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attempted abduction1) The boys are also accused of the attempted abduction of another youngster.

2) The boys denied the charges of murder, abduction and attempted abduction brought against them.

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attempted assassination1) Violent protests, clashes and attempted assassinations mounted during 2006.

2) Darren Richmond recovers from an attempted assassination .

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attempted bombing1) McCarthy made nine attempted bombing runs before Johnson was satisfied.

2) Satter wrote that three attempted bombings were prevented.

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attempted burglary1) He is accused of burglary and attempted burglary .

2) He pleaded guilty in 2004 to attempted burglary .

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attempted coup1) An attempted military coup was thwarted in 1972.

2) If this was truly an attempted coup is unclear.

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attempted escape1) There were a multitude of attempted escapes .

2) An orbiting imperial cruiser must have noted the attempted escape .

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attempted kidnapping1) The attempted kidnapping has residents in the complex on edge .

2) It's called pedophilia and attempted kidnapping .

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attempted manslaughter1) There is no such thing as attempted manslaughter .

2) Lange was given a two-month suspended jail sentence for attempted manslaughter .

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attempted murder1) The prohibited acts were murder and attempted murder .

2) A man has been identified for attempted murder .

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attempted rape1) There are pretty graphic portrayals of sex, attempted rape, and drug use.

2) When Marissa tells Summer about Trey's attempted rape, Summer informs Seth.

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attempted rescue1) The attempted rescue was called off during the early stages of execution.

2) Later it was reported the hostages had been moved 24 hours before the attempted rescue .

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attempted robbery1) He was arrested and charged with attempted robbery .

2) He was charged with speeding and attempted robbery .

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attempted suicide1) An attempted suicide left her severely disabled.

2) Afterward she became depressed and attempted suicide .

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attempted takeover1) Even if it failed, the attempted takeover was remarkably well planned and executed.

2) December also saw the collapse of Carson Yeung's attempted takeover of the club.

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attempted theft1) Facts : pleaded guilty to theft and attempted theft .

2) Or, more accurately, an attempted bathtub theft .

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attempted arson1) He was later arrested on suspicion of attempted arson.

2) Irene Lound pleaded guilty to attempted arson on September 26 last year.

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attempted assassin1) Nowak's attempted assassin was a woman.

2) Costello refused to identify his attempted assassin, but the doorman at 115 Central Park West did.

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attempted assault1) Gonna have you up there for ass attempted assault.

2) The jury convicted Hill of murder and Pernasilice of attempted assault.

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attempted comeback1) How much have you followed his attempted comeback this season ?

2) So far, the news is encouraging on Carrasco's attempted comeback.

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attempted extortion1) LaForte is charged with extortion and attempted extortion.

2) He admitted attempted extortion.

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attempted fraud1) They also reported more forms of attempted fraud.

2) The office experienced a lot of attempted fraud by customers.

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attempted overthrow1) The film also explores the attempted overthrow of Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez in 2002.

2) His first plan to kill Trujillo was foiled by the unsuccessful attempted overthrow of the regime by Cuban paramilitary forces.

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attempted1) A grounded theory qualitative study was attempted.

2) My report is usually minimal regarding attempted problems.

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