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appoint architect1) John was appointed architect to Manchester Cathedral in 2006.
2) Sir Albert Richardson was appointed architect for the reconstruction.
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architect1) Another commonly cited word is architect .
2) His practice was already attracting brilliant young architects .
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become architect1) Then whoever was born a poet became an architect .
2) Currie was a carpenter before becoming an architect .
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chief architect1) chief architect of a portable computer based sleep analysis system.
2) Hitler was the chief architect of fascism.
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city architect1) A cave inscription refers to a city architect .
2) Molitor remained with the city Architect's office until his death.
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commission architect1) He commissioned architect Paul Cret to design a complex of buildings.
2) So the originally commissioned architects took recourse against the board for breach of contract.
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consult architect1) Salop Infirmary, Shrewsbury, rebuild (1827-30), consulting architect .
2) In 1930 the London Power Company engaged Scott as consulting architect for its new electricity generating station at Battersea.
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contemporary architect1) A noted contemporary architect was Pier Luigi Nervi.
2) For instance, architectural historians will want to study plans of contemporary architects .
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design architect1) Andrew Andersons was the design architect for the Macquarie Street Wing.
2) Five more public meetings and workshops were held in 2010 following the selection of the design architects .
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employ architect1) The company employed architects Rufus Nims and Karl Koch to oversee the design of the rooms and gate lodge.
2) Just last month, Adam Mayer , a 20-something formerly employed architect from San Francisco, relocated to Beijing.
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executive architect1) CO architects served as the executive architect .
2) Gehry publicly blamed Dworsky: The executive architect was incapable of doing drawings that had this complexity.
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famous architect1) Many buildings throughout the region were designed by the famous architect .
2) It was the famous architect 's last and largest project.
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help_outline feedbac1) This value is commonly found among practising architects and designers.
2) The lectures were well attended by both students and practising architects .
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hire architect1) They hired architect Ron Stanford to revive the crumbling orchid house.
2) He hired architects William Hay and George Henderson to oversee his plans.
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influential architect1) Maher was an influential architect associated with the Prairie School movement.
2) Emile Weil perhaps was the most influential early twentieth-century architect in the district.
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landscape architect1) I have seen two suggestions involving landscape architects .
2) Registered landscape architects were not included in the electorate until 2000.
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lead architect1) The lead architect was , for whom it became a life's work.
2) Or, perhaps the lead architect could be assigned as either design coordinator or CM.
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leading architect1) Alan Dunlop is a leading architect and a respected educator.
2) The design by leading architects DSDHA was imaginative and welcomed by CABE.
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licensed architect1) NCARB issues a national certificate to qualified licensed architects .
2) Gharib became a licensed architect in 1969 and practiced in Venice until 1973.
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local architect1) It was not built by local architects .
2) local architects Healy & Partners designed the project.
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master architect1) The two master architects introduced Ledoux to their affluent clientele.
2) This master architect with far-sighted social and political consciousness turned eighty recently.
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modern architect1) Roark's individuality eulogizes modern architects as uncompromising and heroic.
2) Some of the world's most distinguished modern architects have relied on copper.
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modernist architect1) He studied in London and became a modernist architect .
2) Gahn, Sundahl, and Markelius were accomplished, modernist architects .
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naval architect1) naval architects plan optimum heel to give maximum forward drive.
2) However, iron gave the naval architect many advantages.
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noted architect1) A third brother, Bruno Giacometti, was a noted architect .
2) He became the most noted architect in the North of England.
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practicing architect1) Johnson's early influence as a practicing architect was his use of glass.
2) Most faculty members are practicing architects who enrich their academic discourse with their practical experience.
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principal architect1) John Portman was the principal architect for the original design.
2) The principal architect of microFORTH was Dean Sanderson.
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prominent architect1) prominent architects had designed the concrete building.
2) Mr. P... is a prominent architect and a real gentleman.
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registered architect1) Graduates of the program are qualified to become registered architects .
2) Italy has right now 150000 registered architect .
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renowned architect1) Four renowned architects were brought on board.
2) Designed by internationally renowned architect providing eco friendly environment .
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residential architect1) My husband is a registered residential architect .
2) The noted residential architect Clarence A. Tantau assisted.
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senior architect1) But the committee of senior architects rejected his offer.
2) The senior architects' committee quickly endorsed the Blomfield design.
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