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arcane1) The system uses arcane dust to craft specific cards.
2) They combine combat prowess with arcane magic.
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arcane art1) This rather arcane art is called Search Engine Optimisation.
2) She is also a professional psychic and lifelong student and teacher of the arcane arts .
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arcane detail1) The garrulous Wong would enter into debates with readers of his newspaper columns, sometimes over arcane details about the use of classical Chinese.
2) Such activities , if true and provable, would be hated by both sides of the bench and any citizenry (who actually cared about the arcane details of copyright law) alike.
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arcane knowledge1) Being the purveyor of important arcane knowledge is very tiring.
2) Jason Blood is a physically normal human who has accumulated a great deal of arcane knowledge .
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arcane law1) Rabbi Eleazar ben Hisma taught that even the apparently arcane laws of bird offerings in and the beginning of menstrual cycles in are essential laws.
2) Emmett says Early to Rise wants to raise the tax through an arcane law , and though the signatures are legal and the law valid, the language on the petition isn't legal.
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arcane power1) Explosions rip through places as ancient, arcane power is released from the area.
2) Vaarsuvius is motivated by the need to gain ultimate arcane power as an end unto itself.
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arcane ritual1) The manner in which he creates new materials resembles an arcane ritual .
2) Lack of arcane rituals , gestures, components, and other typical features of magic.
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arcane rule1) Generally the States employ some rather convoluted and arcane rules to reimburse nursing homes.
2) arcane program rules need to be redrawn to help families make moves to higher opportunity communities.
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arcane subject1) Bean has odd and exotic interests and knowledge of arcane subject matter.
2) Internet users are able to dig deeply into even arcane subjects , and cite primary studies and technical reports.
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arcane terms1) But even the most arcane terms do pop up from time to time in magazine and Internet ads.
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arcane world1) Through Dirac, Higgs came to relish the arcane world of theoretical physics.
2) The same story arc delves into Arcane's world War II-era activities.
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