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approximately1) Ordnance organizational equipment was approximately 100 percent complete.
2) The performance lasts approximately 2 hours 50 minutes.
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approximately constant1) This pattern of mortality has remained approximately constant over the post-war period.
2) Cylindrical bore brass instruments are those in which approximately constant diameter tubing predominates.
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approximately equal1) The rates for males and females were approximately equal .
2) approximately equal amounts of each are powdered and mixed together thoroughly.
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approximately equivalent1) We therefore view the conservation priorities within each plan as approximately equivalent .
2) File hard is approximately equivalent to 58 HRC.
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approximately equivalent to1) File hard is approximately equivalent to 58 HRC.
2) The term is approximately equivalent to the English shire .
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approximately half1) The five largest companies operate approximately half of the 61 plants.
2) Palestinians constitute approximately half of this number.
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approximately level1) The pitch attitude of the helicopter should be approximately level as shown by the attitude indicator.
2) This distinction, however, only holds true for locomotion over level or approximately level walking.
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approximately perpendicular1) When the boat is traveling approximately perpendicular to the wind, this is called reaching.
2) During the collision, the ball partially collapses in the contact area and experiences a force from the floor that is approximately perpendicular to the floor.
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approximately proportional1) Gas extension for the depth compensated passive addition rebreather is approximately proportional to metabolic usage.
2) This shows that for small __FORMULA__, the local truncation error is approximately proportional to __FORMULA__.
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comprise approximately1) The waterfall comprises approximately 1100 candle fireworks.
2) The entire repertoire comprises approximately 300 tunes.
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contain approximately1) Each category contains approximately 15 different upgrades.
2) The lot contains approximately 125 striped spaces.
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correspond approximately1) The breadth of backskull corresponds approximately to its length.
2) Each of these stills correspond approximately to 0.5 seconds in realtime.
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cost approximately1) The project cost approximately $10 million.
2) The split run would cost approximately 10 percent more.
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cover approximately1) One gram covers approximately 25 square cm.
2) The total area razed covered approximately 110 hectares.
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double approximately1) Assuming that recent trends continue, the number of allocated class-B's will continue to double approximately once a year.
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employ approximately1) The firm employed approximately 200 workers by 1900.
2) The hospital employed approximately 80 physicians in 1972.
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halve approximately1) The bitcoin protocol specifies that the reward for adding a block will be halved approximately every four years.
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last approximately1) The performance lasts approximately 2 hours 50 minutes.
2) This walking tour lasts approximately 30 minutes.
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locate approximately1) The promenade is located approximately 6 meters above street level.
2) Seoul is located approximately 55 miles northeast.
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measure approximately1) The frame measures approximately 20 square.
2) The terrace facade measured approximately 4 m high.
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represent approximately1) The employee loss represented approximately 4% of compensation.
2) Each council member represents approximately 100,000 constituents.
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total approximately1) Their air wings totaled approximately 140 aircraft.
2) There were 40 deaths and damage totaled approximately $50 million.
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weigh approximately1) Each track rope weighs approximately 90 metric tonnes.
2) Each glass tablet weighs approximately 400 lb.
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