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FDA approval1) I certainly expect swift FDA approval soon.
2) FDA approval also influences reimbursement decisions by health insurers.
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Senate approval1) Senate approval of the commission is expected shortly.
2) Senate approval of the bill is pending.
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accelerated approval1) Advantages include priority site selection, accelerated approval process and personalized financial consultation.
2) This accelerated approval is based on demonstration of an improvement in pCR rate.
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approval1) All cultural events require advance government approval .
2) Case cash offers guaranteed approval lawsuit cash advance funding.
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approval code1) An approval code only means the credit card is active and the funds are available.
2) An authorization will generate an approval code , which the merchant stores with the transaction.
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approval date1) The expiration date of the conditional period is two years from the approval date .
2) The permission validity is from application approval date until mid March 2014 but it appears this could be extended.
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approval decision1) An approval decision would trigger a $ 5 million milestone payment to ImmunoGen.
2) The FDA's approval decision is currently scheduled for the end of this week.
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approval for1) Credit card approval for bad credit history.
2) Instant online credit approval for damaged credit.
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approval from1) Must receive prior approval from major composition teacher.
2) The agreements are subject to approval from relevant authorities.
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approval grant1) Such approval was increasingly granted starting in 1982.
2) Officers are recommending approval is granted subject to conditions being met.
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approval letter1) The bank issues a short sale approval letter .
2) How do I receive my visa approval letter ?
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approval listing1) Please ensure that you obtain the approval listings prior to trying again.
2) You have tried to prepare approval listings for a package which is being prepared already.
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approval notice1) If your approval notice expires, you must reapply using the Convention Adoption process.
2) USCIS mails the approval notice to the Petitioner.
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approval number1) The approval number is correct and current.
2) Republican approval numbers are dropping like the thermometer in a blizzard .
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approval procedure1) Automatic enforcement of administrative, modification and quality control approval procedures .
2) The report also addresses Vancouver's development approval procedures .
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approval process1) The approval process dragged on until 1918.
2) A brief history helps understand the approval process .
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approval rate1) Among those the approval rate is 95%!
2) The referendum passed with a 69% student approval rate .
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approval rating1) His approval rating reached around 70%.
2) Clinton maintained her high approval ratings during 2010.
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approval requirement1) This approval requirement sometimes imposed significant translation expenses on minority communities.
2) Store credit cards generally have low credit limits and more lenient approval requirements .
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approval status1) This column shows the approval status of the module; i.e. NOT APPROVED, APPROVED.
2) As far as ACC are aware, there is no public disclosure of those applying for approval status in aged care.
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approval vote1) Is someone going to listen to their recommendation in light of their approval vote ?
2) The governor's veto can only be overridden by a two-thirds approval vote from each house.
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approval voting1) approval voting automatically shows their preference among the remaining candidates.
2) approval voting can be extended to multiple winner elections.
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await approval1) A further 354 names are still awaiting approval .
2) While awaiting official approval , Dutch planning went ahead.
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board approval1) No board approval is needed to buy shares.
2) The two plans were packaged but required separate board approval .
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chorus of approval1) Backbench Tory MPs added their weight to the straining chorus of approval .
2) A chorus of approval greeted the publication of the Cadbury Report early in December (see ACCOUNTANCY, January, p 10).
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congressional approval1) He also may appoint personal advisers without congressional approval .
2) None of these measures gained congressional approval .
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court approval1) He said nothing is being done without court approval .
2) The settlement is subject to court approval .
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design for approval1) You will submit a design for approval to your client and put this in hand with builders.
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drug approval1) User fees cover roughly 65 percent of the drug approval process.
2) All three groups felt that drug approvals were taking far too long.
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earn approval1) Partisan attacks and jockeying for a better position may earn approval from a party's adherents.
2) There was trouble over the adults and Chadwick had to grovel to earn approval for his second train transport.
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express approval1) All of these were granted express approval by Bob.
2) Smith and Wolf also expressed approval of this decision.
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federal approval1) The tribe faces significant legal obstacles to federal approval .
2) The casino needs state and federal approval .
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final approval1) The reorganization plan received final approval in late 1937.
2) Family had final approval on end product.
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formal approval1) The project received formal approval on June 10, 2004.
2) formal approval of the specification came in March 2003.
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full approval1) No student is allowed to student teach without full approval .
2) Pope Pius XII gave his full approval .
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gain approval1) This stage includes a strong emphasis on gaining approval .
2) None of these measures gained congressional approval .
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general approval1) His discreet resolution met with general approval and restored his popularity.
2) They gave their general approval to the proposal .
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get approval1) It may mean getting approval to pay fees.
2) Here is another idea to get approval .
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give approval1) Is to give approval to prevent civilization?
2) The children's parents gave approval for the impromptu experiment.
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glance of approval1) He gave her a surprisingly warm glance of approval .
2) The Veneno might also be the only car in recent memory to go from sketch pad to show floor without a final glance of approval by the company 's CEO.
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government approval1) All cultural events require advance government approval .
2) The mine has already received state government approval .
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grant approval1) Department not to grant approval , when.
2) The lift must not be installed before you have grant approval .
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have approval1) Request must have approval of order approving official.
2) Ford has approval to removal the cover plate.
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initial approval1) The measure won initial approval on a unanimous voice vote Friday .
2) Improvement of the procedures for the initial approval of courses.
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judicial approval1) Second inquiries require judicial approval and costs must be paid by those seeking the inquest .
2) And all with the seal of judicial approval without any formal power granted by Parliament.
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legislative approval1) The agreement was subject to legislative approval in both countries.
2) The authorities had prior legislative approval to issue such an order.
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loan approval1) What are the credit criteria for loan approval .
2) loan approval is based mainly on an person s credit history.
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look of approval1) (Adam takes a bite, and Lucifer walks to their side with a look of approval .)
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meet approval1) The resulting drawings are again pencil-tested and sweatboxed until they meet approval .
2) The plan can still meet approval and the details can be worked out later.
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meet with approval1) The color scheme met with approval on most sides.
2) But generally this confection was met with approval .
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murmur of approval1) There were murmurs of approval from the onlookers.
2) There was a murmur of approval .
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need approval1) No board approval is needed to buy shares.
2) Sprint needs approvals for cellular phone antennas.
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nod approval1) Often, though, he nodded approval .
2) He glanced at the referee, who nodded approval .
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nod in approval1) I imagined Professor von Hagens looking on and nodding in approval .
2) Man may pull the trigger but behind him stands woman, nodding in approval .
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nod of approval1) The amnesty is awaiting a nod of approval from the military junta.
2) French President Francois Hollande also gives a nod of approval .
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obtain approval1) There are two ways companies obtain customer approval .
2) The application process is easy and approvals are obtained instantly.
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official approval1) The label's official approvals came quickly.
2) No construction or site work may begin without prior official approval .
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on approval1) The rule will be implemented on approval .
2) We have it on approval of credit.
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overwhelming approval1) The Proton Prevé has garnered overwhelming approval from critics in Indonesia.
2) Sam's revelation may not have been met with such overwhelming approval just a few years ago.
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parental approval1) Doing conventional things well has always met with parental approval .
2) Children will adjust their behaviour to meet parental approval .
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parliamentary approval1) The plan approved Tuesday requires parliamentary approval .
2) It failed to win government and parliamentary approval .
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pend approval1) A tram-train system is pending approval .
2) It is currently pending approval from the city hall.
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planning approval1) It only had planning approval for five floors.
2) The project received planning approval in February 2011.
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popular approval1) Later, after the popular approval , the council approved the date.
2) He was allowed to do so, and this drew popular approval .
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pre approval1) Low interest rate credit card pre approval .
2) Why pre qualification and pre approval helps your home search.
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preliminary approval1) The parties will seek preliminary approval on Aug. 10, 2009.
2) The Democratic House gave preliminary approval to repealing the 2006 law .
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presidential approval1) Our forecast has already taken presidential approval into account.
2) However, its presidential approval was made pending.
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prior approval1) Must receive prior approval from major composition teacher.
2) Alcohol is permitted with prior written approval .
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public approval1) Guess who has the lower public approval ?
2) Congressional and business management public approval ratings prove this.
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rating approval1) Rotten Tomatoes reported a 67% rating approval rating.
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receive approval1) The mine has already received state government approval .
2) Students must receive instructor approval prior to enrollment.
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recommend approval1) Officers are recommending approval is granted subject to conditions being met.
2) Council officers have recommended approval of plans.
more recommend approval sentences
regulatory approval1) All dates are subject to necessary regulatory approvals .
2) Such agreements are subject to applicable regulatory approvals .
more regulatory approval sentences
request approval1) In addition, requested alternative report approvals have been reissued.
2) Please complete the MS elective approval form to request advisor approval .
more request approval sentences
require approval1) All cultural events require advance government approval .
2) The land swap still required city council approval .
more require approval sentences
review approval1) III. is subject to principal review or approval .
2) Figure 3 illustrates a scenario for cooperative review and approval .
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roar approval1) The crowd roared approval as he spoke .
2) To roaring approval , he compared the Liberal front bench to a range of exhausted volcanoes.
more roar approval sentences
roar of approval1) But there was no instant roar of approval .
2) The successful landing was greeted with a roar of approval .
more roar of approval sentences
royal approval1) The plans did not receive royal approval .
2) A myth is at work, sealed with royal approval .
more royal approval sentences
seal of approval1) Each one has our seal of approval .
2) So did it garner the presidential seal of approval ?
more seal of approval sentences
secret approval1) True to his nature, the timid scholar gave it his secret approval , but advised them to keep quiet.
2) Then an infuriated Clodius turned against Pompeius, starting to harass him, reputedly with the secret approval of Crassus.
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secure approval1) When the plans were in draft, he secured section-by-section approval .
2) Implementation will begin as funding becomes available and any necessary approvals are secured .
more secure approval sentences
seek approval1) He never expressed interest in seeking such approval .
2) Divorce takes place by mutual consent and legal approval is sought .
more seek approval sentences
shareholder approval1) The transactions are subject to regulatory and independent BSkyB shareholder approval .
2) Aimco shareholder approval is not required for the transaction.
more shareholder approval sentences
show approval1) A poll released shortly after showed approval of Chrétien's decision.
2) In another, he had also shown approval towards Doo-wop.
more show approval sentences
smile in approval1) Forrest smiled in approval .
2) When Penry returned he smiled in approval to find her propped tidily against the pillows, covers drawn up to her chin.
more smile in approval sentences
smile of approval1) Ross turned his dark head to give her a broad smile of approval .
2) Then the band members look at you with a big smile of approval .
more smile of approval sentences
social approval1) There are cues that express both social approval and social disapproval.
2) Western Europe shows what happens when that social approval is withdrawn.
more social approval sentences
stamp of approval1) That is quite a nice stamp of approval .
2) His stamp of approval is not optional.
more stamp of approval sentences
subject to approval1) The agreements are subject to approval from relevant authorities.
2) Credit and collateral are subject to approval .
more subject to approval sentences
submitted for approval1) The list was accordingly prepared and submitted for approval .
2) Review pending applications to be submitted for approval .
more submitted for approval sentences
tacit approval1) This came with the tacit approval of President Moi.
2) The plot is depicted in the film as having Mary's tacit approval .
more tacit approval sentences
unanimous approval1) The site in Wisconsin won unanimous approval .
2) Their unanimous approval was signified in May 2001.
more unanimous approval sentences
universal approval1) The plan has not met with universal approval .
2) The announcement was greeted with almost universal approval and even relief.
more universal approval sentences
unqualified approval1) And my recollection is that he gave unqualified approval .
2) Gene therefore is slightly afraid of Finny and this prevents him from giving him unqualified approval .
more unqualified approval sentences
voice approval1) Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) voted against a unanimous voice approval , citing ethical concerns.
2) Although Paisley often stressed his loyalty to the Crown, he accused Queen Elizabeth of being Tony Blair's parrot when she voiced approval of the Agreement.
more voice approval sentences
voter approval1) Requires voter approval to zone beyond set limits.
2) The amendment passed with 70% voter approval .
more voter approval sentences
warm approval1) He smiled down at her with warm approval .
2) But Letterman has sent me warm approval of my new ending.
more warm approval sentences
wholehearted approval1) Montgomery's new style of leadership met with Leslie's wholehearted approval .
2) Yet on the rare occasions when Brian was able to accompany her, she sensed that he had Ernie's wholehearted approval .
more wholehearted approval sentences
win approval1) The move has yet to win government approval .
2) A public inquiry was held and the conservation scheme won approval .
more win approval sentences
withdraw approval1) Western Europe shows what happens when that social approval is withdrawn .
2) Mr. Nixon reported that his approval was withdrawn before the plan was implemented.
more withdraw approval sentences
withhold approval1) The provincial government withheld approval and thus killed the plan.
2) The DOT Secretary could withhold approvals for failure to comply.
more withhold approval sentences
without the approval1) Do not discontinue taking medication without the approval of your doctor.
2) So do nothing without the approval of those who guide you.
more without the approval sentences
words of approval1) But when our artillery or cavalry advanced or some of our infantry were seen to move forward, words of approval were heard on all sides.
2) He has, however, also latched on to granny elephant's words of approval to Mrs Large: 'You look like a film star.'
more words of approval sentences
written approval1) Alcohol is permitted with prior written approval .
2) Failure to obtain such written approval may result in cost disallowance.
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