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APS1) APS often generates and evaluates multiple scenarios.
2) APS was founded in 1978 with 510 charter members.
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apron1) A special lead apron is used to further reduce exposure.
2) This apron was usually worn above the knee.
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apron glove1) Remove apron and gloves and discard into orange waste bag.
2) Freemasons were spied in their aprons and gloves .
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apron pocket1) Then she suddenly slapped at her apron pocket .
2) I kept an angel in my apron pocket .
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apron stage1) During this period a new apron stage was built at a cost of more than £75,000.
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apron string1) Such patterns could later adorn household items such as pillowcases, tablecloths and apron strings .
2) She has countless others clinging to her apron strings , including myriad species unable to speak for themselves.
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apron strings1) It's hard to cut the apron strings when your children leave the nest.
2) Such patterns could later adorn household items such as pillowcases, tablecloths and apron strings .
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apronful1) Presently nurse Hannah came bustling along with an apronful of things, and let herself into a vacant room hard by.
2) But she spent little time in looking at them, and when she found the field where the berries grew she had soon picked a great apronful of them.
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apropos1) The line you finish off your post with is entirely apropos .
2) He recently made an apropos addition to the floating vehicle.
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apropos of1) Joan Rivers , apropos of nothing, looked great .
2) apropos of your own experience while a backslider.
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aprotic1) The aqueous design has a higher practical discharge potential than its aprotic counterpart.
2) Lithium oxides are insoluble in aprotic electrolytes, which leads to cathode clogging.
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apsaras1) The fourth row is composed of ten apsaras and heavenly boy monks.
2) They watch the apsaras and the gandharvas dance, and play games.
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apse1) The original three apses are of magnificent construction.
2) It is smaller and has five aisles and three eastern apses .
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apsidal1) The chancel had an apsidal east end.
2) Later Romanesque chapter houses sometimes had an apsidal eastern end.
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front apron1) It has retained its original boiler, but lost the front apron .
2) One component of the body kit is the front apron in dynamic sport design .
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lead apron1) A special lead apron is used to further reduce exposure.
2) People reported that it was like heavy lead apron had been placed over them.
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leather apron1) She moved from his arms and slowly untied her leather apron .
2) The blacksmith wears his leather apron .
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parking apron1) Covered and open aircraft revetments were constructed on concrete and asphalt parking aprons .
2) Several large parking aprons , also from its Cold War service remain.
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rear apron1) This explained primarily by the more compact rear apron .
2) The off-road design addenda consist of silver-coloured add-on parts for the front and rear apron and side skirts.
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ring apron1) Jericho hit Rock with a Springboard Dropkick through the ring apron .
2) Debra was eventually thrown off the ring apron as Edge and Jarrett attacked each other.
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wear apron1) This apron was usually worn above the knee.
2) Or perhaps you remember him wearing an apron .
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white apron1) Chain mesh gloves and white aprons hang in orderly fashion .
2) When your apprenticeship was finished, you got a white apron .
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