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archaic1) The bowl and stand were favourite archaic forms.
2) Other usage is typically considered archaic or poetic.
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archaic English1) archaic English pronouns and verb endings are not used.
2) This is the origin of the now archaic English plural of kine .
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archaic Greek1) Serpents figured prominently in archaic Greek myths.
2) archaic Greek sculpture has also been claimed as an influence.
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archaic art1) She did not share the fashionable interest in the formal properties of Oceanic or archaic art .
2) The New York Times included in his obituary a negative appraisal: His art is archaic, with all the traits of archaic art .
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archaic classical1) Partially compensating for the missing texts are the physical artifacts that remain from the archaic and classical periods.
2) archaic and classical representations show Gigantes as man-sized hoplites (heavily-armed ancient Greek foot soldiers) fully human in form.
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archaic feature1) Some archaic features are reminiscent of Irish English.
2) Hittite preserves some very archaic features lost in other Indo-European languages.
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archaic form1) The bowl and stand were favourite archaic forms .
2) An archaic form is also observed in primates .
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archaic globalization1) archaic globalization is comparable to present day globalization on a much smaller scale.
2) Finally, the desire for better health was the remaining push behind archaic globalization .
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archaic heritage1) The repressed archaic heritage is unconscious.
2) This regression can also be a collective unconscious, because it is part of our archaic heritage .
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archaic human1) This contrasts with archaic humans , where the brow ridge is pronounced and unbroken.
2) He largely bases his doubts on the fossil record of archaic humans and their stone tool kit.
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archaic language1) One argument against the KJV is this archaic language .
2) Sheena's lyrics often contain complex and archaic language .
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archaic law1) India's archaic laws are another problem.
2) Nevertheless, the archaic laws remain the same as they were.
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archaic method1) Gone are the archaic methods and scary machines.
2) Certainly no modern day school would resort to archaic disciplinary methods !
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archaic name1) An archaic name for the islands in English was the Pelew Islands .
2) Rollins' athletic teams are called the Tars (an archaic name for a sailor).
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archaic period1) Davenport translated ancient Greek texts, particularly from the archaic period .
2) The poem dates to the archaic period of Classical Antiquity.
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archaic practice1) But no, those archaic practices are far too mundane for these enlightened folks.
2) It's an archaic practice , in my opinion, and is degrading.
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archaic rule1) archaic rules are more important than the final results and public welfare.
2) No, actually the best that can be done is to change the archaic rules .
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archaic smile1) The figures on the west still wear the archaic smile .
2) Francie smiled his archaic smile and Aunt Margaret laughed soundlessly.
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archaic spelling1) Boberg's entire poem appears (with archaic Swedish spellings ).
2) Similarly, other archaic spellings such as olde worlde are not distinguished below.
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archaic style1) This masterpiece gives us the classical moment of the archaic style .
2) Theognis wrote in the archaic elegiac style .
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archaic system1) But it 's quite an archaic system and quite dysfunctional system.
2) The reason for the lack of data speaks volumes about Lebanon's archaic system of government.
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archaic term1) The archaic term for the metal core is core rail .
2) However, it was also expressed in rather archaic terms .
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archaic tradition1) This function of iron pertains to a very archaic shamanist tradition .
2) The artist uses images from the archaic tradition but adapts them to his new purpose.
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archaic word1) Apuleius' vocabulary is often eccentric and includes some archaic words .
2) The dialect includes many archaic words that have disappeared from modern Slovene.
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be archaic1) This created the impression that religious language was necessarily archaic .
2) The script of the second scribe is archaic .
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become archaic1) A fierce solidarity was forged of a kind that has become archaic in the west.
2) Plus the inter-operability between operating systems means the closed model Apple deploys will become archaic .
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consider archaic1) Except for this form, subjunctive forms are considered archaic .
2) Old lines, considered archaic , were then gradually replaced by buses.
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help_outline feedbac1) A definite date is really impossible, since archaic Latin does not terminate abruptly, but continues even down to imperial times.
2) The word is rooted in the IE stem *aug- , to increase, and possibly an archaic Latin neuter noun *augus , meaning that which is full of mystic force.
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late archaic1) A few painters seem to look deliberately away from their own time, nostalgically retaining the late archaic style.
2) The style seems to achieve a perfect fusion of late archaic grace with the gravity of the new age.
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now archaic1) The earlier word 'asphaltum' is now archaic and not commonly used.
2) This is the origin of the now archaic English plural of kine .
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somewhat archaic1) However, this use is somewhat archaic .
2) Additionally, one can see this idea present in the somewhat archaic language of consummating a marriage.
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