Expressions - Collocations of the word " attention "

" attention "Collocations - Expressions
attract attention1) Any large cash deposit potentially attracts attention.

2) The 30% price increase attracted aviation media attention.

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bring attention1) Special attention was brought to the internal circulation.

2) These bring public attention to some important issues.

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capture attention1) The major internal disagreement captured national attention.

2) Very informative and captured every ones attention.

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careful attention1) The human body requires careful attention also.

2) Air conditioner and furnace filters need careful attention.

more careful attention sentences
catch attention1) When the single finally leaked it caught everyones attention.

2) The second sentence catches the reader's attention.

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close attention1) The stories require and deserve close attention.

2) You must pay close attention to detail.

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considerable attention1) This apparent problem has attracted considerable attention in recent years.

2) On archaeological pursuits he bestowed considerable attention.

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attention deficit1) The multiple TV screens are great for my fellow attention deficits .

2) For children with attention deficit, not all sports are created equal.

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deserve attention1) These three countries therefore deserve special attention.

2) The stories require and deserve close attention.

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direct attention1) Why was attention directed down this avenue?

2) Your attention is physically directed to the ceiling.

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attention disorder1) Wheat has recently been linked to attention deficit disorder .

2) attention deficit disorder seems to flourish under conditions of late modernity.

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divert attention1) Her attention was diverted to matters more immediately pressing upon herself.

2) Their purpose is to divert public attention .

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draw attention1) It is always drawing attention to itself.

2) Design program is drawing attention to hidden potential.

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focus attention1) But shareholders' attention is focused elsewhere.

2) A question is a device for focusing attention.

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gain attention1) The public meetings gained widespread press attention.

2) The plan gained rapid media attention shortly afterwards.

more gain attention sentences
garner attention1) The controversial issue has garnered international attention.

2) Coverage under health exchanges has garnered even more legislative attention.

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attention getter1) Boy was this car an attention getter .

2) There are many great applications for this type of attention getter .

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get attention1) The white male usually got immediate attention.

2) The issue is additionally getting federal attention.

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attention grabber1) This book is a real attention grabber !

2) Funny pictures can be powerful attention grabbers .

more attention grabber sentences
grab attention1) There are 2 important points which immediately grab attention.

2) Why does baby talk grab the attention?

more grab attention sentences
immediate attention1) Brain injury victims should seek immediate medical attention.

2) Severe workplace injuries typically receive immediate medical attention.

more immediate attention sentences
international attention1) The problem has received growing international attention.

2) Hydrogen is another fuel receiving international attention.

more international attention sentences
less attention1) It is worth mentioning that sanitation generally receives much less attention.

2) The relation between height and total mortality has received less attention.

more less attention sentences
little attention1) What little was published attracted little attention.

2) This revelation has received remarkably little adverse media attention.

more little attention sentences
medical attention1) Brain injury victims should seek immediate medical attention.

2) Severe workplace injuries typically receive immediate medical attention.

more medical attention sentences
medium attention1) The 30% price increase attracted aviation media attention.

2) The plan gained rapid media attention shortly afterwards.

more medium attention sentences
attention memory1) There may be interference with attention, memory, and concentration.

2) People can have problems with attention, short-term memory and multi-tasking.

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more attention1) Japanese manga has been receiving more attention since 2000.

2) The world is paying more attention than ever.

more more attention sentences
much attention1) Maggie had never received so much attention.

2) The girl was too tired to pay much attention.

more much attention sentences
national attention1) The major internal disagreement captured national attention.

2) The case has also drawn national attention.

more national attention sentences
particular attention1) Excessive packaging in supermarkets is being given particular attention.

2) particular attention was given to using quality local materials.

more particular attention sentences
pay attention1) Why should trucking pay attention to such trends ?

2) A lot of people dont pay attention.

more pay attention sentences
receive attention1) Severe workplace injuries typically receive immediate medical attention.

2) Hydrogen is another fuel receiving international attention.

more receive attention sentences
attention seeker1) He accused her of simply being an attention seeker .

2) At times, the line between player and attention seeker blurred.

more attention seeker sentences
attention shift1) attention shifts to the next word while the relevant eye movement is being prepared.

2) As attention shifts and refocuses, so whole new sets of events become obliquely evident.

more attention shift sentences
attention skill1) In turn, executive attention skills allows greater self-control over reactive tendencies.

2) The computer tests measure factors such as attention, verbal skills and learning.

more attention skill sentences
special attention1) These three countries therefore deserve special attention.

2) The regional boundaries primarily indicate where certain characteristics require special attention.

more special attention sentences
attention task1) The same sustained attention task was completed after the working memory task.

2) No participant reported an understanding of the link between the priming task and the attention task .

more attention task sentences
attention thank1) His drawings caught Vulokhh's attention thanks to their unusual and vivid style.

2) The crash got national attention thanks in part to the testimony of psychologist Dick Miller.

more attention thank sentences
attention translator1) attention translators !

2) attention translators !

more attention translator sentences
attention wander1) Each time your attention wanders, bring it back again.

2) It is only in the extended dialog scenes that my attention wanders .

more attention wander sentences
attention whore1) This personality is an attention whore in life.

2) " attention whores and are useless for safety.

more attention whore sentences
attention deficit disorder1) Wheat has recently been linked to attention deficit disorder.

2) attention deficit disorder seems to flourish under conditions of late modernity.

more attention deficit disorder sentences
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder1) That kid's got an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

2) Injuries to children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

more attention deficit hyperactivity disorder sentences
attention drift1) You will find your attention drifting effortlessly back to the breath.

2) After a while, should your attention drift away, simply repeat the trigger to bring you back to attention again.

more attention drift sentences
attention focus1) Nationalist attention focused on economic issues in 1924.

2) Keep his attention focussed mainly on your personal experience.

more attention focus sentences
attention focuses1) As you might expect a lot of the attention focuses on Shu.

2) attention focuses on the role of foreign workers in the emerging oil industry.

more attention focuses sentences
attention getting1) Second are modifications to attention getting strategies.

2) It was an attractive and attention getting display.

more attention getting sentences
attention given1) Most outside attention given to Canton is focused on two things.

2) The outsize attention given to the president gives him unparalleled advantages.

more attention given sentences
attention grabbing1) More attention grabbing than the original, I agree.

2) Start with the attention grabbing azure paint.

more attention grabbing sentences
attention line1) Our contacts look for the attention line in their mail.

2) All of our addresses belong to real Soldiers with the addition of an attention line, which is completely legal.

more attention line sentences
attention seeking1) Used as attention seeking indicators without requiring external electronics.

2) Told they were attention seeking or drug seeking.

more attention seeking sentences
attention span1) His attention span and focus has improved dramatically!

2) The average attention span is just 9 seconds.

more attention span sentences
attention to detail1) Your attention to detail was greatly appreciated.

2) You must pay close attention to detail.

more attention to detail sentences
attention turn1) All attention turned to the main reception doors again.

2) Your attention turns to personal healing, diet or exercise.

more attention turn sentences
attention wanders1) Each time your attention wanders, bring it back again.

2) When your attention wanders while driving, you car does, too.

more attention wanders sentences
attention1) Brain injury victims should seek immediate medical attention.

2) Severe workplace injuries typically receive immediate medical attention.

more attention sentences
attentions1) Their cottages had scarcely survived their attentions.

2) The body is handled with care and attentions.

more attentions sentences
avoid attention1) Jackson usually didn't wear patterned clothing in order to avoid attention to the disorder.

2) After birth, calves are abandoned in dense undergrowth as a tactic to avoid attention from predators.

more avoid attention sentences
be in need of attention1) The property was in need of attention.

2) The airport had minimal passenger movement and many facilities were in need of attention.

more be in need of attention sentences
brought to the attention1) these are brought to the attention of adults, who appear uninterested.

2) the following instructions are to be brought to the attention of all officers.

more brought to the attention sentences
call attention1) The sport is desperate to call attention to itself.

2) To what points does he call attention?

more call attention sentences
care and attention1) The wounded here are receiving every care and attention.

2) Another specialist plant requiring great care and attention.

more care and attention sentences
centre of attention1) The charters are the centre of attention.

2) He could preside without being too much the centre of attention.

more centre of attention sentences
come to attention1) to salute, all persons come to attention.

2) They came to attention when we joined them.

more come to attention sentences
command attention1) Foreign policy commands attention when it is crisis management.

2) He has a gravitational pull that commands attention.

more command attention sentences
compel attention1) His head, however, compelled attention.

2) I daresay these criticisms are important and compel attention.

more compel attention sentences
compete for attention1) Also, women instinctively compete for attention.

2) They were competing for attention with each other.

more compete for attention sentences
complete attention1) Quite simply, mindfulness is complete attention to detail.

2) A hobby that demands complete attention is refreshing because it is totally absorbing.

more complete attention sentences
concentrate attention1) We shall concentrate attention on the sterling deposit contract.

2) From childhood I was compelled to concentrate attention upon myself.

more concentrate attention sentences
confine attention1) However, we implicitly confined attention to domestic firms only.

2) The mean velocity also varies vertically, and we shall confine attention to two-dimensional flow.

more confine attention sentences
constant attention1) Internal business processes demand the same constant attention .

2) Our dogs have numerous health issues that need constant attention.

more constant attention sentences
critical attention1) The bulk of critical attention has gone to ".

2) The novel received mixed critical attention at its initial publication.

more critical attention sentences
deflect attention1) They could deflect attention from the bride.

2) Maybe a foreign war would deflect attention from domestic problems .

more deflect attention sentences
demand attention1) Each is a focal point demanding attention.

2) There are other issues that demand attention.

more demand attention sentences
devote attention1) All devote attention to kinds of sentences and purposes and structure.

2) She has also devoted attention to social and political theory and methodology.

more devote attention sentences
distract attention1) A brazen display can distract attention from the true purpose.

2) However, his perpetual good humor distracts attention.

more distract attention sentences
escape attention1) Even his family did not escape attention.

2) Nothing escapes attention so easily as the obvious.

more escape attention sentences
extra attention1) Give fruit and nut trees extra attention.

2) Plus, handling dangerous goods does demand extra attention.

more extra attention sentences
fix attention1) He tried to fix attention on the difference in price.

2) You can see in this a simple physiological act and not pay any fixed attention to it.

more fix attention sentences
focus of attention1) The second level is called the focus of attention.

2) Management training thus became a particular focus of attention.

more focus of attention sentences
for the attention of1) Here to mate, males battle for the attention of females.

2) Considered handsome, Roy Bean competed for the attentions of various local girls.

more for the attention of sentences
full attention1) It does indeed require your full attention.

2) Giving the customer full attention with consideration shows respect .

more full attention sentences
give attention1) They neither emerge nor are being given attention.

2) He gave attention to the smallest detail.

more give attention sentences
have attention1) Especially for a person who has attention or initiation difficulties.

2) Many youth in custody reported having attention problems and difficulties in school.

more have attention sentences
hold attention1) Use of local examples can often motivate, and hold attention.

2) You need the power of high-quality video to capture and hold attention.

more hold attention sentences
individual attention1) individual attention is given to every person.

2) Very small town, individual attention type environment.

more individual attention sentences
insufficient attention1) The prosecutor paid insufficient attention to the pool of potential suspects.

2) Others are more concerned with atmosphere and pay insufficient attention to results.

more insufficient attention sentences
jostle for attention1) Elsewhere, synthesizers jostle for attention with song scores.

2) Just like every year, SXSW was a big, crazy cluster of startups jostling for attention.

more jostle for attention sentences
keep attention1) Body movement appeals to the audience and keeps attention.

2) I need to keep attention on other programs.

more keep attention sentences
lavish attention1) Norma lavishes attention on Joe and buys him expensive clothes.

2) Sarah appears as a widowed mother, who lavishes attention on her son, Jacques.

more lavish attention sentences
media attention1) The 30% price increase attracted aviation media attention.

2) The plan gained rapid media attention shortly afterwards.

more media attention sentences
merit attention1) The extras on disc two merit attention.

2) And this sumptuous, spectacular movie merits attention.

more merit attention sentences
meticulous attention1) More importantly, meticulous attention was placed on detail during fittings.

2) Likewise, the audio received loving and meticulous attention.

more meticulous attention sentences
need attention1) And potential trouble spots continue to need attention.

2) She very much needs attention and extra care.

more need attention sentences
pay any attention1) I didn't pay any attention afterwards.

2) Never paid any attention to the lyrics.

more pay any attention sentences
pay close attention1) You must pay close attention to detail.

2) pay close attention when changing those wires.

more pay close attention sentences
pay much attention1) The girl was too tired to pay much attention.

2) He paid much attention to textual research.

more pay much attention sentences
personal attention1) Class size is limited to offer personal attention.

2) A matter has arisen requiring my personal attention.

more personal attention sentences
public attention1) What little was published during his lifetime attracted scant public attention.

2) The matter immediately attracted widespread public attention and media interest.

more public attention sentences
rapt attention1) They had been in rapt attention waiting.

2) I need your very rapt attention this morning.

more rapt attention sentences
refocus attention1) Your response can refocus attention back to the need for healthy environments.

2) It is a time to purify the soul, refocus attention on God, and practice self-sacrifice.

more refocus attention sentences
require attention1) Particular areas that often require attention are discussed below.

2) She had several defects which urgently required attention.

more require attention sentences
rivet attention1) In his review for "Rolling Stone", Peter Travers wrote, "The hand-held camerawork – Soderbergh himself did the holding–provides a documentary feel that rivets attention".

2) I spent the rest of the evening pretending riveted attention on the discussion while all the time practising ways of looking at the two women without them catching me.

more rivet attention sentences
scant attention1) The cave received scant attention from mainstream archaeology.

2) Friedmans idea initially drew scant attention and little support.

more scant attention sentences
scholarly attention1) Detailed scholarly attention has focused on prescribing female dress.

2) The treatment had scholarly attention and press coverage.

more scholarly attention sentences
scrupulous attention1) But his own scrupulous attention to detail can't be passed over either.

2) This outstanding hospitality and scrupulous attention to detail is reflected in your luxurious bedroom.

more scrupulous attention sentences
serious attention1) Increasing sanitation coverage equally requires serious attention to hygiene promotion.

2) This is yet another matter that requires serious attention and investigation.

more serious attention sentences
shift attention1) Then the stranger shifts attention to the child.

2) Thus, they lacked the ability to shift attention between sets.

more shift attention sentences
snap to attention1) The waiter snaps to attention and leaves.

2) The best coaches make players snap to attention.

more snap to attention sentences
spring to attention1) The sentry sprang to attention outside the guard tent.

2) I sprang to attention and gave him a smart salute.

more spring to attention sentences
stand at attention1) Continue until all boys on team are standing at attention.

2) Citizens of other countries present should stand at attention.

more stand at attention sentences
stand to attention1) Several hundred loyal troopers stood to attention.

2) You were supposed to stand to attention.

more stand to attention sentences
sustained attention1) There is little sustained attention or concentration.

2) The Council's sustained attention was required.

more sustained attention sentences
turn attention1) The seminar will then turn attention to solar energy applications .

2) March is Tuberculosis Awareness Month and health experts worldwide are turning attention to .

more turn attention sentences
undivided attention1) A single aim means undivided attention and interest.

2) The outside world needed his undivided attention.

more undivided attention sentences
undue attention1) You can take this pen anywhere and not attract undue attention.

2) Wilson's dialogue contained the music of poetry without calling undue attention to itself.

more undue attention sentences
unwanted attention1) She received unwanted attention from some male journalists.

2) But its success has now attracted unwanted attention .

more unwanted attention sentences
unwelcome attention1) The problems also attracted the unwelcome attention of hate groups.

2) Beginning in 1906, unwelcome attention came in the form of leaflets and billboard notices.

more unwelcome attention sentences
urgent attention1) But some particular symptoms require urgent attention.

2) Joint accounts and shared monies need urgent attention.

more urgent attention sentences
vie for attention1) When states vie for attention by exaggerating their political importance.

2) Or do I watch whatever is vying for attention on the screen?

more vie for attention sentences
want attention1) This is very different from wanting attention.

2) The Jets – who always want attention ?

more want attention sentences
warrant attention1) Two models from this era do warrant attention.

2) It elicits feelings and responses that vary greatly and warrant attention.

more warrant attention sentences
worldwide attention1) This visit was televised around the globe and drew worldwide attention.

2) I am unbelievably happy about the worldwide attention .

more worldwide attention sentences

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