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address attendee1) Pat Bell will address the attendees after dinner at 7:15 pm.

2) Aurelio, addressed the attendees.

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allow attendee1) Some will allow attendees to publicly share their recent joys or concerns.

2) Recaps allow attendees to easily share your content with their audience.

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ask attendee1) He asked attendees whether they are happy about the upcoming operation.

2) Then we asked the attendees to spend three days working together.

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attract attendee1) It attracts roughly 50,000 attendees each year.

2) His funeral in Baton Rouge attracted numerous attendees.

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conference attendee1) These options will facilitate access to proceedings content by conference attendees.

2) conference attendees also spent a full day lobbying members of congress.

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convention attendee1) convention attendees will be eligible for a drawing by visiting all booths.

2) Gleek, their pet monkey, was available for convention attendees only.

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draw attendee1) The event drew 45,000 attendees per day.

2) This meeting spans three days and draws approximately 2,500 attendees.

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educate attendee1) The tour promoted eco-friendly green initiatives while educating attendees on ways to help the environment.

2) As having done many zero waste events, educating attendees on where to put there trash is very difficult.

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attendee encourage1) attendees are encouraged also to boil drinking water.

2) attendees are encouraged to ask the experts for great alternatives .

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event attendee1) event attendees pledged $40,000 to the nonprofit.

2) Most sporting event attendees aren't families of four, either.

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attendee expect1) Approximately 800 attendees are expected for the luncheon .

2) The Parks Department originally expected about 300,000 attendees.

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fellow attendee1) Many fellow attendees across the globe have gone on to earn international honours.

2) As we took our seats we immediately began worshipping with our fellow attendees.

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festival attendee1) One festival attendee appreciated the sounds of home .

2) The Coalition complied and festival attendees have never been charged a fee to attend.

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give attendee1) Every attendee was given a free RaspberryPi .

2) We gave BlizzCon attendees this year first access to Cataclysm content.

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help attendee1) We've enlisted the help from some killer designers to help the attendees.

2) A fund accounting course also helps an attendee stay up-to-date with state accounting rules.

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inform attendee1) The videos inform the attendees and non attendees while encouraging others to attend future events.

2) The chair is required to inform other attendees of any such recording at the beginning of the meeting.

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attendee invite1) attendees are invited to bring their own lunches.

2) Event attendees are invited to visit and sample products from Denver's participating pot shops.

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meeting attendee1) Understand why other meeting attendees tend to perceive the latecomer unfavorably.

2) meetings, attendees and meeting records.

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notable attendee1) notable attendees include the abolitionist Theodore Weld.

2) Other notable attendees included Newt Gingrich and Nicole Kidman.

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party attendee1) The university has condemned the behavior of the block party attendees.

2) The whole event was recorded by a party attendee.

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provide attendee1) Tables provide attendees with space for spreading out materials and taking notes.

2) These events provide attendees with the opportunity for information-sharing on the training being conducted.

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regular attendee1) We have gained a few new regular attendees as well.

2) regular attendees included Kevin Dillon and David Ritchie.

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session attendee1) session attendees will learn why this is no longer a challenge today .

2) In this session, attendees learned the main differences between three types of Mobile sites.

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show attendee1) show attendees then raced against each other for prizes.

2) Trade show attendees like to pick up the free fliers from vendor booths.

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tell attendee1) Yes we do," he told attendees including Digital Spy .

2) attendees were not told that they were subject to this surveillance.

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welcome attendee1) Kerry and co. recently welcomed several attendees from a sci-fi convention being held locally.

2) Section Committee member David Bialik welcomed attendees and put out a call for nominations.

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workshop attendee1) I was fortunate enough to have had phenomenal workshop attendees!

2) Rosenberg's work with workshop attendees demonstrates "the real thing.

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attendee1) The program format is designed to encourage interaction among attendees.

2) Ticket sales are limited to 500 attendees.

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