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Volcanic arc1) The islands are part of the Luzon Volcanic arc .
2) In the western United States lies the Cascade Volcanic arc .
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arc1) This highly conductive arc supports efficient tank circuit oscillations.
2) Two arc welding processes are being used with lasers.
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arc back1) His mind arcs back , grasping.
2) Red-black blood spatters out, in a fetid arc back towards Xue.
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arc de triomphe1) He wanted a 20th-century arc de triomphe .
2) Names inscribed on the arc de triomphe , column 16.
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arc discharge1) However, it is more expensive than either arc discharge or chemical vapor deposition.
2) Energy sources include hot filament, microwave power, and arc discharges , among others.
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arc eye1) I recently awoke to an arc eye hawkfish covered in ich.
2) The arc light damage include accidental flashes to the eye or arc eye and skin damage similar to strong sunburn.
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arc furnace1) Adding to the melt shop were two 200 ton electric arc furnaces .
2) Similar quality steels are now made with an electric arc furnace .
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arc lamp1) The charged carbon glowed, making the first arc lamp .
2) Medium or low-pressure mercury arc lamps can excite these respective transitions.
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arc light1) Their carbon arc lights then illuminated the entire city .
2) In Ottawa, arc lights were installed in several mills.
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arc lights1) Their carbon arc lights then illuminated the entire city .
2) In Ottawa, arc lights were installed in several mills.
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arc reactor1) That 's one big ass arc reactor in his chest to power that thing.
2) He pitches his obsolete chest arc reactor into the sea, musing he will always be Iron Man.
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arc system1) The last mercury arc system was shut down in 2012.
2) The Arc's previous system had very limited budgeting capability.
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arc valve1) See HVDCMercury arc valves .
2) The Inter-Island link was the last HVDC transmission scheme in operation using mercury arc valves .
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arc welder1) A good-quality arc welder can be a real asset on the homestead.
2) Or start up a gasoline powered arc welder and strike an arc and listen to that baby chug!
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arc welding1) Two arc welding processes are being used with lasers.
2) arc sensors are evaluating the stable working points in arc welding .
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arcs1) My body arcs across the centre spot.
2) The arcs are closed by double windows.
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begin arc1) She stayed and began a new arc in her life.
2) Ninjak's appearance will begin a new story arc under writer Robert Venditti.
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broad arc1) This complex, costly retooling will determine the political stability across a broad arc of Europe and Asia.
2) The path twists and turns a lot, and unless you study the map it's not really apparent that the woodland path is skirting high above Picklecombe Fort in a broad arc .
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carbon arc1) Their carbon arc lights then illuminated the entire city .
2) At first, carbon electrodes were used in carbon arc welding.
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character arc1) This allowed for shorter character arcs within the larger story.
2) They change character story arcs that are HUGE.
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circular arc1) arc diagrams are one-dimensional layouts of nodes with circular arcs linking each node.
2) So the projection lets us visualize planes as circular arcs in the disk.
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complete arc1) It took 3 Movies to complete the story arc .
2) Two other arcs were completed .
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cover arc1) A second season covering the third arc began broadcast in April 2014.
2) Islam covers these arcs of time in a blanket of prayer.
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create arc1) The rays will bend and create arcs .
2) And then certain landmarks start defining your characters and start creating arcs .
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describe arc1) The arc described by the child has its own cycle.
2) Instead , his own hand described a strange arc in the air.
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draw arc1) The power arcs drawn were about a foot in length.
2) draw an arc with center A and radius AD.
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electric arc1) Ozone is created by passing oxygen over an electric arc .
2) This leads to electric arc like discharges called streamers.
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electric arc furnace1) Adding to the melt shop were two 200 ton electric arc furnaces .
2) Similar quality steels are now made with an electric arc furnace .
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follow arc1) The American presidency follows an arc unusual in human history.
2) Stories follow arcs , have a purpose.
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form arc1) A distant rainbow formed a delicately coloured arc .
2) Several monthly updates build upon each other, forming a story arc .
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graceful arc1) The ball soared away in a graceful arc .
2) It takes a serious bending jig to form that material into a graceful arc .
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great arc1) He has a natural touch, he has a great arc on his shot.
2) great arcs of energy flashed from cap to cap whilst thunderclaps pumped air through the forest of glittering stems.
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high arc1) And that my shot has a high arc to it.
2) This one girl with the extremely high arc is really an aberration.
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huge arc1) As they passed through the top of their huge arc , they would experience a brief period of weightlessness.
2) To complete the huge arc of bases stretching across the North Atlantic, even more Seabees were sent to the British Isles.
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in an arc1) His hammer attacks in an arc fashion.
2) The series is told in an arc storyline structure.
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island arc1) Intrusions and volcanic eruptions occur, forming an island arc .
2) Oceanic crust attached to a continental margin subducts beneath an island arc .
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joan of arc1) joan of arc encountered gunpowder weaponry several times.
2) joan of arc was a peasant girl.
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long arc1) Short arcs have a lower electric resistance than long arcs .
2) The second exercise I suggested was long arc quads.
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mercury arc1) The last mercury arc system was shut down in 2012.
2) Medium or low-pressure mercury arc lamps can excite these respective transitions.
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mercury arc lamp1) Medium or low-pressure mercury arc lamps can excite these respective transitions.
2) Liquid mercury was also used to seal the metal leads of early mercury arc lamps into the fused silica bulbs.
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minutes of arc1) There are 60 minutes of arc in one degree.
2) Delta is another double, with a separation of over 10 minutes of arc .
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multi arc1) Her character was Vincent Chase's new girlfriend in a multi-episode arc .
2) Benanti first appeared in Spiraling Down and has the potential of a multi-episode arc .
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narrative arc1) So their overall narrative arc is a story in itself.
2) Every ancient biblical story embedded in our culture follows this narrative arc .
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perfect arc1) Two rainbows with perfect arcs that stretched as far as the view from my room and windows allowed!
2) Shooting form is perfected with the help of a machine that knows the perfect arc a basketball must take on the way to the basket.
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plasma arc1) plasma arc welding is a constricted arc process.
2) plasma arc welding is an advancement over the GTAW process.
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plot arc1) April is the subject of several romantic plot arcs .
2) Crowns has no great plot arc to speak of.
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propeller arc1) They are very noisy, especially towards the rear in the plane of the propeller arcs .
2) A .303 Vickers machine gun was installed above the engine, synchronized to fire through the propeller arc .
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seconds of arc1) The lunar angular radius is expressed in seconds of arc .
2) Beta has a sixth magnitude optical companion at 205 seconds of arc .
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shield arc1) This use increased demand during World War II, as well as demands for shielded arc welding.
2) Processes like flux-cored arc welding and shielded metal arc welding produce smoke containing particles of various types of oxides.
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start arc1) Those lazy cats are starting a new arc .
2) Our alternative energy arc started with subsidies and research that were accompanied by early stage excitement and followed by an economic bust .
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story arc1) The change in staff occurred amidst key story arcs .
2) Logistics are huge factors in your story arc .
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strike arc1) Always don a welding hood prior striking any arc .
2) strike an arc (tapping and scratching methods). 7.
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sweeping arc1) He flicked the garment around his left arm and brought his sword up in a sweeping arc .
2) The humanities form part of a sweeping arc of human learning - literature, philosophy, history, languages, music, art history, the classics, religious studies.
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trace arc1) The mini will trace the arc of Houdini 's life from desperate poverty to worldwide fame.
2) It's a very odd route that traces a smooth arc around the north of Leeds city centre.
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tungsten arc1) The official American Welding Society term is gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW).
2) Cerium alloys are used in permanent magnets, and in tungsten electrodes for gas tungsten arc welding.
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volcanic arc1) The magma came from a volcanic arc .
2) A complicated pattern of basins and ridges hind the volcanic arc .
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weld arc1) In TIG welding an arc is formed between a nonconsumable tungsten electrode and the metal being welded.
2) Spark gap oscillators are still used to generate high frequency high voltage to initiate welding arcs in gas tungsten arc welding.
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wide arc1) I wrap a wide arc of space in her skin.
2) This helps extend the right arm, creating the preferred wide arc .
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write arc1) Jude Watson wrote the story arc for this series.
2) This story arc written by Elliot Maggin.
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