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archaeology1) One type of experimental archaeology using stone tools.
2) A relationship is seen between archaeology and nationalism.
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biblical archaeology1) biblical archaeology is the subject of permanent debate.
2) biblical archaeology lends fundamental support to exegetical studies.
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classical archaeology1) He received his Ph.D. in anthropology and classical archaeology from Indiana University.
2) One of the courses I took for classical archaeology in graduate school was on pseudo-science.
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community archaeology1) community archaeology can alleviate or prevent violence towards communities that archaeology may cause.
2) This is reflected in anthologies on community archaeology in Harrison and Williamson and Colley.
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experimental archaeology1) One type of experimental archaeology using stone tools.
2) Archaeology, and in particular experimental archaeology has been influential on this subject.
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field archaeology1) In the last decade a new branch of field archaeology has developed - woodland archaeology.
2) Sankalia, being one of the students of Wheeler, learnt field archaeology from him.
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historical archaeology1) historical archaeology is the study of cultures with some form of writing.
2) historical archaeology - form of archaeology dealing with topics that are already attested in written records.
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history archaeology1) The major combines studies in architectural history , archaeology and preservation planning.
2) history , archaeology , and the evidence from the coins confirm it.
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industrial archaeology1) industrial archaeology has gradually gained acceptance in the academic arena.
2) An interest in industrial archaeology may be a motivating factor for some enthusiasts.
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marine archaeology1) This created the basis for future marine archaeology in Texas.
2) marine archaeology has revealed that the Mongols were carrying gunpowder in ceramic pots.
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maritime archaeology1) maritime archaeology has helped provide information.
2) maritime archaeology or marine archaeology is the study of material remains of ancient peoples.
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medieval archaeology1) medieval archaeology 22:1-24.
2) Increasingly, medieval archaeology has become a major component of medieval Studies.
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modern archaeology1) This convention prevailed in modern archaeology as well.
2) A not to high to judge present to modern archaeology .
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prehistoric archaeology1) His main research interests are prehistoric archaeology and quantitative methods in archaeology.
2) prehistoric archaeology has immensely broadened its approach over the last twenty years.
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processual archaeology1) Such approaches were the intent of processual archaeology .
2) In doing so they forged the theoretical school of processual archaeology .
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rescue archaeology1) Where excavation is most often employed today is in rescue archaeology .
2) This is known as ' rescue archaeology ', and was the subject of much discussion before the bill was drafted.
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study archaeology1) He also studied archaeology and became obsessed with myths.
2) Why do you want to study archaeology and anthropology?
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underwater archaeology1) underwater archaeology is archaeology practised in a submerged environment.
2) Some have been excavated by underwater archaeology .
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