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apprentice1) This course prepares special operations weather apprentices .
2) Letters read reporting satisfactory conduct of apprentices .
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apprentice boy1) The apprentice boys whom Grimes mistreats are attendant angels of his fallen state.
2) apprentice apprentice boys in th in the foundry were only getting five shillings a week.
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apprentice chef1) Four apprentice chefs represented New Zealand , going head-to-head with 28 Aussie counterparts in Melbourne.
2) Nicolas Conraux arrived from Alsace as an apprentice chef , married the owner's daughter, and reached for the drawing board.
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apprentice electrician1) The winner was 24-year-old apprentice electrician Andy Allen.
2) At the time, I was an apprentice electrician in a factory.
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apprentice jockey1) The categories include: leading owner, trainer, jockey, apprentice jockey and breeder.
2) An outstanding champion apprentice jockey in New Zealand, Walker has only recently moved to Australia.
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apprentice plumber1) apprentice plumbers in Texas can expect to earn a good hourly wage .
2) Patch left school in 1913, and became an apprentice plumber in Bath.
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apprentice program1) apprentice programs are examples of opportunity first.
2) apprentice programs are also available where you get paid while learning.
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apprentice training1) A Rolls Royce apprentice training site is next door.
2) The apprentice training scheme at Halton has produced over thirty five thousand graduates.
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apprentice work1) Under the scheme, apprentices work towards NVQ Level 2 or 3 qualifications.
2) The note on this edition at R115 suggests that the cuts were apprentice work .
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apprentices1) This course prepares special operations weather apprentices .
2) Letters read reporting satisfactory conduct of apprentices .
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be apprentice1) Damn near had to get married while he were still apprentice .
2) It is also obvious that there are fewer apprentices .
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become apprentice1) After leaving school in 1830 he became printer's apprentice .
2) Sophie becomes Fanny's apprentice in the hat shop.
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employ apprentice1) This practice of employing apprentices was very common in mills.
2) About 250 men and apprentices are employed in this shop.
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fellow apprentice1) A fellow apprentice named Whitlow teamed with Henry for a business partnership.
2) He meets a fellow apprentice who introduces himself as Pate, connecting the prologue to the narrative.
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former apprentice1) Martin: A former apprentice from Barnsley and outlaw friend of Dickon.
2) When the apprenticeship is ended, the former apprentice now is considered a journeyman.
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new apprentice1) So much so they have already enrolled new apprentices .
2) A master craftsman is allowed to employ and to train new apprentices .
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recruit apprentice1) Vickers Armstrong re pe , recruited three thousand apprentices !
2) How do I recruit an apprentice ?
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take apprentice1) We've taken apprentices every year since I've been there.
2) A player of Level 18 or higher can begin taking apprentices .
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train apprentice1) Grail engineering employs forty people, and is currently training twelve apprentices .
2) He already trains apprentices , and now welcomes any potential carving students.
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year apprentice1) I am a first year apprentice with a Electrical company in my town.
2) Never had an issue with resale etc and I know no first or second year apprentice is servicing the car .
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young apprentice1) In turn, professional architects mentor and teach young apprentices .
2) Let me educate you , young apprentice .
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