LGN stimulation for a visual prosthesis.
more pursue the approach sentences
rational approach1) I hope this sort of rational approach continues.
2) Here, a highly rational approach is the norm.
more rational approach sentences
rethink the approach1) the following case study reflects my suggestions when my client decided to put the job on hold and rethink the approach .
2) It's a way of rethinking the approach to digital marketing and prioritizing the actions that will drive a sustained competitive advantage online and off.
more rethink the approach sentences
right approach1) No indication that that was the right approach .
2) It proved to be the right approach .
more right approach sentences
scientific approach1) A more scientific approach to the problem was forthcoming.
2) He suggested scientific approach to management also called scientific management theory.
more scientific approach sentences
sensible approach1) They are all valid, sensible approaches .
2) Their parents had a sensible approach to the matter.
more sensible approach sentences
shallow approach1) So far, shallow approaches have been more successful.
2) shallow approaches assume no knowledge of the text.
more shallow approach sentences
shotgun approach1) The federal government wanted to see that strategy rather than more of a shotgun approach .
2) If you can't quite swing the FMS, a shotgun approach is not the worst idea.
more shotgun approach sentences
similar approach1) A similar approach is called guided imagery.
2) Israel has been seen pursuing a similar approach .
more similar approach sentences
simplistic approach1) The authors suggest that a simplistic approach is inappropriate.
2) I love his character designs and simplistic approach .
more simplistic approach sentences
softly softly approach1) Concern for staff was paramount, hence a softly softly approach .
2) The police say their softly softly approach seems to be working.
more softly softly approach sentences
steep approach1) Flying a slightly steeper approach at a slightly lower power setting may be preferable.
2) Then there's a steep approach when we nose down at 30 degrees.
more steep approach sentences
step by step approach1) Thank you for that great step by step approach !
2) Alternatively, the step by step approach urged by Mr , appears to be totally illogical.
more step by step approach sentences
straightforward approach1) That is a good, straightforward approach .
2) I love this post, the no-nonsense straightforward approach .
more straightforward approach sentences
structured approach1) This book reviews a new structured approach to dispute resolution.
2) A structured approach to the problem of training transfer helps significantly.
more structured approach sentences
systematic approach1) Assertive discipline is another systematic approach of classroom management.
2) To effectively manage risk it helps to develop a systematic approach .
more systematic approach sentences
take approach1) Instead, for this example I decided to take approach number 4, and use reflection.
2) Both current national and local governments have taken approaches at improving or increasing infrastructure as well as to reducing poverty in the city.
more take approach sentences
test approach1) French drains are a time tested approach to eliminating water.
2) However, studies of promising but inadequately tested approaches are recommended.
more test approach sentences
the carrot and stick approach1) Current government strategy on unemployment has been described fairly aptly as being the carrot and stick approach .
2) the carrot and stick approach is to do with reward and punishment, incentives and pressures.
more the carrot and stick approach sentences
theoretical approach1) Three basic theoretical approaches have been emphasized.
2) This theoretical approach is, necessarily, relational.
more theoretical approach sentences
top down approach1) top down approach starts with the big picture.
2) We can take a top down approach .
more top down approach sentences
tough approach1) Or the hard-nosed, insistent, tough approach .
2) But Mr Hollingworth warned some lenders take an even tougher approach .
more tough approach sentences
traditional approach1) Wet over dry traditional approach allowing systematic control.
2) The traditional approach has been to consider such events individually.
more traditional approach sentences
try approach1) Have you tried approaching your neighbor to discuss your concerns?
2) try approach quantum mechanics by that route, and you will understand why.
more try approach sentences
two pronged approach1) Your husband's recovery program has consisted of a two pronged approach : nutrition and energy work.
2) two pronged approach 1.
more two pronged approach sentences
use approach1) In natural science, systems theory has been a widely used approach .
2) Although this is the traditionally used approach , it has limitations.
more use approach sentences
useful approach1) This article describes one useful approach to learning styles.
2) Working in groups or utilising classroom discussion could be a useful approach .
more useful approach sentences
utilize the approach1) Sports team coaches are believed to have been the first to utilize the approaches that have since been adapted for business, personal, and life coaching.
more utilize the approach sentences
wait and see approach1) Rolling the dice basically means taking a wait and see approach .
2) I like their wait and see approach with Apple.
more wait and see approach sentences
wrong approach1) To hide away is just the wrong approach .
2) This is totally the wrong approach to using CSS tables.
more wrong approach sentences

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