Expressions - Collocations of the word " appropriate "

" appropriate "Collocations - Expressions
Where appropriate1) Proper credit is always appreciated Where appropriate .
2) Use host country project implementation systems Where appropriate .
more Where appropriate sentences
age appropriate1) Guns int he house = age appropriate gun safety.
2) Set age appropriate limits to gaming interactions with others online.
more age appropriate sentences
appear appropriate1) Sometimes this form of contract appeared less appropriate .
2) The second interpretation appears more appropriate in the spirit of object orientation.
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appropriate1) He thought disgusting was more appropriate .
2) Proper credit is always appreciated where appropriate .
more appropriate sentences
appropriate accommodation1) Q: Who is responsible for determining appropriate accommodations ?
2) Reductions are all subject to availability of appropriate accommodation .
more appropriate accommodation sentences

appropriate action1) The league took immediate and appropriate action .
2) These include recommendations for appropriate policy actions .
more appropriate action sentences
appropriate adjustment1) Making appropriate adjustments increased the overall effectiveness.
2) Learn to assess cyclists and solve problems by making appropriate adjustments .
more appropriate adjustment sentences
appropriate age1) Children of an appropriate age may be interviewed.
2) Enter the number which represents the appropriate age range.
more appropriate age sentences
appropriate agency1) The statement s requirement for appropriate law enforcement agency .
2) Report violations to the appropriate government agency .
more appropriate agency sentences
appropriate allocation1) Divide each facilities capital cost of money pool by the appropriate allocation base.
2) Identify the appropriate allocation base for each facilities capital cost of money pool.
more appropriate allocation sentences
appropriate amount1) Em7 is achieved by stepping the appropriate amount down.
2) Then decrease buffer size by the appropriate amount .
more appropriate amount sentences
appropriate analogy1) It is difficult to think of a less appropriate analogy .
2) The Tree of Knowledge is the appropriate analogy .
more appropriate analogy sentences

appropriate answer1) Common small talk questions and appropriate answers in a business context.
2) The appropriate answer is who wouldn't .
more appropriate answer sentences
appropriate application1) Both are just tools with appropriate applications .
2) This was an appropriate application of ATM networks.
more appropriate application sentences
appropriate assistance1) Collect and disseminate information and make referrals for appropriate assistance .
2) This will alert the police to the users exact position and they can send appropriate assistance .
more appropriate assistance sentences
appropriate attire1) appropriate attire is coat and tie. 5.
2) Final preparations Select appropriate attire long before the interview day.
more appropriate attire sentences
appropriate authority1) Clinical trials are closely supervised by appropriate regulatory authorities .
2) Please validate this information from appropriate government authorities .
more appropriate authority sentences
appropriate available1) The question is going to be what kind of treatment is appropriate and available .
2) The books are simply designed with economically feasible production values rooted in appropriate and available technologies.
more appropriate available sentences
appropriate balance1) An appropriate balance must be met between these priorities.
2) Find an appropriate balance between consideration and structure.
more appropriate balance sentences

appropriate behavior1) appropriate social behavior is stressed during all programs.
2) The prefrontal cortex controls personality and appropriate social behavior .
more appropriate behavior sentences
appropriate behaviour1) State acceptable and appropriate behaviour that is attainable.
2) This device cleverly exploits notions of appropriate behaviour and impulse.
more appropriate behaviour sentences
appropriate boundaries1) Ongoing communication also ensures appropriate boundaries are maintained throughout treatment.
2) Abiding appropriate boundaries also prevents the athlete from receiving mixed messages.
more appropriate boundaries sentences
appropriate box1) Enter this text in the appropriate box .
2) The witnessing judge must also sign in the appropriate box .
more appropriate box sentences
appropriate care1) The right to appropriate medical care 3.
2) In fact sometimes getting a percentage wrong is considered appropriate care .
more appropriate care sentences
appropriate channel1) Requisition hard copy documents through appropriate channels .
2) Workers unable to raise concerns due to the lack of appropriate channels .
more appropriate channel sentences
appropriate choice1) The appropriate choice of materials is very important.
2) appropriate choices are best made as a family.
more appropriate choice sentences

appropriate circumstances1) EPA will consider partial funding in appropriate circumstances .
2) Tribal members in appropriate circumstances may use the full name.
more appropriate circumstances sentences
appropriate clothing1) In colder climates appropriate clothing was fashioned from animal skins.
2) All volunteers should wear appropriate clothing and footwear.
more appropriate clothing sentences
appropriate compensation1) appropriate compensation is one part of attracting those people.
2) In what cases not appropriate compensation ?
more appropriate compensation sentences
appropriate content1) All letters are subject to review for appropriate content .
2) All notices will be reviewed for appropriate content .
more appropriate content sentences
appropriate context1) This is the recommended method which immediately evokes the appropriate context .
2) Is the appropriate menu bar displayed in the appropriate context ?
more appropriate context sentences
appropriate corrective1) Then the appropriate corrective action should be executed.
2) The judge should take appropriate corrective action when required.
more appropriate corrective sentences
appropriate degree1) Also, the appropriate degrees of freedom are given in each case.
2) They all took measures to trim down their troopsto an appropriate degree .
more appropriate degree sentences
appropriate disciplinary1) As a result , appropriate disciplinary actions were taken at that time.
2) I accept his apology and trust the appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.
more appropriate disciplinary sentences
appropriate documentation1) Applications received without appropriate documentation will be processed without testing accommodations.
2) U.S. citizens are cautioned to always carry appropriate documentation with them.
more appropriate documentation sentences
appropriate effective1) Taking appropriate and effective action when operational abnormalities are observed.
2) We must ensure our foreign affairs policy is appropriate and effective .
more appropriate effective sentences
appropriate expertise1) Participation of delegates with appropriate expertise is encouraged.
2) If a person has beneficial and appropriate expertise , constantly lend a listening hearing.
more appropriate expertise sentences
appropriate facility1) Categories of user, and appropriate facilities .
2) His firm undertook to design appropriate facilities for three very different settings.
more appropriate facility sentences
appropriate fashion1) Either way, you need to conduct yourself in a professional and appropriate fashion .
2) Where is a girl to check out get her current, professional, Yet appropriate fashion fix?
more appropriate fashion sentences
appropriate fee1) appropriate fees , fines and penalties were assessed.
2) A $65 non-refundable application fee or appropriate fee waiver.
more appropriate fee sentences
appropriate feedback1) Performance Element: Provide appropriate feedback to respond to learners' personal conduct.
2) When adequate practice and appropriate feedback follow demonstrations, increased skill performance and learning occurs.
more appropriate feedback sentences
appropriate footwear1) So please be sure to have appropriate footwear .
2) As opposed to this appropriate footwear was readily available to male prisoners.
more appropriate footwear sentences
appropriate for1) A case study approach is appropriate for three reasons.
2) Raw calibration is more appropriate for dynamic shooting conditions.
more appropriate for sentences
appropriate gesture1) Stationary feet and hips so that energy is released upwards into appropriate gestures .
2) Instructions about sequences of actions are better memorized when offered with appropriate gestures .
more appropriate gesture sentences
appropriate inappropriate1) Shape plays an important role in both appropriate and inappropriate extensions.
2) Click HERE for examples of appropriate and inappropriate guidelines.
more appropriate inappropriate sentences
appropriate instrument1) These are appropriate instruments for managing wealth.
2) Develop appropriate instruments for measuring childhood disability.
more appropriate instrument sentences
appropriate language1) The interface is also consistent with the appropriate language constructs.
2) Resettlement agencies can help identify appropriate language and vocational programs.
more appropriate language sentences
appropriate legal1) They have appropriate legal , business and charitable experience.
2) Responsible to enforce appropriate and legal social policy throughout the sorority.
more appropriate legal sentences
appropriate level1) appropriate vibration test levels must thus be derived.
2) Congress has sought ways to establish appropriate spending levels .
more appropriate level sentences
appropriate level of1) An important consideration the appropriate level of detail.
2) Identify appropriate levels of security through standards and guidelines.
more appropriate level of sentences
appropriate limit1) Set age appropriate limits to gaming interactions with others online.
2) One of the bigger challenges parents face concerns setting appropriate limits .
more appropriate limit sentences
appropriate manner1) He is eager to please and is learning appropriate indoor manners .
2) Am I posting in the appropriate manner ?
more appropriate manner sentences
appropriate material1) Habitat builds simple houses with locally appropriate materials .
2) One common method is proper selection of the appropriate material .
more appropriate material sentences
appropriate means1) Each port of discharge is indicated by colors or other appropriate means .
2) The appropriate means to generate income .
more appropriate means sentences
appropriate measure1) appropriate measures are taken to ensure that genetic diversity is maintained.
2) States concerned shall take appropriate measures to facilitate such transfers.
more appropriate measure sentences
appropriate mechanism1) This is accomplished by providing appropriate mechanisms for technical exchange and collaboration and employment of students.
2) In considering whether a single tool is an appropriate mechanism , an alternative approach was also considered.
more appropriate mechanism sentences
appropriate medical1) The right to appropriate medical care 3.
2) Patients can recover following appropriate medical treatment.
more appropriate medical sentences
appropriate metaphor1) The last spring hole is also a contemporarily appropriate metaphor .
2) Maps are an appropriate metaphor for this new data universe .
more appropriate metaphor sentences
appropriate method1) If faster shipping is desired, please choose the appropriate method .
2) The appropriate method depends upon the information you have.
more appropriate method sentences
appropriate model1) The appropriate model is Gandhi not Mao.
2) From such studies appropriate models of digitizer error could be formulated.
more appropriate model sentences
appropriate money1) The government appropriated money to fix the problems nationwide.
2) But the Legislature has consistently postponed appropriating money for the victims .
more appropriate money sentences
appropriate necessary1) Create feedback tables or graphs where appropriate or necessary .
2) That use is sometimes appropriate and necessary .
more appropriate necessary sentences
appropriate occasion1) If you choose to wear shorts by using an appropriate occasion , avoid visible socks.
2) Buddhists should aim at both external and internal monasteries in accordance with the appropriate occasion .
more appropriate occasion sentences
appropriate penalty1) If applicable, the appropriate penalties will be assessed.
2) This should enable prosecutors to strike bargains at an appropriate penalty level.
more appropriate penalty sentences
appropriate place1) An appropriate place to hold the workshop.
2) Now, alter the scores in the appropriate places .
more appropriate place sentences
appropriate precaution1) Laser users must take appropriate precautions to avoid accidents.
2) Light fittings can become hot in use; exercise appropriate precautions .
more appropriate precaution sentences
appropriate procedure1) Develop appropriate procedures for handling late payments.
2) IT may be able to advise units on appropriate procedures .
more appropriate procedure sentences
appropriate professional1) Please consult your appropriate professional adviser as necessary.
2) H. To establish and maintain appropriate professional relationship boundaries.
more appropriate professional sentences
appropriate property1) We consider these requirements to be appropriate property management practices.
2) She believes in helping her clients find the most appropriate property .
more appropriate property sentences
appropriate protective1) Wearing appropriate protective gear is absolutely essential.
2) Wear the appropriate protective clothing when working on your generator.
more appropriate protective sentences
appropriate punishment1) Let the legal system decide an appropriate punishment for an abuser.
2) What does Sforno say the appropriate punishment should be? 2.
more appropriate punishment sentences
appropriate qualification1) Scott is an ex-marine with no appropriate qualifications whatsoever.
2) According to Osho, only persons with appropriate qualifications should be allowed to vote.
more appropriate qualification sentences
appropriate recognition1) And so, this is an appropriate recognition .
2) An effective articulation & effective communication and appropriate recognition , in short motivation.
more appropriate recognition sentences
appropriate reference1) Appendix 4, Bibliography contains appropriate references .
2) Extraction of information from appropriate reference sources.
more appropriate reference sentences
appropriate regulatory1) Clinical trials are closely supervised by appropriate regulatory authorities.
2) FDA will take appropriate regulatory actions as warranted.
more appropriate regulatory sentences
appropriate relevant1) His background was both appropriate and relevant .
2) Blue text indicates instructional information. • Replace pink text with appropriate relevant text.
more appropriate relevant sentences
appropriate remedy1) Knowing this really is essential to appropriate herbal remedies .
2) We are dubious of this being an appropriate remedy .
more appropriate remedy sentences
appropriate replacement1) In almost all brands stroller's appropriate replacement stroller tires.
2) This vehicle may have been selected once Taggerty was deemed an appropriate replacement .
more appropriate replacement sentences
appropriate resources1) Assign clear responsibility and provide appropriate resources .
2) Performance Element: Refer learners to appropriate resources .
more appropriate resources sentences
appropriate response1) The ultimate goal was to identify appropriate responses .
2) The only appropriate response is to run.
more appropriate response sentences
appropriate safeguard1) Were the most appropriate safeguards fulfilled?
2) Blab maintains reasonable and appropriate safeguards to ensure the security of such information.
more appropriate safeguard sentences
appropriate safeguards1) Were the most appropriate safeguards fulfilled?
2) Blab maintains reasonable and appropriate safeguards to ensure the security of such information.
more appropriate safeguards sentences
appropriate sanction1) That in my view is the appropriate sanction .
2) appropriate sanctions being jail time for the kidnapping of this man .
more appropriate sanction sentences
appropriate sentence1) Lastly, the presiding magistrate determines the appropriate sentence to impose.
2) Isaacs issued an appropriate sentence to Moss.
more appropriate sentence sentences
appropriate setting1) That this room is its most appropriate setting .
2) Only use your phone in appropriate settings .
more appropriate setting sentences
appropriate size1) Choose a water gun of appropriate size .
2) Then the roasted coffee is ground to appropriate sizes .
more appropriate size sentences
appropriate skills1) Poor conflict resolution skill Many couples lack the appropriate skills to resolve conflicts.
2) Ensuring appropriate skills are available to grow our businesses is a national priority.
more appropriate skills sentences
appropriate solution1) The different types of polarity require correspondingly appropriate solutions .
2) Their search led them to select new streetcar designs as the appropriate solution .
more appropriate solution sentences
appropriate standard1) The courts will clearly require expert evidence in setting the appropriate standard .
2) The test of difficulty in setting the appropriate standard of care poses problems.
more appropriate standard sentences
appropriate starting point1) The judge said the appropriate starting point for the damages was £ 150,000.
2) The relevant portion of the documentary is embedded below at the appropriate starting point .
more appropriate starting point sentences
appropriate statistical1) statistical inference guides the selection of appropriate statistical models.
2) To work out appropriate statistical techniques to evaluate any matching process.
more appropriate statistical sentences
appropriate step1) The appropriate steps depend on the emergency situation.
2) Taking appropriate steps , goals and measures requires guidance.
more appropriate step sentences
appropriate strategy1) Describe appropriate strategies to utilize based on abnormal swallow physiology.
2) We think we have appropriate strategies in place.
more appropriate strategy sentences
appropriate technique1) Its wise and effective application through use of appropriate techniques .
2) The nature of the transaction will indicate the most appropriate technique .
more appropriate technique sentences
appropriate that1) It seems appropriate that films rarely scaled the heights.
2) It is appropriate that future system development should exploit this constraint.
more appropriate that sentences
appropriate time1) This custom is honored at any appropriate time .
2) General practice suggests that the appropriate time is 5pm.
more appropriate time sentences
appropriate timely1) appropriate and timely communication is essential during an emergency.
2) CEO and CFO support was required to ensure appropriate and timely information was available.
more appropriate timely sentences
appropriate to1) This above information though correct is appropriate to 50 years ago.
2) It uses language appropriate to operative masons.
more appropriate to sentences
appropriate training1) Research appropriate training methods prior to actual training.
2) Officials also called for more preschool teachers with more appropriate training .
more appropriate training sentences
appropriate treatment1) appropriate treatment depends upon the correct diagnosis being made.
2) This categorization is considered essential for appropriate treatment .
more appropriate treatment sentences
appropriate use1) appropriate drug use is emphasized through patient education.
2) appropriate use of hierarchy is an important design element.
more appropriate use sentences
appropriate venue1) We didn't feel it was the appropriate venue .
2) Promote your purpose and message in appropriate venues .
more appropriate venue sentences
appropriate way1) What are appropriate ways to express anger?
2) These considerations help identify appropriate ways for disposing of nuclear waste.
more appropriate way sentences
appropriate wording1) In the early hours of 22 March Profumo and his lawyers met with ministers and together agreed an appropriate wording .
2) The drafter can avoid such disputes by appropriate wording : We acknowledge receipt of your order and agree to supply you.
more appropriate wording sentences
as appropriate1) All existing money has been converted as appropriate .
2) Apply personal skills and interests, as appropriate .
more as appropriate sentences
be appropriate1) He thought disgusting was more appropriate .
2) No particular method is clearly more appropriate .
more be appropriate sentences
become appropriate1) Most recently, the term underground has become appropriate for rap.
2) Fifthly, a leader's nonverbal communication has become appropriate .
more become appropriate sentences
clinically appropriate1) The NHS will continue to provide clinically appropriate cost-effective services.
2) However, the clinically appropriate target range for oxygen saturation levels in premature babies is unknown.
more clinically appropriate sentences
consider appropriate1) Further exploratory analysis of outcomes was therefore considered appropriate .
2) LASMO gives negative pledge and net worth covenants where considered appropriate .
more consider appropriate sentences
culturally appropriate1) The information provided should be culturally appropriate .
2) Even fewer are knowledgeable in culturally appropriate instructional modifications.
more culturally appropriate sentences
deem appropriate1) Create the access management land trust if deemed appropriate .
2) Anyone else who is deem appropriate may joint the task force.
more deem appropriate sentences
determine appropriate1) I will fully support the government in whatever process it determines appropriate .
2) Other items or services related to the beneficiary's impairment(s) that SSA determines appropriate .
more determine appropriate sentences
developmentally appropriate1) How does the term developmentally appropriate relate to youth soccer?
2) Provide children with developmentally appropriate opportunities to learn responsibility.
more developmentally appropriate sentences
entirely appropriate1) It is difficult to find anything entirely appropriate .
2) Theological answers are necessary and entirely appropriate to this doubt.
more entirely appropriate sentences
equally appropriate1) That remains equally appropriate for the new organisational structure.
2) Double breasted models are less common, but considered equally appropriate .
more equally appropriate sentences
especially appropriate1) Many mixed media and collage art exhibitions are especially appropriate .
2) This is especially appropriate given the recent 380 million egg recall.
more especially appropriate sentences
extremely appropriate1) The championship is extremely appropriate , as for a brand.
2) Not only does he have an extremely appropriate name, he is one of the only Jachyra that there is any development or exposition on.
more extremely appropriate sentences
fairly appropriate1) Seems like a fairly appropriate choice of title without being completely literal .
2) I did some fairly appropriate and fairly simple tests using the hand-holdable lenses I would be interested in .
more fairly appropriate sentences
feel appropriate1) You may donate any sum you feel appropriate .
2) A king-sized bed feels appropriate , not lost.
more feel appropriate sentences
find appropriate1) This will help you find appropriate , comfortable, and fashionable shoes.
2) Encourage them to talk further and help them to find appropriate counselling assistance.
more find appropriate sentences
highly appropriate1) De Jong's qualifications were highly appropriate .
2) For Schumacher, applying the scientific approach is highly appropriate in this field.
more highly appropriate sentences
linguistically appropriate1) Services must be culturally and linguistically appropriate .
2) Ensure that the presentation is linguistically appropriate for the audience.
more linguistically appropriate sentences
look appropriate1) And it should look appropriate for your style.
2) They produced a helmet that the filmmakers agreed looked appropriate from all angles.
more look appropriate sentences
make appropriate1) But diagnosis often is difficult, making appropriate prescribing tricky.
2) Clean room: Some isolators can be made appropriate for clean room.
more make appropriate sentences
medically appropriate1) Outpatient observation services are not a substitute for a medically appropriate inpatient admission.
2) Visitors and residents may come and go as they please (when medically appropriate ).
more medically appropriate sentences
particularly appropriate1) Working abroad is particularly appropriate for language teachers.
2) Under the circumstances, dual constitutional analysis was particularly appropriate .
more particularly appropriate sentences
perfectly appropriate1) In a simplified simulation, such a space is perfectly appropriate .
2) Certainly, one part of this cycle is perfectly appropriate .
more perfectly appropriate sentences
perhaps appropriate1) It is perhaps appropriate to remember that childbirth is not some minority interest.
2) His signature work, perhaps appropriate for a philosopher, consists of reflections.
more perhaps appropriate sentences
provide appropriate1) A goal of reform is to provide appropriate learning environments for students.
2) That way they can provide more appropriate up grades for the following races.
more provide appropriate sentences
quite appropriate1) In conclusion, the following quote seems quite appropriate .
2) That, naturally enough, was quite appropriate .
more quite appropriate sentences
remain appropriate1) I believe that my provisional proposals remain appropriate .
2) I am clear that this policy remains appropriate .
more remain appropriate sentences
see appropriate1) The order can be renewed once as the court sees appropriate .
2) And then to add plugins or not as you see appropriate .
more see appropriate sentences
seem appropriate1) No further division of credit seemed appropriate .
2) The final journey didn't seem appropriate .
more seem appropriate sentences
socially appropriate1) Imagine your students asking socially appropriate questions!
2) Has knowledge of the socially appropriate communicative behaviour.
more socially appropriate sentences
think appropriate1) A investment overview may be enclosed if it is thought appropriate .
2) Tom welcomed the Americans home, which we thought so appropriate .
more think appropriate sentences
very appropriate1) The operating range is also very appropriate .
2) This technique is very appropriate in developed countries.
more very appropriate sentences
wholly appropriate1) After this, it is wholly appropriate to express hope in the immanent visit of the Almighty.
2) Is not this subject wholly appropriate for the Minister, because his Government have had their chips?
more wholly appropriate sentences

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