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approximate1) The approximate shipping weight is 8 pounds.
2) The following chart provides approximate score release information.
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approximate age1) He died at the approximate age of 88.
2) But generally someone in the lab knows the approximate age .
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approximate calculation1) Jonathan Halliwell and I have made an approximate calculation of what the no-boundary condition would imply.
2) Relatively simple approximate calculations , however, using the variables of equilibrium thermodynamics, are of much practical value.
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approximate cost1) Then determine the approximate cost in three steps.
2) This equates to an approximate cost of per commemorated war dead.
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approximate date1) This often includes knowing the approximate date .
2) I must content myself with a few approximate dates .
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approximate dimension1) The approximate dimensions of Fascination are 4 x 5 .
2) approximate dimensions are 9 x 14 x 22 for a total of 45 inches. 3.
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approximate distance1) The table shows approximate distances for each class.
2) This is an approximate distance of 900 miles.
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approximate equation1) This is an approximate equation , but holds with good accuracy.
2) The ferrite permeability doesn't enter into the approximate equation used above.
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approximate equivalent1) The approximate equivalent of a foot is therefore .
2) A very approximate equivalent is given for various regions of English speakers and surrounding areas.
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approximate estimate1) However, these should be taken as approximate estimates .
2) Flows are approximate estimates and are in cubic kilometers per year.
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approximate figure1) The approximate figure is thirty per cent.
2) It is impossible to have even approximate figures for the diaspora.
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approximate formula1) Another Indian influence was an approximate formula used for timekeeping by Muslim astronomers.
2) The approximate formulas in the display above were derived from the asymptotic distributions of __FORMULA__ and s 2.
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approximate guide1) Currency conversions are an approximate guide and are subject to change.
2) A reading test like this, while useful, will only give you an approximate guide .
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approximate height1) It has an approximate height of 1550 metres above sea level.
2) Its approximate height above sea level is about 570 feet (170 m).
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approximate length1) Its approximate length of the article is 13,000 words.
2) approximate length of this toy is 14 .
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approximate location1) The chart shows approximate locations of vowels.
2) The sketch below the list shows approximate locations of the stones.
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approximate number1) The approximate number of families is 537.
2) The following list gives approximate numbers of various action makers in thousands.
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approximate proportion1) This construction reduces the thermostat response time in approximate proportion to the distance to the griddle surface.
2) I will give them time to speak in approximate proportion to the amount of questions they were asked.
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approximate range1) approximate range counting can be answered in __FORMULA__ with this method.
2) New teachers can earn an approximate range of $35-50,ooo.
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approximate size1) The dimensions shown are the approximate actual size of the mushrooms.
2) Their approximate size should be 200 pixels high by 150 pixels wide.
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approximate solution1) Therefore, numerical methods obtain approximate solutions .
2) There exist several techniques for generating approximate solutions , however.
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approximate time1) The approximate time commitment is 20 hours total for the entire course.
2) Do you remember the approximate time of that.
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approximate to1) Usually results can only approximate to some ideal measure.
2) The five centred arch can approximate to an ellipse.
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approximate total1) These items have an approximate total value of £800.
2) Provincial roads stretches to an approximate total length of 335.1 km.
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approximate translation1) Below are listed some of the common fables as well as their approximate title translations .
2) One example of this is a sentence like ( approximate English translation ) It will sort itself out.
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approximate value1) Should approximate values from graph. 7.
2) The approximate retail value of the prize is $7,000.
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approximate weight1) The approximate shipping weight is 8 pounds.
2) This will give you the approximate weight in pounds.
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be approximate1) The western note designations provided below are approximate .
2) All colour names and values are approximate .
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only approximate1) There are several reasons why atmospheric models only approximate reality.
2) Ideas only approximate the totality of meaning.
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same approximate1) The same approximate meaning is used across the Finnic languages such as in Estonian leil .
2) Clyde is the same approximate age and is also HW+ heavy and in very poor health.
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