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apprehension1) Speech apprehension is a very real thing.
2) She sat stiff with apprehension and excitement.
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apprehension about1) However, apprehension about local governments is not unfounded.
2) Others expressed apprehension about the complicated administrative practices of Social Security.
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apprehension at1) There is an apprehension at times.
2) Bulgaria 's apprehension at its treatment has received some support in Parliament.
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apprehension grow1) apprehension grew to alarm among the targets of his abuse.
2) Everywhere she looked there were areas of doubt and her apprehension grew .
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apprehension over1) apprehension over the structure of an argument.
2) What is Singapore's take on US apprehension over free trade talks?
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be filled with apprehension1) You 're filled with apprehension .
2) To us the white sands of Tanakeke looked inviting, but our crew were filled with apprehension the closer we got.
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be full of apprehension1) You 're full of apprehension , and it doesn't come.
2) Garry sounded frightened, and the look he gave Dana was full of apprehension .
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cause apprehension1) Why is it that the psychic gifts often cause apprehension and even fear?
2) Mr Biden said on Thursday China's move had caused significant apprehension in the region.
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considerable apprehension1) Despite this, many staff view the introduction of Local Management of Schools (LMS) with considerable apprehension .
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create apprehension1) Those were the days when a sight of a teacher created apprehension .
2) The Mormons' lack of information on the army's mission created apprehension and led to their making defensive preparations.
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express apprehension1) Larry had expressed apprehension that day about performing the stunt.
2) Others expressed apprehension about the complicated administrative practices of Social Security.
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feel apprehension1) Lucy felt a sudden apprehension .
2) Huxley had deeply felt apprehensions about the future the developed world might make for itself.
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feeling of apprehension1) They are wonderful for overcoming the initial feelings of apprehension .
2) Were there any feelings of apprehension and uncertainty dealing with foreign people?
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filled with apprehension1) I wake before the alarm, filled with apprehension .
2) filled with apprehension , Luce opened heavy lids.
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great apprehension1) With great apprehension , Jacob prepared for the worst.
2) At Leipsig the news of their approach produced great apprehension .
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growing apprehension1) Ann waited in growing apprehension .
2) There was a feeling of wordless assent, tinged with Berndt's growing apprehension .
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hinder apprehension1) Maria appeals her convictions for hindering apprehension and tampering with a witness.
2) They also face charges related to terrorism , possession of destructive devices and hindering apprehension .
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immediate apprehension1) They give us an immediate apprehension of form, albeit with a residual sense that the forms apprehended are illusory.
2) The validation ( immediate apprehension ) of truth, value and existence all being intuitive as expressed by Aristotle's Noesis.
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look of apprehension1) Nicholson looked towards him, hoping that none of the visitors noticed the look of apprehension on his face.
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reasonable apprehension1) The reasonable suspicion test originated in Australia, where it is known as the reasonable apprehension test.
2) Beyond reasonable apprehension and sensible attitude to our environment I would give in to any sort of fear.
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sense of apprehension1) If so, there's a fair amount of controversy here as to whether there can be abstractions not ultimately derived from percepts (in the sense of apprehensions ).
2) This sense of apprehension is played up in Jack Delano's self-portrait, in which he pictures himself as a dark figure lurking in the background of a glowing city.
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shiver with apprehension1) She pretended not to see the light in his eyes; she pretended it was the wind going up her skirt that made her suddenly shiver with apprehension .
2) The eerie stillness of a town asleep caught at the edges of her already stretched nerves, and she shivered with apprehension as well as from the biting wind.
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show apprehension1) He walks over to Milly slowly, showing apprehension .
2) Pennsylvania legislators showed apprehension toward sending these laws to the Board of Trade for approval, however.
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slight apprehension1) Dumbo, climbing onto his mother's trunk shows a slight apprehension as she begins to swing him gently back and forth.
2) It was pointed out that security may be mandatorily provided in case of the slightest apprehension over the safety of a protectee.
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with some apprehension1) They must therefore be approached with some apprehension and with rather more care than normal.
2) Producers are thus viewing the scheduled negotiations over the cereal's regime of the CAP with some apprehension .
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