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ancient archaeological1) It is attributed to an ancient archaeological culture called the Lapita.
2) There are a number of ancient archaeological sites in the St Agnes parish.
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archaeological1) No formal archaeological excavations were conducted until 2004.
2) The archaeological dig revealed five distinct levels.
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archaeological artefact1) During the excavations many archaeological artefacts were found.
2) The adjacent Barbican House holds an extensive collection of local history and archaeological artefacts .
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archaeological artifact1) Construction also destroyed untold amounts of archaeological artifacts .
2) This is still primarily for art though, not archaeological artifacts .
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archaeological collection1) archaeological collections of BALSA are scattered by several museums and private collections.
2) The collections from Spanish mission sites are an important part of the Florida archaeological collections .
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archaeological community1) This restoration is controversial among the archaeological community .
2) Clarke's scheme was adopted enthusiastically by the archaeological community .
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archaeological dig1) The archaeological dig revealed five distinct levels.
2) No archaeological digs were conducted under properly controlled conditions.
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archaeological discovery1) Designers used archaeological discoveries as inspiration for their designs .
2) New archaeological discoveries sometimes provide sudden solutions to well-known conundrums.
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archaeological evidence1) A common feature is lack of archaeological evidence .
2) These occupants left archaeological evidence containing many artifacts and burials.
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archaeological excavation1) No formal archaeological excavations were conducted until 2004.
2) The theory of archaeological excavation is relatively logical.
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archaeological expedition1) It later organized the archaeological expedition to Resurgam.
2) It 's a lot like an archaeological expedition in a lot of ways.
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archaeological exploration1) archaeological exploration began in the 19th-century.
2) archaeological exploration of the area began in the nineteenth century.
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archaeological feature1) For all other archaeological features Nevinnomyssk burial is typical for its era.
2) It encompasses nearly 6000 archaeological features , 1600 excavations, and 1000 referenced publications.
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archaeological find1) This period is known for being poor in archaeological finds .
2) The journal covered archaeological finds , sites and ancient civilizations.
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archaeological finding1) The true archaeological findings are directly below this indicated constellation.
2) Antiquities museums specialize in more archaeological findings .
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archaeological heritage1) The area is rich in terms of its archaeological heritage .
2) However, the area's archaeological heritage is fast disappearing.
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archaeological importance1) The town has several important buildings of archaeological importance .
2) The archaeological importance of the town has several aspects.
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archaeological investigation1) This second archaeological investigation did not study the standing structure.
2) Initial archaeological investigation was often focused on finding the oldest sites.
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archaeological material1) No archaeological material was found associated with these man-made rudimentary remains.
2) archaeological materials above the lava were affected differently during the last 2000 years.
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archaeological monument1) This unique archaeological monument has no analogues.
2) Visitors to these archaeological monuments enjoy the serene forests in the backdrop .
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archaeological museum1) An archaeological museum was built near the site.
2) The complex is now an archaeological museum .
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archaeological object1) Remove any historic or archaeological object from the site without prior consent.
2) Impeding this effort, though, is the unauthorized export of looted archaeological objects .
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archaeological park1) The archaeological park of Teotihuacan is under threat from development pressures.
2) The area of Ficana is now an archaeological park .
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archaeological project1) One of the largest archaeological projects in Europe.
2) He currently directs archaeological projects in Hungary and Greece.
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archaeological record1) The archaeological record further confirms our viewpoint.
2) Precious objects are particularly visible in the archaeological record .
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archaeological remain1) The Sultanate left many archaeological remains and historical records.
2) Early human settlement in Niger is evidenced by numerous archaeological remains .
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archaeological research1) archaeological research provides more details and clues regularly.
2) Besides the archaeological research other studies continued.
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archaeological ruin1) Several archaeological ruins lie scattered around Trowulan village.
2) It includes several popular tourist attractions and has several beaches and archaeological ruins .
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archaeological significance1) It is a site of Irish and European historic archaeological significance .
2) The site is also of considerable, possibly exceptional, archaeological significance .
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archaeological site1) It has several unique historical and archaeological sites .
2) This archaeological site was identified accidentally in 1973.
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archaeological studies1) An example is the archaeological studies at Capernaum.
2) New archaeological studies were carried out from 2002 to 2005 under A. Hoffmann.
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archaeological survey1) An archaeological survey revealed nothing of significance.
2) The archaeological surveys were partially sponsored by the producers.
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archaeological treasures1) North India includes some highly regarded historical, architectural and archaeological treasures of India.
2) They have to saved as archaeological treasures from long lost parts of the alum workings .
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archaeological work1) During archaeological works many traces of settlement were found there.
2) The second source of information is archaeological work in modern Iraq.
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archaeologically1) This is perhaps the earliest archaeologically recorded earthquake.
2) This site has been archaeologically reconstructed and preserved.
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architectural archaeological1) It has important historic, architectural and archaeological values while surviving different historic periods.
2) In 1977 all architectural and archaeological sites were completely destroyed during construction of the monument.
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extensive archaeological1) Areas of the town have been the subject of extensive archaeological investigation.
2) Therefore, extensive archaeological excavations have been carried out before the tunnel construction started.
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famous archaeological1) Underneath she had glued several pictures of famous archaeological sites.
2) Pompeii is the most famous archaeological site in the Western world.
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historic archaeological1) It is a site of Irish and European historic archaeological significance.
2) Remove any historic or archaeological object from the site without prior consent.
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historical archaeological1) It has several unique historical and archaeological sites.
2) This is obvious from historical and archaeological data.
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important archaeological1) It presents a very important archaeological site and photography is forbidden.
2) There are some important archaeological sites around Oamaru.
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linguistic archaeological1) linguistic and archaeological studies suggest that it may have been spoken from around 2000 BC.
2) The information provided by the Greek geographer is complemented by other literary, linguistic , and archaeological evidence.
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literary archaeological1) Modern historians, however, dispute this view in the light of literary and archaeological evidence.
2) Some analysts have made considerable use of pictorial, literary and archaeological evidence from the Continent.
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numerous archaeological1) Early human settlement in Niger is evidenced by numerous archaeological remains.
2) Its collections developed rapidly, thanks to numerous archaeological discoveries in the surrounding territory.
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prehistoric archaeological1) There are few prehistoric archaeological evidence in the area.
2) The evaluation committee noted 50 prehistoric archaeological sites, spanning 4,500 years.
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recent archaeological1) The most recent archaeological findings with interpretation are presented.
2) However, recent archaeological investigations have challenged this assertion.
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significant archaeological1) Places of significant archaeological and historical value.
2) Joara is notable as a significant archaeological and historic site.
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underwater archaeological1) From 2006 underwater archaeological surveys are regularly taking place in the area.
2) The first underwater archaeological research in Macedonia was initiated here in 1997.
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