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attendance allowance1) You receive war pensions constant attendance allowance.

2) He may revert to an attendance allowance by further written notice.

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attendance at1) Tourism representatives reported strong attendance at resort locations.

2) Your attendance at this event is earnestly requested.

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attendance centre1) She served 18 weeks in an attendance centre.

2) There is a drastic shortage of attendance centres for young women.

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attendance decline1) As elsewhere, the team saw a second season attendance decline.

2) attendance declined, with season ticket sales dropping to around 17,000.

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attendance drop1) With attendance dropping, many amusement owners abandoned their properties.

2) As a result, the attendance dropped.

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attendance fall1) Class attendance fell by 80 per cent in many departments.

2) attendance fell by 20 percent that year.

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attendance figures1) The following table shows the attendance figures for recent years.

2) The following are the most recent attendance figures.

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attendance go up1) Theatre attendances went up from eight million in 1981 to nearly 11 million in 1988.

2) attendance went up 16 per cent on the previous year and over 10,000 tickets were sold.

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attendance increase1) The 1979 season had seen attendance increase by 8%.

2) attendance increased and night football became an LSU tradition.

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attendance numbers1) The Fort Riley game often has high attendance numbers.

2) What probably saved overall attendance numbers was the relatively large international participation.

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attendance officer1) Each week the City attendance officer called to check the registers for absentees.

2) Principals were being reassigned as attendance officers and Black students were being channeled into special education.

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attendance order1) Failure to comply with attendance order.

2) Period of operation of attendance orders.

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attendance plummet1) As the team stumbled on the field, attendance plummeted.

2) attendance plummeted and revenues continued to dwindle.

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attendance rate1) Every education department knows the attendance rate for every school.

2) The attendance rate was 95% in 2010 and 2011.

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attendance record1) The average attendance record remained until 2010.

2) attendance records are maintained for positive attendance allocation.

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attendance register1) The CM personally checked the attendance register while making rounds of the state secretariat .

2) In addition, participants are required to sign an attendance register at each class of the module.

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attendance sheet1) They must be registered on the attendance sheet.

2) Children are not allowed to write on the attendance sheet.

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attendance soar1) Season attendance soared to nearly 1.5 million fans.

2) Daily attendance soared to 98 percent.

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attendance to1) This goes beyond monitoring attendance to exploring reasons for absence.

2) attendance to clubs during school time is obligatory.

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attendance1) attendance 118 despite very adverse weather conditions.

2) You receive war pensions constant attendance allowance.

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average attendance1) The average attendance record remained until 2010.

2) Nine of those ten clubs recorded lower average attendance.

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be in attendance1) About 50 attendees from three countries were in attendance.

2) More than 800 delegates were in attendance.

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boost attendance1) This has boosted attendance and participation at all the next gatherings.

2) Much of the park's early years were spent attempting to boost attendance.

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certificate of attendance1) All participants received a certificate of attendance.

2) certificates of attendance will not be awarded for taped sessions.

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cinema attendance1) New tax rates were introduced, further decreasing cinema attendances.

2) Yet is was noticed that cinema attendance decreased as TV viewing increased.

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college attendance1) In essence, college attendance has little effect on weight gain.

2) This investment in future college attendance leads to enrollment and steady attendance .

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compulsory attendance1) Sunday became National Youth Day with compulsory attendance.

2) compulsory attendance also ends when children complete sixteen credits in high school.

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constant attendance1) You receive war pensions constant attendance allowance.

2) Private, constant attendance, no expense spared.

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daily attendance1) Print out my daily attendance forms and daily attendance cover.

2) Print out my daily attendance forms and daily attendance cover.

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dance attendance1) You can't expect us to dance attendance up the stairs as well.

2) She found the crew very friendly, and the skipper went out of his way to dance attendance on her.

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falling attendance1) But we were seeing falling attendance.

2) Cup fever had obscured disappointing results and falling attendances in the League.

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frequent attendance1) They found that frequent attendance of religious services was linked with better self-ratings of health.

2) Rosas was known for his great appreciation of the black population, and his frequent attendance at the Candombl├ęs.

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good attendance1) A busy evening with a good attendance.

2) Do you succeed in getting a good attendance?

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high attendance1) He produced the second highest attendance in 150 years.

2) The higher attendance was not all positive.

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improve attendance1) These strategies are helping to improve attendance .

2) Also, how do Uniforms do things like improve attendance?

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increase attendance1) His return was highly anticipated and increased attendance.

2) increased attendance of girls in primary school.

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large attendance1) Larger attendance at your auction gives you larger returns.

2) largest attendances at the four venues used as home grounds.

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low attendance1) With the low attendance came financial losses.

2) This was demonstrated by low attendance and television ratings.

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mandatory attendance1) These past few years I have been on the board which is pretty much mandatory attendance .

2) Dr. Smith has a mandatory attendance policy, but allows for two absences during the semester.

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movie attendance1) movie attendance suffered and the studios responded in three ways.

2) movie attendance reached an all-time high of 4.17 billion entries in that same year.

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non attendance1) non attendance could trigger benefit sanctions.

2) Question: My grandson failed his freshman year for non attendance of classes.

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poor attendance1) The summit sparked public outcry for its perceived poor attendance.

2) It was closed to due to poor attendance.

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record attendance1) The record attendance was 22,000 in 1966.

2) In 2013, record attendance included more than 30 DUEL attendees.

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regular attendance1) As such we strongly encourage regular attendance.

2) regular attendance is essential for success in school.

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school attendance1) Mandatory school attendance has been in place since 1918.

2) school attendance is above the national average.

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sparse attendance1) The only observable problem was a somewhat sparse attendance of some early events.

2) For instance Samuel Pepys, a known member of the Rota Club through his diary, records a fairly sparse attendance.

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take attendance1) takes attendance in accordance with school procedures.

2) What could students do while you take attendance?

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total attendance1) The total attendance is more than 1200 believers.

2) With 10 concerts in 2010 total attendance was roughly 100,000.

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weekly attendance1) Within a year the weekly attendance doubled from thirty to sixty.

2) It has the largest Christian youth group of over 8000 weekly attendance.

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