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attentional adhesion1) Greater reaction times indicate greater attentional adhesion . 393 Figure 1.

2) Do instances of attentional adhesion reflect the happenstance allocation of cognitive resources?

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attentional bias1) For what type of observer might such an attentional bias be expected?

2) The specificity of these attentional biases highlights their mating-related functions.

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attentional capacity1) These results indicate that attentional capacity is affected by expectations.

2) This finding has been linked to a decreased attentional capacity associated with the disorder.

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attentional control1) Thus, these findings indicate impaired attentional control in social anxiety.

2) Volitional attentional control has been found to rely on prefrontal neuronal circuits.

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attentional deficit1) Visual Extinction is often mistaken for attentional deficit .

2) Impairment in eye tracking was believed to further reflect attentional deficits in this population.

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attentional focus1) Each situation demands different types of attentional focus .

2) Research has suggested that the attentional focus is variable in size.

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attentional problem1) Questions' regarding the stability of attentional problems has led to another set of explanations.

2) This data suggested that the observed attentional problems may have some form of genetic linkage.

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attentional process1) The disorder is typically associated with cognitive disruptions in early perceptual and attentional processes .

2) The peripheral cues tend to attract attention automatically, recruiting bottom-up attentional control processes .

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attentional resource1) Research has found that semantic selection requires a greater attentional resources than physical selection.

2) This increased focus of attention on central aspects takes away attentional resources from peripheral details.

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attentional system1) Another conceptual model is the supervisory attentional system (SAS).

2) Another error in the supervisory attentional system can lead to more devastating implications.

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attentional1) Each situation demands different types of attentional focus.

2) When attentional demand exceeded supply, problems in attention became apparent.

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