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approachable1) Mark is extremely approachable and very friendly.
2) The approachable prices will please young professionals.
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approachable friendly1) Mark is extremely approachable and very friendly .
2) The physicians are approachable , friendly and involved with the staff.
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be approachable1) Most importantly, staff are highly approachable .
2) The campground was approachable by road from three directions.
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easily approachable1) So now I have changed myself and am easily approachable .
2) It is easily approachable and delightfully placed.
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unapproachable1) Often several normally unapproachable subjects were used in the same episode.
2) Others did the bare minimum and were almost unapproachable .
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very approachable1) He is an engineer and apparently very approachable .
2) He is a very approachable and fair person .
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