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Admiralty Arch1) The demonstrators marched through Admiralty Arch and onto Parliament Square.
2) The site is adjacent to Admiralty Arch , off The Mall.
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Gothic arch1) Above the Virgin is a Gothic arch .
2) The stage and props are characterized by Gothic arches and harsh angular designs.
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Marble Arch1) The location was convenient, very close to Marble Arch .
2) The van sped into the Marble Arch roundabout with tyres whining.
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Romanesque arch1) High semicircular Romanesque arches separate the crossing from the nave, transepts and chancel.
2) The openings are framed in typical Dominican fashion by rounded, Romanesque arches with continuous stepped jambs.
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aortic arch1) The arteries that leave the aortic arch are positioned symmetrically.
2) The aortic arch may be small in babies with coarctations.
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arch1) The pointed chancel arch is 13th century.
2) The main span arch is 150 ft long.
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arch back1) Concentrate on lifting your chest as you arch back .
2) At one point, he slowly arched back while she held him.
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arch be1) The pointed chancel arch is 13th century.
2) The main span arch is 150 ft long.
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arch brace1) The arch braces were sawn off.
2) It was probably at this time that the present arch braced truss ceiling was installed.
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arch bridge1) The present day stone arch road bridge was built in 1892.
2) It was newly built in 1950 as a stone arch bridge .
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arch build1) An entrance arch was built for the contestant entrances in the open.
2) The arch was built to commemorate the emperor's campaigns against the Persians.
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arch construct1) Edward Sang's logarithmic method for constructing a skew arch .
2) Once the columns were in place, a jack arch was constructed above them.
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arch dam1) Parker dam is a constant-angle arch dam .
2) Another true arch dam was found at Monte Novo, Portugal.
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arch decorate1) The outer arch is decorated with deeply undercut foliage.
2) The figures decorating the deep-set arch above the doors are a joy.
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arch design1) In arch dam design , two basic shapes are adopted.
2) The deck arch design seemed to be the preferred option.
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arch enemy1) Poor drainage is also the arch enemy of pavement integrity.
2) He is their arch enemy by their own choice.
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arch erect1) A Millennium arch was erected in the park.
2) A 6 m-high metal arch was erected in 2000 to mark the start of walk.
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arch flank1) This portal has a barrel arch flanked by two sets of pilasters.
2) flanking the main arch were slightly smaller arches to the north and south.
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arch foe1) Doll Man was one of the few Quality heroes who battled regular arch foes .
2) I noticed that Sen. Bob Menendez, the arch foe of Fidel, has started damning Putin with similar terms.
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arch form1) This results in melodies in arch form .
2) arch form is also reflected in the use of dynamics.
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arch head1) These include portions of string courses, tracery, corbels, window jambs, and arch heads .
2) It has a 19th-century central door and a surrounding porch flanked by casements under flat arch heads .
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arch lead1) Passing through an arch led to the 4th world.
2) Its central arch leads to a high-domed passage.
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arch make1) Once again, a bid to make the arch permanent failed.
2) The main arch is made from reinforced concrete, with metal railings.
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arch nemesis1) Paul's arch nemesis is Sagin the Wolf.
2) In the battle to lose weight, the scale often becomes your arch nemesis .
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arch of the aorta1) the arch of the aorta is at first anterior to the trachea and then on its left side immediately superior to the left main bronchus.
2) Owing to the translucency of the air within it, the trachea is usually visible above the arch of the aorta in radiographs.
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arch over1) A rainbow symbolizing sovereignty arches over the Navajo Nation.
2) Half way down was a stone arch over the tunnel entrance.
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arch rival1) Iowa is Wisconsin's other arch rival .
2) He and Parker are arch rivals , but why?
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arch shape1) He has an unusual arch shape to the back.
2) Material is ground away from underside of the bars in an arch shape .
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arch span1) A double array of arches spanned the bottom of the bridge to form this shield.
2) Even today, the Bayonne Bridge has the second-longest steel arch span in the world.
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arch stone1) In 1771 a five arch stone bridge was built replacing the nearby Bishop's Ferry.
2) At the time it was built it was the longest single span arch stone bridge in the world.
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arch structure1) This unique arch structure enables the ceilings to be made high without needing interior supports.
2) Staines Bridge spans the Thames with a three arch structure completed in 1832.
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arch support1) My doctor tells me to wear arch supports .
2) Perhaps because of the additional arch support .
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arch window1) It has eight, round arch windows .
2) Coach 812 was a classic arch window large interurban coach typical of 1910 construction.
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arched1) His natural head carriage is quite arched .
2) Bronze window units are set in large arched window openings.
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arches1) The 80 entry level arches were numbered .
2) The tables were in vaulted stone arches .
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arching1) Its grille was large and rectangular arching across the front.
2) Your body is arching , your pelvis is thrown forward.
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archly1) The woman smiled, a little archly .
2) Dame Agatha looked at him archly and Corbett panicked.
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beneath the arch1) Pilot Leon Collet was killed after flying beneath the arch of the tower.
2) the 1870s style riverfront general store is located in the Visitor Center beneath the arch .
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branchial arch1) Preauricular skin tag : these represent remnants of the first branchial arch .
2) These cells are derived from the ectoderm of the first branchial arch and the ectomesenchyme of the neural crest.
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brick arch1) They also serve to support the brick arch or equivalent.
2) A brick arch called Arco del Sacramento .
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broken arch1) He works with the simplest ornament, consisting of wavy lines, broken arches or loops.
2) The case has a simple , austere design characteristic of Scottish-made clocks, of which the broken arch hood is particularly indicative.
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build arch1) The Romans built arch bridges and aqueducts that could stand in conditions that would damage or destroy earlier designs.
2) arches carry forces in compression in one direction only, which is why it is appropriate to build arches out of masonry.
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chancel arch1) The pointed chancel arch is 13th century.
2) The chapel's striking chancel arch was another matter.
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corbel arch1) The A-shaped corbel arch is an architectural motif observed throughout the complex.
2) The dais is constructed of brick, with decorative blind corbel arches on all four sides.
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create arch1) A new arch was created where there once was a wall.
2) Lorenzo Rodriguez created the arch of the lower choir with its railing installed for modesty.
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entrance arch1) The carriage path crossing it leads to the main entrance arch .
2) An entrance arch , possibly to the provincial forum.
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fallen arch1) He believed the original masonic system was Like a fallen arch .
2) A fallen arch occurs when the foot loses its support and flattens out.
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flat arch1) It has a flat arch of 200 foot span.
2) Red gauged brick flat arches top the windows with window dressings and quoins.
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form arch1) Together they formed an arch of unity and power.
2) These two pictures rest on a base which forms an arch .
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gateway arch1) Hauptstra├če 59 - so-called Alt'sches Haus ; very ornate three-floor timber-frame house, marked 1589, gateway arch marked 1658.
2) The East Green's Scott Quad, as lore maintains, is a former residence hall that provides for a successful relationship to those who kiss beneath its gateway arch .
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gill arch1) All rakers on the first gill arch were counted.
2) Practitioners must use care not to transect the gill arch .
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graceful arch1) The striped bands of stone and brick and the graceful arches complement the setting.
2) The one in the ground has a lovely habit of sending out long graceful arching canes.
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have arch1) The 505 ft structure has a single arch .
2) It has a flat arch of 200 foot span.
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horseshoe arch1) The horseshoe arch became a popular feature in Islamic structures.
2) The double arches consist of a lower horseshoe arch and an upper semi-circular arch.
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lancet arch1) lancet arches abound throughout the passageways in the courtyard.
2) The nave and sanctuary are separated by a tall lancet arch standing on rectangular columns.
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make arch1) Local inhabitants make arches from tissue or crepe paper to decorate atriums, squares and streets.
2) Try inserting FC = f77 +U77 and FLAGS = +U77 -O +es +E6 in the Makefile , and compiling with make arch =sun .
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monumental arch1) It is now seen as a gate built onto a free-standing monumental arch .
2) Participants gather at the monumental arch of Pheradi Maius for an introduction to the site.
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moorish arch1) The doorway itself is a lobed moorish arch .
2) The building combines moorish arches with Italianate motifs on the facade.
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neural arch1) These facets are joined by a thin portion of the neural arch called the pars interarticularis .
2) In the atlas, even in adult specimens the neural arches are not fused to the intercentrum.
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oblique arch1) In an oblique arch these two conditions can not both be met because the faces and the abutments are deliberately not perpendicular.
2) A skew arch (also known as an oblique arch ) is a method of construction that enables an arch bridge to span an obstacle at some angle other than a right angle.
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ogee arch1) Buttresses, topped by gablets with decorative carved reverse ogee arches , separate each bay.
2) It became known as 'Bristol Byzantine' because of the ogee arches commonly used over windows.
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pointed arch1) The pointed chancel arch is 13th century.
2) Lancet - slender window with pointed arch .
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proscenium arch1) The proscenium arch housed a 35 x 50 ft drop curtain.
2) He prefers working in an old theatre with proscenium arch .
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railway arch1) Existing railway arches were used for the storage of bodies.
2) The Gallery is under a railway arch and the table.
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recessed arch1) It has the bottom of a two-stage recessed arch on both sides.
2) Credited to Katkhuda the gate has two doors, each surrounded by recessed arches .
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roman arch1) Such buttressing was common in roman arch construction.
2) Its design was inspired by the roman arch of Titus.
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round arch1) The nave arcade has round arches behind which are lower aisles.
2) It has eight, round arch windows.
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rounded arch1) The portal is simple with a rounded arch .
2) Enjoy rounded arches , leaded glass, and beautiful natural wood finishes.
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segmental arch1) The Romans also introduced segmental arch bridges into bridge construction.
2) These arches are flanked by a further nine segmental arches on both sides.
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semi arch1) Windows may be paired and set within a semi-circular arch .
2) Another signature element of Sullivan's work is the massive, semi-circular arch .
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semicircular arch1) The lower boundary of thorax assumes a semicircular arch .
2) Over this all, another semicircular arch is worked into the fa├žade.
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skew arch1) Edward Sang's logarithmic method for constructing a skew arch .
2) An example of such a false skew arch is the Colorado Street Bridge in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
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steel arch1) Other support measures could include steel arches , rockbolts and mesh.
2) It consists of three 60 m tall asymmetrical steel arches that crisscross diagonally.
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stone arch1) There are some small caves and a natural stone arch .
2) When you reach the sloping stone arch , pull up.
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support arch1) They also serve to support the brick arch or equivalent.
2) The entrance is formed by an arch supported by two pilasters.
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through the arch1) There is a example about telling through the arch .
2) through the arch one sees the debris of civilization.
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triumphal arch1) The foundation stone was laid for the monumental triumphal arch .
2) Two side altars are symmetrically situated next to triumphal arch .
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tudor arch1) The structural members are articulated through one predominant form, a four-centered or tudor arch .
2) Pointed arches were still used throughout the period, but ogee and four-centred tudor arches were also introduced.
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under the arch1) the crawl space under the arch is shaded and breezy .
2) I tell him about the old garage under the arches .
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vertebral arch1) The vertebral arch and processes have thicker coverings of cortical bone.
2) The vertebral arch is formed by pedicles and laminae.
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zygomatic arch1) The stop and zygomatic arch are well pronounced.
2) It contains a thin but complete zygomatic arch .
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