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accurate approximation1) However, the central difference yields a more accurate approximation .
2) This is typically an accurate approximation for basic event probabilities below 0.1.
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approximation1) Perhaps more importantly though every analog component is an approximation .
2) This gives you a pretty close approximation .
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approximation algorithm1) Solutions to these problems are generally derived using heuristics and approximation algorithms .
2) NP-complete problems are often addressed by using heuristic methods and approximation algorithms .
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approximation base1) Was the 500 ohms only a simplified approximation based on 10 resistors?
2) The color used on the wood trim was an approximation based on the photos she found.
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approximation error1) Such algorithms trade the approximation error for increased speed or other properties.
2) The choice of windowing function will affect the approximation error relative to the true Fourier transform.
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approximation method1) A set of successive approximation methods for discounted Markovian decision problems.
2) The Q10 approximation method is useful for making quick approximations.
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approximation of1) The poster is concerned with probabilistic approximation of metric spaces.
2) Pond level provides a close approximation of groundwater level.
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approximation scheme1) As a result, various approximation schemes are typically used.
2) This means that the problem has a polynomial time approximation scheme .
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approximation to1) Outer space is the closest natural approximation to a perfect vacuum.
2) A theory is a model or approximation to reality.
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be approximation1) Perhaps more importantly though every analog component is an approximation .
2) Horse betting is also quite a close approximation .
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close approximation1) This gives you a pretty close approximation .
2) Pond level provides a close approximation of groundwater level.
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create approximation1) Nolan has created a masterful approximation of life the way Leonard experiences it.
2) LED lamps create a close approximation to white light in one of two ways.
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crude approximation1) Even at best this is a rather crude approximation .
2) However, even this crude initial approximation must be qualified.
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find approximation1) find the approximation of square footage.
2) The problem of finding a low rank approximation to a tensor is ill-posed.
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first approximation1) The first-order approximation overestimates the fall by 0.18.
2) These estimates are suitable for use in obtaining first-order approximations of vehicle emissions.
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follow approximation1) The following approximation is so useful that it is worth memorizing.
2) Second, the following approximation to the discount factor is used: .
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function approximation1) However, linear function approximation is not the only choice.
2) SplineForte is an extraordinary program for cubic interpolation and function approximation .
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get approximation1) If the projection system is different you can still get close approximation for a given local area.
2) We do a resistance calculation to get a reasonable approximation of the overall resistance of our system.
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give approximation1) From my very limited testing sometimes this gives a less accurate initial approximation .
2) You say by if you're trying to give an approximation .
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good approximation1) Thus the assumption of steady state is a very good approximation .
2) The latter theory provides a good approximation to quantum chromodynamics.
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just an approximation1) It is just an approximation but works well in practice.
2) For these particles, Bose commutation relations are just an approximation , albeit a very good one.
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linear approximation1) The coefficients of the linear approximation are determined as follows.
2) However, linear function approximation is not the only choice.
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make approximation1) Here is how the approximation is made .
2) It solves the formulas , without making unnecessary approximations .
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nearest approximation1) The nearest approximation within the printer's gamut will be much less saturated.
2) To determine an interval's root, one locates its nearest approximation in the harmonic series.
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numerical approximation1) For more rigorous and precise analysis, the numerical approximations must be used.
2) In addition, they can give answers in exact form without numerical approximations .
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obtain approximation1) These estimates are suitable for use in obtaining first-order approximations of vehicle emissions.
2) One can, then, only obtain approximations to the height of the significant features.
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order approximation1) They are crude, sloppy, second order approximations .
2) After considering some preliminary results, a first order approximation is made during the correlation.
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produce approximation1) Waveform coders produce a non-linear approximation of the waveform.
2) Indeed, repeatedly doubling the number of steps eventually produces an approximation of 3.76001.
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provide approximation1) Pond level provides a close approximation of groundwater level.
2) Thus pond level provides a close approximation of the water table.
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rational approximation1) Here are all of its best rational approximations .
2) In fact π could be computed from these rational approximations .
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reasonable approximation1) But the average is a reasonable approximation . 14.
2) For many applications, non-parabolic band structure provides reasonable approximation .
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represent approximation1) The important finding from these studies is that the PB description represents only a mean-field approximation .
2) The valuations represent a best approximation of the trading value of these derivatives at their valuation moment.
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rough approximation1) To a rough approximation , Bayesian filters rely on word probabilities.
2) In English, ancient pinion offers a rough approximation .
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successive approximation1) This can also be called reasoning through successive approximation .
2) Shaping is reinforcement of successive approximations to a desired instrumental response.
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use approximation1) This category includes the simple rounding approximations used in everyday arithmetic.
2) use the Laplace approximation of the posterior distribution.
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useful approximation1) It is a very useful approximation for other situations.
2) This useful approximation allows you to calculate approximate 95% confidence intervals.
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