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abandon attempt1) This attempt was abandoned when the cable snapped.

2) The attempt was abandoned after a weak critical reception.

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assassination attempt1) CIA has admitted being involved in assassination attempts against foreign leaders.

2) The fourth assassination attempt against him was successful.

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block attempt1) The extra point attempt was blocked, however.

2) The Bengal defense then blocked the extra point attempt.

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attempt completion1) attempt completion on the text before point, treating it as a command name.

2) He ranks first in team history in pass attempts, completions, passing yards and touchdowns.

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coup attempt1) The coup attempt sharpened domestic political rivalries.

2) Doe overcame seven coup attempts between 1981 and 1985.

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deliberate attempt1) It involves a deliberate attempt to influence others.

2) These were often deliberate attempts of infanticide.

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desperate attempt1) Zhang made one desperate attempt to seek aid.

2) Despite desperate attempts to breakout little more could be done.

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escape attempt1) Regular patrols sought to prevent escape attempts.

2) He had been confined there following two previous failed escape attempts.

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failed attempt1) The failed rescue attempt was broadcast live for 18 hours.

2) The wait duration grows exponentially with each failed drop attempt.

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fail attempt1) There were several early failed attempts at proving the theorem.

2) It has since closed following failed attempts to restart the program .

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field attempt1) They also had a field goal attempt blocked .

2) The other scrimmage kick is a field goal attempt.

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first attempt1) first attempt at ordering went really bad .

2) My first attempt to ascend failed miserably.

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foil attempt1) Jack manages to foil the attempt on his life.

2) Once again the media foiled this blatant attempt at a cover-up.

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frustrate attempt1) The attempt was frustrated by deep water and impassable swamp.

2) The mob frustrated all attempts to raise ladders to the imprisoned police.

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attempt futile1) Doctors think such attempts are futile and would cause her great pain.

2) But this attempt was futile also.

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futile attempt1) My brain was mentally face-palming at Dinah's futile attempts.

2) It is also often a futile attempt to just try to stretch locally.

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goal attempt1) They also had a field goal attempt blocked .

2) The other scrimmage kick is a field goal attempt.

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attempt good1) Two goals from five attempts is very good indeed .

2) The extra point attempt was no good, however.

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attempt make1) No attempt was made to sit down.

2) The government made limited attempts to investigate cases.

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miss attempt1) He missed multiple attempts right at the rim.

2) French also missed a 50-yard attempt.

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oppose attempt1) He opposed any attempt to protection of British trade.

2) However, the ACLU opposes attempts to control political spending.

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pass attempt1) Both teams averaged 7.4 yards per pass attempt.

2) Rams offense averaged 4.5 yards per pass attempt.

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reject attempt1) He specifically rejected any attempt to scapegoat .

2) I reject all attempts to justify this attack.

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repeated attempt1) Pakistani authorities made repeated attempts to repair the runways.

2) The international community made repeated unsuccessful attempts to end the fighting.

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represent attempt1) Political correctness therefore represents an attempt to destroy reality.

2) Each missing record represents an attempt at creating a dosimeter record.

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rescue attempt1) The failed rescue attempt was broadcast live for 18 hours.

2) He feels betrayed despite the rescue attempt.

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resist attempt1) Banks may resist the attempts at rationing.

2) They are fiercely independent and resist all attempts at conquest.

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rush attempt1) He had four rushing attempts for 18 yards.

2) He also had six rushing attempts for 20 yards.

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attempt successful1) The second attempt was far more successful .

2) Not all media merger attempts are successful .

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suicide attempt1) These issues manifested themselves in multiple suicide attempts.

2) In 1984 he made a suicide attempt.

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attempt suicide1) The most depressed kids might contemplate suicide or attempt suicide .

2) A heartbroken and fragile Cassie attempts suicide by drug overdose.

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survive attempt1) He had survived six previous attempts on his life.

2) He survived another coup attempt in December 1974.

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thwart attempt1) So do the thwarted attempts at car and suicide bombings .

2) An escape attempt is thwarted by She-Hulk.

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attempt unsuccessful1) This attempt was reportedly unsuccessful, however.

2) However, this attempt was largely unsuccessful .

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unsuccessful attempt1) Another unsuccessful attempt at union occurred in 1963.

2) The international community made repeated unsuccessful attempts to end the fighting.

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abortive attempt1) After several years and many abortive attempts their efforts were finally rewarded.

2) But these abortive attempts to mobilize larger units were not entirely without value.

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<a title="attempt a comeback in a sentence" href="https://www.englishpedia.net/sentences/a/attempt-a-comeback-in-a-sentence.html" target="_blank" rel="noopener">attempt a comeback1) The second half saw Washington attempt a comeback.

2) Washington attempted a comeback late in the third quarter.

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<a title="attempt a crossing in a sentence" href="https://www.englishpedia.net/sentences/a/attempt-a-crossing-in-a-sentence.html" target="_blank" rel="noopener">attempt a crossing1) It is not worth the risk to attempt a crossing of a flooded road!

2) Its location guarded the bridgehead, making it dangerous for German infantry attempting a crossing.

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attempt at the first1) the plane had departed Paris-Le Bourget in an attempt at the first Polish trans-Atlantic crossing to New York.

2) I was thoroughly entertained by Walk the Line, James Mangold's attempt at the first cinematic commentary on the recently deceased Johnny Cash.

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attempt by1) This was after previous attempts by yourself had failed.

2) A record is kept of each attempt by each competitor.

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attempt comeback1) Andrea Joyce: Perhaps the most intriguing story of this competition is Kim Zmeskals attempted comeback.

2) At all events, he attempted comebacks twice, in 1982 and 1984; they failed to 'take'.

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attempt crossing1) Neither is it incumbent that we attempt crossing intellectual swords.

2) A boat called "Britannia III" planned a record attempt crossing of the Atlantic, having twelve people on board.

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attempt escape1) During that time, she attempted escape twice.

2) Did he attempt escape or try to sabotage his captors?

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attempt fail1) The attempt failed and disastrous backlash ensued.

2) All these attempts failed badly lead to big losses.

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attempt fails1) If the attempt fails, the seed is lost.

2) If the attempt fails, the bug is lost.

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attempt on1) No actual attempt on his life took place.

2) He had survived six previous attempts on his life.

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attempt reconciliation1) Samar is seen asking forgiveness and is seen attempting reconciliation with Indu.

2) Corll's parents subsequently attempted reconciliation.

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attempt rescue1) Landslide danger may persist while emergency personnel are attempting rescue.

2) The escorts chose to continue protective patrolling around the convoy rather than attempting rescue of the U-boat crew assumed to have sunk the "Lorient".

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attempt succeed1) It is unclear whether the blanket attempt succeeded.

2) It is unclear if the blanket attempt succeeded.

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attempt the feat1) Wallenda, 35, will attempt the feat without a net or harness.

2) DLSU-D attempted the feat again in January 26, 2010, this time at night.

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attempt to1) I am presently attempting to teach myself philosophy.

2) The government made limited attempts to investigate cases.

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attempt unsuccessfully to1) The king attempted unsuccessfully to have the constitution amended.

2) Arista attempted unsuccessfully to overcome bankruptcy and encourage mining.

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attempt1) The second attempt was far more successful.

2) Williams gained 51 yards online rush attempts.

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blatant attempt1) His blatant attempts to justify himself are equally telling.

2) This is a blatant attempt to control coverage.

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bold attempt1) Axel makes a very bold attempt to rescue them and is successful.

2) This is a bold attempt to unite pragmatism and conventionalism.

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botched attempt1) A botched attempt was made under the emperor Caligula.

2) Suppose the car crash was a botched attempt to kill them.

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brave attempt1) It had been a brave attempt and was recognised as such.

2) A brave attempt, but spoiled by poor execution.

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clumsy attempt1) His clumsy attempt to distract her attention was all the warning she needed.

2) Gazzer could not disguise the grovelling tones of this clumsy attempt at flattery.

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concerted attempt1) The initiative has also made concerted attempts to tackle these problems.

2) The Roman Empire made no further concerted attempts to conquer Germania beyond the Rhine.

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conscious attempt1) A conscious attempt to offend is not apparent.

2) Make a conscious attempt to do so.

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crude attempt1) It is a crude attempt to express something.

2) The above example is my crude attempt at it.

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determined attempt1) She had made determined attempts at suicide by slashing her wrists several times.

2) Whatever it really is make a determined attempt to discover it as it begins.

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fail in attempt1) Gomez failed in attempts to obtain tort reform.

2) The Seven Network failed in attempt to access the documents under Freedom of Information.

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feeble attempt1) Iris ignored the feeble attempt at humour.

2) It's my feeble attempt at being an informed voter.

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frantic attempt1) A frantic attempt was made to recall what Leif had said.

2) Flynn cuts his hand in a frantic attempt to make an exit.

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fruitless attempt1) Petroleum was discovered in 1929 after several fruitless attempts.

2) They were merely ending a fruitless attempt to save her life.

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give up attempt1) Panic was the feeling Alice had when, after several tries, she gave up attempting the Beethoven.

2) SCIENTISTS from Canada and the United States have given up attempts to agree about what effect acid rain is having on the environment of North America.

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half hearted attempt1) I 've always made at least a half hearted attempt to skin chickpeas for hummus.

2) The next morning they continued on their way to Amsterdam and as they crossed the border the coach trippers had a half hearted attempt at singing the Dutch national anthem.

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in an attempt to1) This is used in an attempt to ensure confidentiality .

2) All in an attempt to raise blood pressure .

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lame attempt1) It sounds like a lame attempt at flirting.

2) It's yet another lame attempt of attacking whatever he can.

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last ditch attempt1) Alcoholic lawyer makes a last ditch attempt to redeem himself.

2) Silencing your voice is the last ditch attempt .

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make no attempt1) The device makes no attempt at credit assignment.

2) Hank had made no attempt to defend himself.

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misguided attempt1) Drug abuse often stems from misguided attempts to manage stress.

2) In my misguided attempt at getting a normal life?

more misguided attempt sentences
murder attempt1) Several party members narrowly escaped murder attempts.

2) A murder attempt on her father shocked her nervous system badly.

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pathetic attempt1) The old lady dismissed my pathetic attempts at logic.

2) Or, makes his pathetic attempt to escape.

more pathetic attempt sentences
serious attempt1) Poverty prevented any serious attempt at schooling.

2) Stalin and Mao made serious attempts to eliminate their own populations.

more serious attempt sentences
successful attempt1) The successful attempt made the score 14–6 at halftime.

2) A successful attempt was made on 9 July.

more successful attempt sentences
vain attempt1) Cornelius made a vain attempt to do so.

2) His vain attempt to win Dad's mood back.

more vain attempt sentences
valiant attempt1) Thank you for making a valiant attempt to inform .

2) Percy shivered, but made another valiant attempt.

more valiant attempt sentences
weak attempt1) She stood and watched his weak attempts to comply.

2) You made a weak attempt to display your intellectual superiority .

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world record attempt1) For the world record attempt the plan was to do those at altitude.

2) This includes world record attempts.

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