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application approve1) The approved application is valid for 10 days.
2) The application was approved by district planners last week.
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approve1) That plan was finally approved last week.
2) Bad credit loans personal loan bankruptcy approved budget line cash advance.
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approve agreement1) Council approved the lease agreement 4-2.
2) Dre approved advance fee agreement allows for outsourced attorney audits.
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approve amendment1) In 1898, another minor constitutional amendment was approved .
2) The amendment was then approved by voice vote.
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approve application1) The approved application is valid for 10 days.
2) A tribal organization shall have an approved application .
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approve as1) A metal mining plaque has been approved as a future fundraiser.
2) It is also approved as single drug therapy.
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approve bill1) The assembly has already approved the bill .
2) The bill was finally approved by 127 votes to 31.
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approve budget1) The client should also formally approve the final budget .
2) Each approved budget is submitted to the county auditor.
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approve by1) The books had already been approved by government officials.
2) The application was approved by district planners last week.
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approve for1) This activity is approved for community service credit.
2) Lots are all approved for private septic systems.
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approve legislation1) It initiates and approves legislation sponsored by the prime minister.
2) But without checks, democratically approved legislation can oppress minority groups.
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approve measure1) The commission is likely to approve the measure .
2) The Senate had already approved a similar measure .
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approve of1) A draft prospectus submitted was approved of .
2) They both definitely approve of my donation.
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approve prior1) Bots on Wikipedia must be approved prior to activation.
2) The mechanism is extremely transparent and is prior approved by the Regulator.
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approve project1) The project was approved following a public inquiry in 1999.
2) Building projects were also approved for nine parishes.
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approve request1) The request was approved by Congress 2 days later.
2) Q: My advance processing request was approved 20 months ago.
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approve resolution1) Funding processing may be suspended until a continuing resolution is approved .
2) They approved the resolution last month after its third reading.
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approve sale1) The sale was approved on 27 March 2014.
2) That year 94 towns approved the sale of alcoholic beverages locally.
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approve the amendment1) A significant number of black voters also approved the amendment .
2) Voters in the state approved the amendment in March.
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approve the application1) Clinical Board approves the application the following month.
2) A mortgage lender approves the application and releases the $70,000.
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approve the appointment1) Italy's president and cabinet have still to approve the appointment .
2) the county commission approved the appointment of Daren Byrd.
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approve the bill1) the assembly has already approved the bill .
2) the Russian parliament approved the bill last month.
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approve the budget1) the legislature then approved the budget containing the payment .
2) Governor Nikki Haley approved the budget measure penalizing the university.
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approve the charter1) Voters approved the charter Dec. 2, 1947.
2) the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania approved the charter on January 12, 1882.
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approve the constitution1) the delegates approved the constitution 33-8.
2) Voters approved the constitution by an overwhelming majority.
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approve the creation1) Sacramento voters approved the creation of SMUD in 1923.
2) the member states of the EU approved the creation of 13 battle groups in 2004.
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approve the deal1) the conference voted overwhelmingly to approve the deal .
2) City staff has recommended the city approve the deal .
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approve the document1) Voting Members approve the documents and standards for publication and may serve as officers of the PWG.
2) Pope Innocent XII approved the document issued by the General of Franciscans on October 24, 1699.
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approve the draft1) the parliament failed to approve the draft , however.
2) On 18 September the Ukrainian cabinet unanimously approved the draft association agreement.
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approve the drug1) But FDA administrators overruled the expert advisors and approved the drug .
2) He said that was because the FDA had approved the drugs .
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approve the expansion1) After the European Parliament vote, all 15 EU national parliaments must also approve the expansion .
2) In 2009 Houston City Council approved the expansion of the Midtown TIRZ by 8 acre.
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approve the expenditure1) District officials approved the expenditure of $360,000 from the contract revenues to play for west bleacher improvements.
2) On February 1, 1969, Nixon approved the expenditure from the presidential funds, and placed presidential aide Bryce Harlow in charge of seeing construction through.
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approve the funding1) the state legislature approved the funding the same year.
2) City Council approved the funding during its meeting Tuesday .
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approve the guideline1) After approval by management, the department employees will then vote to approve the guidelines .
2) This is submitted to NICE who then formally approve the guideline and issues this guidance to the NHS. [ citation needed ]
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approve the legislation1) In June 2010, the Dutch Upper House approved the legislation .
2) This time Congress approved the legislation .
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approve the measure1) the commission is likely to approve the measure .
2) the president commended Congress for approving the measure .
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approve the merger1) Sprint shareholders approved the merger on July 13, 2005.
2) MetroPCS stockholders and government regulators still need to approve the merger .
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approve the minute1) Karen made a motion to approve the minutes with corrections, seconded by Steve.
2) Yes, we'd better just approve the minutes of the meeting process, of the last meeting first of all, hadn't we lads?
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approve the motion1) the vote to approve the motion to table the item was five-to-two.
2) U.S. District Court judge Matthew Kennelly, however, approved the motion over their objections.
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approve the package1) the name of the LIFESPAN user nominated to approve the package .
2) Enter G to approve the package ; D to deny the package.
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approve the permit1) the Saint Paul Police Department authorized the event, but only approved the permit through July 2008.
2) the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality approved the permit in May 1996, and White Pine installed a pilot in-situ leaching project.
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approve the petition1) the Advisory Board approved the petition last May.
2) Before the year ended the Philippine Commission approved the petition .
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approve the plan1) the local conservation district approves the plan .
2) the board ultimately approved the plan without modifications.
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approve the policy1) Mbeki's Cabinet had made a unilateral decision to approve the policy .
2) After the school district's solicitor reviewed the final drafts, the school board approved the policy .
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approve the procedure1) In 2005, the Cleveland Clinic became the first US hospital to approve the procedure .
2) the FIFA Organising Committee approved the procedure for the final draw on 2 December 2009.
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approve the proposal1) the goal was achieved and Pakistan quickly approved the proposal .
2) Helms approved the proposal and put his parishioners to work.
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approve the recommendation1) the Transportation Commission approved the recommendation unanimously.
2) the council would need to approve the recommendation before it takes effect .
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approve the referendum1) the constitution will take effect from the date on which the people approve the referendum .
2) So the WFM took the issue to the voters, and 72 percent of the state's voters approved the referendum .
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approve the report1) Borough Council approved the report unanimously.
2) On January 23, 1877, the county grand jury approved the report and the construction of the bridge.
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approve the request1) the Vatican approved the request in five weeks.
2) Eventually, a low level reviewer will randomly approve the request .
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approve the resolution1) They approved the resolution last month after its third reading.
2) the Lebanese cabinet unanimously approved the resolution on 12 August 2006.
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approve the revision1) Motion by Stein, seconded by Zipoy, to approve the revision to the contract.
2) Secondly, both houses sitting jointly as a congress in Versailles would have to approve the revision by a 60 per cent majority.
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approve the sale1) That year 94 towns approved the sale of alcoholic beverages locally.
2) the court approved the sale on September 2.
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approve the scheme1) Mary approved the scheme drawn up by him.
2) Mr Justice McGovern said he was satisfied to approve the scheme .
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approve the treaty1) A second referendum held on 2 October 2009 approved the treaty .
2) Both houses of Germany's parliament overwhelmingly approved the treaty last December.
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approve the use1) Hayes approved the use of aspartame in dry foods.
2) approving the use of participants, volunteers, and auxiliary personnel.
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approve unanimously1) The list submitted by the nominating committee was approved unanimously .
2) The idea was approved unanimously with hardly any discussion!
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approved1) That plan was finally approved last week.
2) Bad credit loans personal loan bankruptcy approved budget line cash advance.
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approves1) The local conservation district approves the plan.
2) The local SSA office approves each branch individually.
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approving1) The lenders are recognized representing instantly approving the advance cash.
2) The approving authority may delegate this responsibility.
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authority approve1) Local Communist Party authorities approved the protest.
2) Finnish competition authorities approved the deal.
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committee approve1) However the committee approved the plans in principle.
2) The Appropriations committee approved 14-3.
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conditionally approve1) The Toronto venture exchange has conditionally approved the placing , the firm said.
2) Students must be at least conditionally approved for Teacher Education Program to register for a 300 -level course.
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conference approve1) There the conference approved the design of the CARICOM flag.
2) The conference approved the boycott by a slim majority of fifty-three percent.
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congress approve1) congress approved $12 million for the project.
2) congress approved that funding package the next day.
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constitution approve1) The current constitution was approved by voters in 1963.
2) The delegates approved the constitution 33-8.
more constitution approve sentences
council approve1) council approved the lease agreement 4-2.
2) The city board recommended city council approve the demolition .
more council approve sentences
delegate approve1) The delegates approved the constitution 33-8.
2) The delegates approved an amended version, but the colonies rejected it.
more delegate approve sentences
drug approve1) Europe approves far more drugs for OTC sales.
2) Licensed pharmacies that sell FDA approved drugs .
more drug approve sentences
federally approve1) The objective is to have all jurisdictions operating federally approved PM 2.5 monitors by 2013.
2) It was also the first federally approved high-rise to use sheetrock for internal walls.
more federally approve sentences
finally approve1) That plan was finally approved last week.
2) The bill was finally approved by 127 votes to 31.
more finally approve sentences
formally approve1) The client should also formally approve the final budget.
2) President issues a letter formally approving the name change.
more formally approve sentences
fully approve1) The design was fully approved a year later in 2012.
2) The program is fully approved by the Texas Board of Nursing.
more fully approve sentences
heartily approve1) The cat worshipper in me approves heartily !
2) I spoke with Susan earlier and she heartily approved this idea.
more heartily approve sentences
judge approve1) A judge approved a mental evaluation for him.
2) That afternoon, a federal judge approves the warrant.
more judge approve sentences
legislature approve1) This is still not law until the legislature approves .
2) Now the legislature approves its own district lines.
more legislature approve sentences
meeting approve1) It means following and meeting approved Standards.
2) The meeting approves the accounts and elects the chairman and board.
more meeting approve sentences
member approve1) All writing members approved the final version.
2) Earlier, members approved changes to the remit of several of its committees.
more member approve sentences
minister approve1) The minister approved six applications for 950,000 tonnes in five markets.
2) In April 2008 the EU transport ministers approved the Galileo Implementation Regulation.
more minister approve sentences
ministry approve1) On Nov. 9, the Justice ministry approved the creation of the Albanian Communist Party.
2) In Malaysia, to open up foreign education to Malaysians, the Education ministry approved the 3+0 foreign degree programmes.
more ministry approve sentences
narrowly approve1) Voters narrowly approved I-960 in November of 2007.
2) The city in August 1876 narrowly approved the separation while county residents overwhelmingly opposed the separation.
more narrowly approve sentences
officially approve1) They have also suffered much officially approved harassment.
2) The constitution was officially approved on 8 October 1920.
more officially approve sentences
overwhelmingly approve1) The articles were overwhelmingly approved throughout the Commonwealth.
2) On 18 October 2011, Telstra shareholders overwhelmingly approved the deal.
more overwhelmingly approve sentences
panel approve1) A subcommittee of that panel approved the overall measure Wednesday.
2) Commanders and senior officials of the military are appointed by a qualified panel approved by the Council of Ministers.
more panel approve sentences
parliament approve1) The Russian parliament approved the bill last month.
2) The parliament approved the plan's main points.
more parliament approve sentences
personally approve1) Khrushchev personally approved giving the top award to the American musician.
2) Martin said that he had personally approved the controversial military attack ad.
more personally approve sentences
plan approve1) That plan was finally approved last week.
2) The local conservation district approves the plan .
more plan approve sentences
previously approve1) The moratorium had not affected previously approved crops.
2) Both chambers previously approved the expanded checks in slightly different forms .
more previously approve sentences
proposal approve1) The new proposal was approved by parliament.
2) The proposal was approved by 90 per cent of those voting.
more proposal approve sentences
recently approve1) Florida's health-care plan was recently approved .
2) The championship was recently approved by the NCAA.
more recently approve sentences
referendum approve1) A subsequent referendum approved the agreement as well.
2) A referendum approving Ireland's entry had been passed in May.
more referendum approve sentences
resolution approve1) There was no need to adopt a resolution approving automatically a military strike.
2) The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors adopts a resolution approving the issuance of the bonds.
more resolution approve sentences
shareholder approve1) Sprint shareholders approved the merger on July 13, 2005.
2) shareholders approved the split on 11 June 2013.
more shareholder approve sentences
socially approve1) The socially approved response to aggression is avoidance or even flight.
2) Caregivers also provide lessons in socially approved ways of expressing feelings.
more socially approve sentences
strongly approve1) I also strongly approve of civil partnerships , he added in a statement.
2) Emily spoke with Arie's mother, who strongly approved of her son's relationship.
more strongly approve sentences
tacitly approve1) To some extent this is tacitly approved by the Government.
2) And this was prompted by a book which was tacitly approved by her.
more tacitly approve sentences
thoroughly approve1) As a general usability feature, I thoroughly approve of the more friendly error pages in IE7.
2) He treated Clarissa's interjection with particular scorn because he knew she thoroughly approved of the Prime Minister's contribution to peace.
more thoroughly approve sentences
unanimously approve1) The document was unanimously approved last Friday.
2) The list submitted by the nominating committee was approved unanimously .
more unanimously approve sentences
very much approve1) Fans and general moviegoers very much approved of the change in direction.
2) As such, Raeder very much approved of Hitler's denunciation of the A.G.N.A. on 28 April 1939 as opening the way for the implantation of the Z Plan.
more very much approve sentences
voter approve1) City voters approve taxes to establish free public schools.
2) In 1914 voters approved bonds for high school improvement.
more voter approve sentences
wholeheartedly approve1) Here was a trait that Theo could wholeheartedly approve and support.
2) Alexander wholeheartedly approved the plan and submitted the reworked version to the Trustees of Teachers College.
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