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Japanese arcade1) The game was very popular in Japanese arcades at the time.
2) It is also planned to be brought to Japanese arcades .
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amusement arcade1) It until recently, in 2012, was an amusement arcade .
2) There is also an amusement arcade in the tower.
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arcade1) Only certain arcade machines had 2 player support.
2) Get the highest performing arcade electronics kit available!
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arcade adventure1) This is a fairly traditional arcade adventure but offers excellent graphics and several neat, distinctive touches.
2) The song used during Arino's arcade field trip adventures is called 異国のしらべ from HEAT WAVE.
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arcade board1) Capcom debuts the CP System arcade board .
2) Konami later made an M2-based arcade board .
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arcade cabinet1) The arcade cabinets have since become fairly rare.
2) The video games are typically in arcade cabinets .
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arcade classic1) They range from casino favorites to arcade classics to intuitive family games.
2) arcade classics are also appearing on multi-game arcade machines for home users.
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arcade fire1) arcade fire have confirmed that they are currently recording a new album.
2) arcade fire conveniently released the clip at a high-profile moment for Garfield.
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arcade game1) An arcade game must have immediate action.
2) Over four billion dollars is spent on arcade video games annually.
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arcade hardware1) The trouble with G-Loc is the software was originally designed around its arcade hardware .
2) Video game arcade cabinet - the housing within which a video arcade game's hardware resides.
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arcade machine1) Only certain arcade machines had 2 player support.
2) Levin has more than 5,000 arcade gaming machines .
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arcade mode1) The game features an arcade style story mode .
2) The game comes in 2 modes : puzzle mode and arcade mode .
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arcade port1) An unofficial but arcade perfect port of Defender surfaced late in the machine's lifespan.
2) However, multiplayer functionality isn't available, making this dated arcade port lose some of its appeal.
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arcade release1) Without doubt this is the best shoot-em-up arcade action release of 1992.
2) In its initial arcade release , Altered Beast was a well-received game.
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arcade shooter1) The first two were top-down scrolling arcade shooters .
2) The game is a top-down arcade zombie shooter with strategy elements.
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arcade stick1) Consider picking up an arcade stick or a dedicated fighter pad.
2) Also made available for specific games were the arcade stick and light gun controllers.
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arcade title1) MAME now emulates over 3000 arcade titles .
2) It was Xbox Live's 13th best-selling arcade title of 2012.
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arcade version1) This version comes closest to the arcade version .
2) The game includes artwork and themes from the arcade version .
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blind arcade1) It is flanked by blind arcades enclosing elongated niches.
2) The facade of the building is decorated with blind arcades .
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game arcade1) Negative associations were drawn between triads and video game arcades .
2) He runs a small shop selling ghostbusting equipment disguised as a video game arcade .
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grand arcade1) The grand arcade shopping centre was opened on 22 March 2007.
2) Adjacent to the Convention Hall is the Paramount Theatre; both are connected by a grand arcade .
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local arcade1) The pair snort cocaine before playing in the local entertainment arcade .
2) The first video game he played was Asteroids at a local arcade .
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nave arcade1) The nave arcade has round arches behind which are lower aisles.
2) The nave arcade has tall, stilted arches.
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open arcade1) It is a very interesting two-storeyed building with an open arcade facing the street.
2) The east wing originally consisted of narrow two-floor battlements, the lower floor had open arcades and loop-holes.
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penny arcade1) Why not give penny arcade a chance?
2) Way better than penny arcade or any other web comic.
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shopping arcade1) A shopping arcade houses a variety of boutiques and gift shops.
2) The lodge was expanded with offices and a shopping arcade .
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video arcade1) There are three prominent video arcades on Clifton Hill.
2) The largest video arcade on Clifton Hill is called The Great Canadian Midway.
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